Master List of AfterMASH Episode Spotlight Reviews


Between September 2018 and April 2019, I reviewed all 31 episodes of AfterMASH, in original broadcast order, for my AfterMASH Episode Spotlight feature. Here is a list of those reviews.

Season 1

Ep. # Airdate Episode Title
1 September 26th, 1983 September of ’53
2 September 26th, 1983 Together Again
3 October 3rd, 1983 Klinger vs. Klinger
4 October 10th, 1983 Snap, Crackle, Plop
5 October 17th, 1983 Staph Inspection
6 October 24th, 1983 Night Shift
7 October 31st, 1983 Shall We Dance
8 November 7th, 1983 Little Broadcast of ’53
9 November 14th, 1983 Sunday, Cruddy Sunday
10 November 21st, 1983 Thanksgiving of ’53
11 December 5th, 1983 Fallout
12 December 12th, 1983 Bladder Day Saints
13 December 19th, 1983 All About Christmas Eve
14 January 2nd, 1984 Chief of Staff
15 January 9th, 1984 C.Y.A.
16 January 16th, 1984 Yours Truly, Max Klinger
17 January 23rd, 1984 It Had to Be You
18 January 30th, 1984 Odds and Ends
19 February 6th, 1984 Another Saturday Night
20 February 27th, 1984 Fever Pitch
21 March 5th, 1984 By the Book
22 March 12th, 1984 Up and Down Payments

Season 2

Ep. # Airdate Episode Title
23 September 23rd, 1984 Less Miserable
24 September 25th, 1984 Calling Doctor Habibi
25 October 2nd, 1984 Strangers and Other Lovers
26 October 9th, 1984 Trials
27 October 16th, 1984 Madness to His Method
28 October 30th, 1984 The Recovery Room
29 December 4th, 1984 Ward Is Hell
30 May 31st, 1985 Saturday’s Heroes
31 UNAIRED* Wet Feet

*”Wet Feet” never aired in the United States.

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  1. I lovedmash it helps you find true spirtsinpropke you don’t know but feel like you do you can laugh at the goodtime ad cry at the bad time it brings out the humane side of a person it’s bitter sweet but it’s how it really was I amagie it’s a verybeautifull showtgank you theactorsof the show and all the beautifully people who made it and everyone involved you did a beautifull and amazing show called Mash thank you from my heart and soul thank you

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