M*A*S*H Marathon on Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel is having a two-day M*A*S*H marathon this weekend, which according to posts at the official Hallmark Channel community forums was promoted as early as last Saturday. The first portion of the marathon began this morning at 10AM with “M*A*S*H – The Pilot” and ended at 5PM following “Love Story.” It starts again tomorrow … Continue Reading →

M*A*S*H Not on Hallmark’s Fall Schedule

M*A*S*H has not been seen on Hallmark Channel since mid-July and will not be part of the cable channel’s official fall schedule. A variety of Martha Stewart programming will be the cornerstone of the channel’s afternoon/early evening schedule starting in September, with sitcoms The Golden Girls, Who’s the Boss? and Cheers airing multiple times in … Continue Reading →

Hallmark Pulls M*A*S*H… Again

It seems that Hallmark Channel has pulled M*A*S*H from its schedule once again. According to the cable channel’s online schedule, M*A*S*H is nowhere to be seen through Saturday, August 14th. Hallmark started airing the series in September of 2003 and showed it consistently until October 2009, I believe, when it was pulled for the first … Continue Reading →

M*A*S*H Back on Hallmark Channel (Again)

Thanks to arlo, who left a comment on my February post about M*A*S*H and Hallmark Channel, I can report that as of this Monday (May 10th) M*A*S*H has once again returned to Hallmark Channel, with four episodes airing Monday through Friday from 5-7PM. There’s no way of knowing how long the show will stay on … Continue Reading →

Hallmark Channel Pulls M*A*S*H Again

Shawn sent me an e-mail to let me know that Hallmark Channel has once again removed M*A*S*H from its lineup. According to Shawn, this is the third time in five months that the cable channel has pulled the series. According to the Sitcoms Online Blog, a two-hour weekday block of M*A*S*H from 5-7PM has been … Continue Reading →

M*A*S*H Returning to Hallmark Channel October 19th

According to Hallmark Channel’s online schedule M*A*S*H will return to the cable channel on Monday, October 19th with a three-hour block running from 5:00PM to 7:00PM featuring the first six episodes of the series. Here‘s a static version of the day’s schedule. Last Monday (October 5th) both Hallmark and ION dropped repeats of M*A*S*H from … Continue Reading →

Hallmark Channel, ION Dropping M*A*S*H Repeats

Due to the fact that I no longer receive Hallmark Channel or ION, I wasn’t aware of this until a few days ago when Shawn contacted me, but both cable channel Hallmark Channel and broadcast network ION have stopped airing repeats of M*A*S*H. Sitcoms Online reported on September 17th that ION would replace the 4-5PM … Continue Reading →