“Springtime” Goof

I guarantee you I never would have noticed these mistakes in the third season episode “Springtime.” They have to do with Colonel Blake’s use of ham radio. I know next to nothing about ham radio but Adi, a licensed ham radio operator, was both knowledgeable and observant enough to recognize the following mistakes. In the … Continue Reading →

“There Is Nothing Like A Nurse” Goof

In the Season Three episode “There Is Nothing Like A Nurse,” after the nurses have left, Hawkeye and Trapper are at the officer’s club with a bunch of other men, lounging around and basically feeling sorry for themselves. Captain Spalding is even standing on his head. Hawkeye and Trapper are soon joined by Klinger, who … Continue Reading →

“Aid Station” Goof

I’ve been aware of this goof for years but until Maggie e-mailed me earlier this week I had more or less forgotten about it. In “Depressing News,” Hawkeye is seen wearing bright blue shoes while walking with B.J. towards the numerous piles of boxes filled with tongue depressors. I can’t identify the shoe but Maggie … Continue Reading →

Another “Potter’s Retirement” Goof

Here’s the second of two goofs from “Potter’s Retirement,” originally broadcast February 20th, 1978. Again, I’m afraid I don’t know who e-mailed me with this one. But here it is: When BJ and Hawkeye are looking in Charles foot locker and Hawkeye reads the letter BJ has the scarf wrapped around his shoulders. When they … Continue Reading →

“Potter’s Retirement” Goof

Here’s the first of two goofs from the Season Six episode “Potter’s Retirement,” originally broadcast February 20th, 1978. Unfortunately, I don’t have the name of the person who sent this one in. But here’s the goof: The Kentucky Derby is taking place and the gang decides to have a party in the Mess Tent. As … Continue Reading →

“Dreams” Goof

This is an example of how cuts made to episodes in syndication can lead to confusion. I used to keep a list of M*A*S*H goofs with dozens of submissions from fans. One such goof came from the Season Eight episodes “

“Movie Tonight” Goof

This goof is from “Movie Tonight,” originally broadcast February 22nd, 1974. When the projector breaks down for what seems like the millionth time, Margaret gets up and sings “C’est Magnifique.” She keeps singing even after Klinger fixes the projector. The movie, however, is seen only on the screen behind her, which also shows her shadow. … Continue Reading →

“The Smell of Music” Goof

This goof is from “The Smell of Music,” originally broadcast January 3rd, 1977. A wounded soldier named Saunders wants to take his own life and sneaks off to the O.R. from post-op where Potter finds him trying to breathe anesthesia in a suicide attempt. As he is inhaling the gas, you can see his bare … Continue Reading →