Music of M*A*S*H: Music Breakdowns

A number of years ago, I acquired a set of cue sheets prepared by the legal department at 20th Century-Fox. These cue sheets cover the first 10 seasons of M*A*S*H and list nearly every piece of music, both vocal and instrumental, featured in each episode. Periodically, I will use these cue sheets to break down the music heard in individual episodes.

Here are the breakdowns I’ve completed so far:

“M*A*S*H – The Pilot”

Originally Broadcast September 17th, 1972)
The very first episode of M*A*S*H included an extended version of the main title and six uses of “Suicide is Painless,” plus “My Blue Heaven,” “Happy Days Are Here To Stay” and “Chattanooga Choo-Choo.”

“Abyssinia, Henry”

Originally Broadcast March 18th, 1975

The final episode of Season 3, this episode included eleven songs, several of which were hummed, including a touching rendition of “Suicide is Painless” played over a tribute to Colonel Henry Blake.

“War Co-Respondent”

Originally Broadcast March 3rd, 1980

This Season 8 episode featured three versions of “Suicide is Painless” and four other songs, including “Daisy Bell” and “A Certain Smile.”

If you’re interested in reading a music breakdown for a specific episode, please let me know and I’ll do my best to put one together.