M*A*S*H Reference in New Arrested Development Episode

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M*A*S*H references on TV

There’s a reference to M*A*S*H in one of the new episodes of Arrested Development currently streaming on Netflix. The episodes debuted on May 26th and the reference can be found in the 13th (“It Gets Better”) but to keep from spoiling anyone who might want to stumble upon it themselves, I won’t ruin the surprise …

M*A*S*H Reference on Last Night’s Castle

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M*A*S*H references on TV

There was a M*A*S*H reference on last night’s episode of Castle on ABC, which involved a bank robbery. The robbers were using code names, each of them being called Doctor [Something] and one went by Trapper John. Here’s the pertinent exchange: Detective Kate Beckett: “So what’s your name?” Bank Robber: “You can call me Trapper …