M*A*S*H Episode Guide

Here are brief episode summaries for all 251 episodes of M*A*S*H.

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Season 1 (1972-1973)

001 – “M*A*S*H – The Pilot” (1×01)
September 17th, 1972

In the hilarious first episode, Hawkeye and Trapper throw a party to raise money to send Ho-Jon, their houseboy, back to the states to attend college. In order to raise the amount needed they hold a raffle. The prize? A weekend in Tokyo with Lt. Dish. Of course, Frank and Margaret are against this and they call in General Hammond to back them up.

002 – “To Market, To Market” (1×02)
September 24th, 1972

Hawkeye and Trapper, desperate to find hydrocortisone that the 4077th needs, theirs was hijacked by black marketers, find a Korean black-marketers willing to trade them some, in return for something expensive. What do Hawkeye and Trapper end up trading? An oak desk of Henry’s, that he is rather fond of. In order to get it out of his office, they take down a wall and bring in a chopper.

003 – “Requiem for A Lightweight” (1×03)
October 1st, 1972

In order to keep Henry from getting rid of one of their favorite nurses, who Margaret is fed up with, Trapper agrees to box in a tournament, held at the 4077th. It takes Hawkeye a while to get him to agree, but Trapper was a pretty good boxer in high school, and the nurse is really quite pretty. Things get a little rough on Trapper, but Hawkeye is able to even out the odds.

004 – “Chief Surgeon Who?” (1×04)
October 8th, 1972

In the episode that marks Klinger’s first appearance, Frank, outraged that Hawkeye, who he considers a less-than-able military man, is given the position of chief surgeon at the 4077th, goes over Henry’s head, again. Along with Margaret he sends of a general to come and check things out. However, his visit doesn’t go quite as Frank had hoped. After the general arrives, he not only meets Klinger, but is awed by Hawkeye’s talents.

005 – “The Moose” (1×05)
October 15th, 1972

Hawkeye’s world is turned upside after he wins a “moose”, a Korean girl who acts as a servant, from another man in a poker game. Hawkeye and the rest of the Swamp-mates try to get her to see that she can be free, but being a servant has been bred into her since early on. When her much younger brother comes to pick her up, Hawkeye is stunned at how the boy acts.

006 – “Yankee Doodle Doctor” (1×06)
October 22nd, 1972

Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar put together a film to show how things really work at the 4077th, after the film commissioned by a general turns out to be a farce. In their film, Hawkeye dons a suit and floppy shoes, Radar gets operated on, and Trapper has a horn.

007 – “Bananas, Crackers, and Nuts” (1×07)
November 5th, 1972

Hawkeye decides to go insane for a while after his request for some R&R is turned down. A psychiatrist (not Sidney), is called for to observe him, and Hawkeye poses many problems for the poor doctor.

008 – “Cowboy” (1×08)
November 12th, 1972

An outraged chopper pilot known as The Cowboy kidnaps Henry, who just received a Dear John letter. Henry won’t allow the pilot leave to go home and straighten things out, so the pilot decides his only course of action is to take Henry’s life, and the best way to do that is with a chopper.

009 “Henry, Please Come Home” (1×09)
November 19th, 1972

After the camp is happy to hear that they’ve achieved the highest survival rate of any M*A*S*H unit, they are less thrilled when Henry is given a desk job in Tokyo, leaving Frank in charge. Unable to cope with Frank’s military strictness, Hawkeye and Trapper come up with a plan to bring Henry back where he belongs. All it involves is two passes to Tokyo, a telephone call from a nurse, and Radar faking an illness.

010 – “I Hate A Mystery” (1×10)
November 26th, 1972

There has been a rash of petty thefts at the 4077th, and Hawkeye is bewildered to find himself the prime suspect. He decides the only way to clear his name is to find the real thief, and the only way to do that is for Hawkeye to turn into a detective. (The real culprit is Ho-Jon).

011 – “Germ Warfare” (1×11)
December 10th, 1972

After “borrowing” some of Frank’s blood and running tests on it, Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar are forced to keep Frank, whom they believe has hepatitis, away from the rest of the camp, which isn’t an easy thing to do considering Frank outranks them all and is looking for Margaret.

012 – “Dear Dad” (1×12)
December 17th, 1972

In the first of three such episodes, Hawkeye writes a letter to his father. He tells his dear old dad about the goings-on at the 4077th, which include Klinger attempting to kill himself, and Father Mulcahy talking him out of it, as well as Hawkeye taking on the persona of Santa Claus, and taking a trip to the front lines, all in order to save a critically wounded soldier.

013 – “Edwina” (1×13)
December 24th, 1972

Hawkeye is forced to go on a date with Nurse Eddie, after the rest of the nurses say they won’t go out with anyone else until Eddie has her own date. The men all draw straws, and somehow Hawkeye ends up pulling the short straw. The ensuing date isn’t Hawkeye’s finest, Eddie continually hurts him, but in the end things turn out fine.

014 – “Love Story” (1×14)
January 7th, 1972

Radar falls for a new nurse, after the latest mail call brings him a Dear John letter from back home, with some help from Hawkeye and Trapper, that is. This new nurse is sophisticated, reading all the classics and listening to the best classical music. So, Hawkeye and Trapper give him a crash course on these subjects, which leads to Radar’s wonderfully classic line: “Ah, Bach!”

015 – “Tuttle” (1×15)
January 14th, 1973

In one of their most outrageous stunts to date, Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar make up an entire person! They name their creation Captain Tuttle, and the entire camp falls in love with this mysterious man who gives his entire salary to an orphanage (which is the reason Hawkeye & Co. came up with him in the first place). At the end of the episode, Hawkeye sadly informs the camp that Tuttle was killed in a tragic accident. Always thinking of others instead of himself, Tuttle leaped from a chopper without a parachute.

016 – “The Ringbanger” (1×16)
January 21sth, 1973

Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar come up with a plan, basically to get Henry drunk, to send a Colonel, who has a both a very high causality rate, and a tendency to tap his ring (hence the name Ringbanger), back home so he can’t harm anyone else.

017 – “Sometimes You Hear the Bullet” (1×17)
January 28th, 1973

In the first episode that really combines drama and comedy, Hawkeye’s friend Tommy Gillis comes to visit. He’s writing a book titled “You Never Hear The Bullet”, referring to all the war movies in which the bullet is heard right before it kills someone. After Tommy is critically wounded, and Hawkeye watches him die, unable to do something, he has a tearful talk with Henry, and then storms into Post-Op and informs the MPs of an underage soldier, who is outraged. In a lesser story, Frank applies for a Purple Heart after slipping in the mud.

018 – “Dear Dad…Again” (1×18)
February 4th, 1973

The second such named episode, Hawkeye tells his father of the problems facing Frank and Margaret’s romantic liaison, as well as the course Radar is taking via mail.

019 – “The Longjohn Flap” (1×19)
February 18th, 1973

A classic episode in which Hawkeye’s pair of long johns he receives from home travel from person to person, all over the camp, starting with Trapper, who has a cold, and ending up back with Hawkeye. Everyone who gets them trades them for something they want more.

020 – “The Army-Navy Game” (1×20)
February 25th, 1973

While the rest of the war listens to a football game between the Army and the Navy, the 4077th has to deal with a bomb that hasn’t gone of yet, one that is in the middle of the camp. As everyone prepares for the end, and the camp is fortified with pillows and mattresses, Hawkeye and Trapper bravely set out to try and defuse the bomb. Sadly the bomb explodes … and Hawkeye and Trapper are covered in CIA propaganda pamphlets.

021 – “Sticky Wicket” (1×21)
March 4th, 1973

Hawkeye finally sees things from Frank’s point of view after he and Frank have another argument about Frank’s surgical abilities. The tides turn when Hawkeye suddenly has a patient take a turn for the worst…and he is forced to consider the fact that his talents aren’t always going to be enough.

022 – “Major Fred C. Dobbs” (1×22)
March 11th, 1973

Hawkeye and Trapper work to keep Frank from transferring away from the 4077th, by tricking their fellow Swamp-mate into thinking that there is gold abound in the area. The two go crazy with gold paint, and in the end Frank is left with nothing of worth, save for countless objects painted gold, including a jeep and numerous rocks.

023 – “Ceasefire” (1×23)
March 18th, 1973

The entire camp, with the exception of the pessimistic Trapper, is delighted to hear that a ceasefire has been called. Everyone begins planning for their lives after the war, Radar starts a scrapbook, Klinger gets rid of some dresses, and there is much merriment. That is, until wounded arriving proves Trapper correct; there was no cease-fire.

024 – “Showtime” (1×24)
March 25th, 1973

An entertainer, Jackie Flash, entertains the 4077th while a somewhat paranoid Captain Kaplan is certain he’ll get hurt before he gets to go home, so he decides the safest thing to do is to drive himself to Kempo. Unfortunately, he crashes his jeep and is put in a cast.

Season 2 (1973-1974)

025 – “Divided We Stand” (2×01)
September 15th, 1973

After they are informed by Henry that a psychiatrist (not Sidney) is coming down to check out the people at the 4077th, everyone tries to keep things looking normal and not let things get out of hand. However, being the 4077th, things start going back to normal soon after the psychiatrist arrives. Thankfully, even though the psychiatrist is certain the camp is insane, he thinks it would be a bad idea to split them up.

026 – “5 O’Clock Charlie” (2×02)
September 22nd, 1973

Frank attempts to get a big gun to shoot at a North Korean bomber who comes once a day at 5 O’Clock and throws a hand grenade at the ammo dump near the camp, always missing. The camp makes a great time out of the event, betting on how far Charlie will be off. Everything is fine until General Clayton, there to see if a gun is called for, has his jeep destroyed. Frank gets his gun, but Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar are able to get the ammo dump destroyed by it.

027 – “Radar’s Report” (2×03)
September 29th, 1973

Radar puts together his weekly report, telling of Hawkeye’s romance of a new nurse, Klinger’s girlfriend back in Toledo wanting to get married, a wounded soldier attacks the doctors with a scalpel, causing Trapper to lose a patient.

028 – “For The Good of the Outfit” (2×04)
October 6th, 1973

Hawkeye and Trapper work to get a South Korean village rebuilt after the U.S. military accidentally destroys it. After the investigator takes off with the evidence and their report so that the Army doesn’t have to admit their fault. In the end, Frank sends in a report as well, and the Army is forced to admit they destroyed the village.

029 – “Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde” (2×05)
October 13th, 1973

After being on duty for three straight days, or 72 hours, Hawkeye is fatigued and out of his mind from lack of sleep. Coming to the conclusion that the North Koreans may be upset that the US has superior toilet facilities, he has a latrine tied to a jeep and pulled off, a present to the enemy.

030 – “Kim” (2×06)
October 20th, 1973

A young Korean boy named Kim forms a strong bond with Trapper, after he operates on him, and Trapper plans on trying to adopt the boy. While the rest of the camp looks on in horror, Trapper runs into a minefield to save Kim, and then has to somehow find his way out. After his heroic act, Trapper is saddened when Kim’s mother shows up.

031 – “L.I.P (Local Indigenous Personnel)” (2×07)
October 27th, 1973

After they find out that a Corporal Walker isn’t being allowed to marry his Korean sweetheart, Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar set about blackmailing the CID officer so that Walker can marry the woman, and his wife will be able to return with him to the US.

032 – “The Trial of Henry Blake” (2×08)
November 3rd, 1973

Radar and Henry drive off to a hearing that will determine if a court-martial for Henry is necessary, leaving Hawkeye and Trapper to deal with Frank in command. The most serious charge against their beloved CO? Aiding and abetting the enemy. Hawkeye and Trapper bring Meg Cratty, an American nurse working in South Korea, to the hearing to save Henry. In the end, they blackmail Frank and Margaret into dropping the charges by threatening to send a letter to Frank’s wife.

033 – “Dead Dad…Three” (2×09)
November 10th, 1973

In the third, and last such named episode, Hawkeye tells his father the story of the 4077th dealing with a very racist sergeant who doesn’t want to accept blood from an African-American, as well how the doctors were forced to operate on a soldier with a grenade in his body, and Henry gets a film of his daughter’s birthday.

034 – “The Sniper” (2×10)
November 17th, 1973

Thinking he is sniping MacArthur’s headquarters, a Korean sniper keeps the 4077th at bay, with intermittent firing, which eventually heralds Hawkeye’s impassioned “I don’t give a damn” speech about heroism. In the end, the sniper is taken down by chopper fire, and the 4077th can go back to their business.

035 – “Carry On, Hawkeye” (2×11)
November 24th, 1973

As the only surgeon not taken down during a flu epidemic, Hawkeye must not only has to do the work of the entire surgical staff, but he must get a flu shot. Being Hawkeye, he has Margaret give it to him in his behind. Eventually Hawkeye also comes down with the flu, but after everyone else begins to recuperate.

036 – “The Incubator” (2×12)
December 1st, 1973

Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar work to get an incubator for the 4077th from the army, which seems quite set on not allowing the medical facility a needed piece of equipment. They could, however, get a barbecue.

037 – “Deal Me Out” (2×13)
December 8th, 1973

A full episode that involves a poker game, Radar hitting Whiplash Wang with his jeep, Frank being held hostage in the shower by a soldier who is being concealed by Sidney Freedman, as well as a guest appearance by Edward Winter as Captain Hallorin.

038 – “Hot Lips and Empty Arms” (2×14)
December 15th, 1973

Sometimes said to be the first Margaret episode, this one involves Margaret getting drunk, kicking out Frank, asking for a transfer, and telling Trapper he’s really built.

039 – “Officers Only” (2×15)
December 22nd, 1973

After they save the son of General Mitchell, Hawkeye and Trapper get rewarded with weekend passes. Frank, however, asks for an Officer’s Club, and won’t allow the enlisted personal in. This enrages Radar, as well as Hawkeye and Trapper, who end up getting the Officer’s Club declared open to everyone when General Mitchell brings his son, who is enlisted, inside.

040 – “Henry In Love” (2×16)
January 5th, 1974

Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar work to keep Henry from making a big mistake and ending his marriage, after he returns from Tokyo with the news he’s in love with Nancy Sue Parker, who used to be a cheerleader.

041 – “For Want of a Boot” (2×17)
January 12th, 1974

In the same vein as the first season episode The Longjohn Flap, this episode involves Hawkeye’s attempts to get himself a new pair of boots, his old ones having holes in them. He goes to see Zale, who will only get the boots if Hawkeye can get him in to see the camp dentist, who won’t see Zale unless Henry will give him a pass, and Henry won’t give the pass unless Hawkeye can stop Margaret from bothering him, and Margaret won’t do that unless Hawkeye and Trapper will hold a party to celebrate Frank’s birthday, with a cake, and Radar won’t get the cake unless he can get a date with Nurse Murphy, and Nurse Murphy won’t go on a date unless the guy has a hair dryer, and Klinger won’t give up his hairdryer until he gets his Section 8 papers signed, and, of course, Frank won’t sign. In the end, Hawkeye doesn’t get his boots.

042 – “Operation Noselift” (2×18)
January 19th, 1974

Hawkeye and Trapper send for a specialist who can give an enlisted man a nose job, which is against regulations. Hawkeye’s friend, the specialist, only comes to the 4077th after Hawkeye promises him a good nurse, which his friend thinks is Margaret. Frank wants to throw the book at the man getting a nose job, but he can’t find him, Hawkeye and Trapper have everyone is wearing a bandage over their noses!

043 – “The Chosen People” (2×19)
January 26th, 1974

Captain Pac comes for a visit, and some local Koreans set up a village in the middle of the camp, and Radar is informed that he is the father of a Korean baby. Eventually the Koreans are relocated and Radar finds out he isn’t the father.

044 – “As You Were” (2×20)
February 2nd, 1974

After a long period with no casualties, Hawkeye and Trapper get bored. They order gorilla suits, and put Frank into a crate, while Henry gives another of his sex-ed lectures. Eventually the wounded start coming in again, at the same time the the camp is shelled by their own forces.

045 – “Crisis” (2×21)
February 9th, 1974

After the supply lines to the camp are cut, and no new supplies will be coming for a while, the 4077th is forced to work with shortages in food, clothing, fuel, among other things. To conserve heat, groups start bunking together, and just about anything that can be burned is burned, including most of Henry’s office.

046 – “George” (2×22)
February 16th, 1974

Private Weston, who has openly admitted he’s gay, comes up against Frank, who wishes to dishonorably discharge the man.

047 – “Mail Call” (2×23)
February 23rd, 1974

As with the “Dear Dad” series of episodes, this is the first of three such named episodes, in which the mail from home arrives at the 4077th. Trapper gets depressed after receiving letters from his family, and attempts to desert, while Hawkeye tries to keep him from leaving. Hawkeye has a good laugh at Frank’s expense, he leaves a self-penned letter in his bunk that talks of a made-up company, Pioneer Aviation, that Frank decides to buy stock in.

048 – “A Smattering of Intelligence” (2×24)
March 2nd, 1974

Colonel Flagg arrives at the 4077th to check out the camp, as does Vinny Pratt, although his is from a different intelligence agency. Hawkeye and Trapper are able to convince both agents that Frank is a traitor, Flagg thinks Fascist, Vinny thinks he’s a communist. In the end, Hawkeye admits to have switched Frank’s folder.

Season 3 (1974-1975)

049 – “The General Flipped at Dawn” (3×01)
September 10th, 1974

An insane General Steele (played by Harry Morgan, who would later go on to portray Colonel Potter) arrives at the 4077th and inspects the camp and the troops. General Steele even goes as far as to call Klinger his wife!

050 – “Rainbow Bridge” (3×02)
September 17th, 1974

A POW swap with Chinese almost goes sour when Frank brings along a gun (it’s a water pistol), but in the end Henry is justified in sending Hawkeye, Trapper, Radar, Frank, and Klinger off into an area controlled by the enemy. Of course, being Henry, it took him a while to decide to send the group.

051 – “Officer of the Day” (3×03)
September 24th, 1974

Frank is in charge of the camp, again, this time while Henry is off in Seoul. Hawkeye won’t let a wounded North Korean soldier go, instead keeping him at the 4077th to recuperate. Colonel Flagg inevitably shows up.

052 – “Iron Guts Kelly” (3×04)
October 1st, 1974

A General nicknamed “Iron Guts” passes away inside Margaret’s tent, but that’s a much too peaceful death, so the General’s assistant decides to make it seem like Iron Guts was killed in action, a much more distinguished death.

053 – “O.R.” (3×05)
October 8th, 1974

Sidney Freedman comes for a visit, while the skills of the members of the 4077th are stretched to the limits when the O.R. is overcrowded with more casualties than they’re able to work on.

054 – “Springtime” (3×06)
October 15th, 1974

Klinger, with help from Father Mulcahy and Radar, is married to his girl back in Toledo over the radio, Radar falls for yet another nurse, and a patient whose live Hawkeye saved is over-grateful, he even goes as far as to physically threaten Frank when Frank is getting in Hawkeye’s way.

055 – “Check-Up” (3×07)
October 22nd, 1974

During a routine physical, it is discovered that Trapper has an ulcer, which means he can be sent home. The 4077th throws him a party, but just before he goes to it, Trapper finds out the regs have changed and he won’t be going home, but he goes to the party anyway, and then informs his friends he’ll be staying with them for a while longer.

056 – “Life With Father” (3×08)
October 29th, 1974

Henry is worried when he gets a letter from his wife back home, he begins to think she’s cheating on him. Meanwhile, a baby born to a Jewish American Soldier to a Korean woman is circumcised, with Father Mulcahy taking the role of a rabbi.

057 – “Alcoholics Unanimous” (3×09)
November 12th, 1974

Frank declares the 4077th a dry camp, no booze. He is convinced that Hawkeye and Trapper are alcoholics, a belief that may have some footing in reality after the two friends start fighting without their still. Margaret gets drunk with Hawkeye and Trapper, so Frank enlists Father Mulcahy to give stirring anti-drinking sermon, in a service that he’s ordered the entire camp to attend. Seeing as this is the largest audience he’s ever had, Mulcahy has a small drink before hand as a bracer, and ends up giving his sermon a bit drunk, which leads to Hawkeye and Trapper fighting, Frank getting punched in the stomach, and Margaret giving him something alcoholic to drink, which ends the prohibition.

058 – “There Is Nothing Like A Nurse” (3×10)
November 19th, 1974

After a credible threat of a North Korean parachute drop is received, all the nurses are shipped off, leaving the surgeons to deal with inept hands, and also the lack of females to flirt with. Hawkeye, Trapper, and Captain Spalding come up with ways to the pass the time until the nurses return.

059 – “Adam’s Ribs” (3×11)
November 26th, 1974

Sick and tired of having liver and onions for week upon week, Hawkeye orders spare ribs and sauce from the best place he ever had them, in Chicago. Trapper calls a woman he spent a weekend with to pick up the ribs, and then they get choppered in. Sadly, right as they’re sitting down to eat, wounded arrive, and Hawkeye is forced to leave his beloved ribs uneaten, without a bite.

060 – “A Full Rich Day” (3×12)
December 3rd, 1974

A mad Turkish soldier who speaks no English other than “damn good Joe”, an officer with a rifle who won’t settle for his buddy getting treated later, and the lose of the body of a deceased Luxembourg soldier, all these events are recorded by Hawkeye in a recorded letter to his father. The Turkish solider drives off, the officer with the rifle eventually passes out, and the deceased soldier turns out to be quite alive, just wounded.

061 – “Mad Dogs and Servicemen” (3×13)
December 10th, 1974

After a dog bites Radar, he is forced to undergo rabies shots when the dog can’t be located. Trapper and Henry eventually find and give chase to the dog, and then get chased by the dog in return. Meanwhile, Hawkeye goes against Frank’s orders (as always) when he decides to treat a soldier who is in the throes of paralysis onset by what he experienced in battle.

062 – “Private Charles Lamb” (3×14)
December 31st, 1974

Radar, after meeting a lamb that is to be slaughtered, ruins the camps Greek feast when he tricks Henry into giving the lamb a discharge and sends it home to his mother. So, instead of going without a lamb, Hawkeye and Trapper come up with a substitute – one made entirely out of SPAM!

063 – “Bombed” (3×15)
January 7th, 1975

Trapper and Margaret are locked in the supply tent during a shelling , and this leads Frank to believe something happened between the two. Meanwhile, the rest of the camp is swamped with wounded.

064 – “Bulletin Board” (3×16)
January 14th, 1975

Various events are held, all announced on the bulletin board. Hawkeye and Trapper have a good laugh while Henry stammers his way through a sex-ed lecture, a movie is enjoyed, and the camp holds a barbecue.

065 – “The Consultant” (3×17)
January 21st, 1975

Doctor Borelli comes to the 4077th to show the surgeons a technique he’s come up with for transplanting arteries. However, just when a wounded man needs the transplant, Borelli shows up drunk, his way to cope with being so close to the front.

0666 – “House Arrest” (3×18)
February 4th, 1975

Hawkeye is under house arrest in the Swamp after he takes a swing at Frank, with Margaret as a witness. However, the tides are turned when a female colonel visiting the camp tries to start something with Frank, and then Margaret walks in on them. The colonel cries rape to save face, and Frank is the one under house arrest.

067 – “Aid Station” (3×19)
February 11th, 1975

Hawkeye, Margaret, and Klinger learn first hand what it’s like to work at the front, when they are sent by Henry to an aid station to help out. When they return to the 4077th, they’ve not only become a bit closer, but they’ve learned to appreciate the little things at the camp…such as no constant shelling and somewhat sanitary conditions.

068 – “Love and Marriage” (3×20)
February 18th, 1975

Hawkeye and Trapper play matchmaker, helping one soldier with his Korean wife, who is pregnant, and being forced to keep another soldier from marrying a Korean girl with tuberculosis.

069 – “Big Mac” (3×21)
February 25th, 1975

Klinger dons a Statue of Liberty costume in preparation for a visit by General MacArthur, while the rest of the 4077th gets ready for Big Mac’s visit.

070 – “Payday” (3×22)
March 14th, 1975

Another full episode, this one has Hawkeye getting in money-related trouble, Frank buying two sets of pearls, a real one and a fake one, and convincing Margaret she got the real one when he really gave her the fake one, and Trapper “borrowing” Hawkeye’s watch so he can stay in a poker game. Hawkeye’s problem is resolved when he takes the money Trapper won at the poker game and pays of what he owes to the army.

071 – “White Gold” (3×23)
March 11th, 1975

Colonel Flagg allows thieves to get away with the 4077th’s supply of penicillan, reglardless of the fact that the drugs helps save countless lives. Flagg needs to use the drugs to get information from the North Koreans. Hawkeye and Trapper turn the tables on Flagg when they trick him into believing he has appendicitis so he’ll have to let them keep the penicillin for use on him.

072 – “Abyssinia, Henry” (3×24)
March 18th, 1975

The camp is overjoyed to hear that Henry will be going home soon, but not all for the same reason. Most everyone is happy that he’ll be back home with his family, but Frank and Margaret are just glad he’ll be gone, since all signs point to Frank as being the 4077th’s next CO. Henry gets his party, including a new suit, and then says goodbye to everyone at the chopper pad. He tells Radar he’ll be back to kick his butt if he gets in trouble, and then leaves. Later, in surgery, a distraught Radar stumbles in to announce that Henry’s plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan. War is hell.

Season 4 (1975-1976)

073 – “Welcome To Korea” (4×01)
September 12th, 1975

Hawkeye returns to the 4077th, finds Trapper gone, and drives off to try and catch him to say goodbye, instead he meets B.J. Hunnicut, who is the 4077th’s new surgeon. Meanwhile, Frank is enjoying really being in charge, for real.

NOTE: Originally aired as a one-hour show; split into two parts for syndication.

074 – “Change of Command” (4×02)
September 19th, 1975

Colonel Sherman T. Potter arrives at the 4077th to take charge, ruining Frank and Margaret’s dreams. Hawkeye and B.J. are at first apprehensive when they find out Potter is regular army, but the Colonel turns out to be a pretty okay guy.

075 – “It Happened One Night” (4×03)
September 26th, 1975

Another full episode, this one involves the temperature at the 4077th being near freezing, one of the doctors’ patients taking a turn for the worse, Frank obsessively tearing Margaret’s tent apart in search of love letters he wrote to her, as well as the camp getting shelled.

076 – “The Late Captain Pierce” (4×04)
October 3rd, 1975

Hawkeye has quite a time to get the army to admit that he really isn’t dead, after he is informed that he is. His father has been informed that his only son has passed on, and everything Hawkeye does to try and tell his father he’s still alive doesn’t work.

077 – “Hey, Doc” (4×05)
October 10th, 1975

Hawkeye, B.J., and Radar work to get a tank from the Army so snipers will leave the 4077th alone. In order to do so, they give one officer penicillin. In order to get two bottles of vintage Scotch (that later end up getting destroyed) they perform surgery on an officer, and then keep it under wraps.

078 – “The Bus” (4×06)
October 17th, 1975

After their bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Hawkeye, Radar, Frank, B.J., and others are saved by a North Korean who decides to surrender to them. Fortunately he’s able to repair the bus.

079 – “Dear Mildred” (4×07)
October 26th, 1975

Potter receives a horse from Radar and a carved wooden sculpture of his head from Frank and Margaret for his anniversary, while he sporadically writes home to his wife.

080 – “The Kids” (4×08)
October 31st, 1975

After their orphanage is destroyed in a shelling, the members of the 4077th invites the orphans to stay with them for a bit, while at the same time they’re forced to keep up with their regular job: operating on wounded soldiers.

081 – “Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler?” (4×09)
November 7th, 1975

Both Colonel Flagg and Sidney Freedman drop by the 4077th, but this isn’t a strictly social visit. Both Flagg and Freedman are trying to get custody of one of the 4077th’s patients. Why? He thinks he’s Jesus Christ.

082 – “Dear Peggy” (4×10)
November 11th, 1975

Father Mulcahy gets anxious when a higher up chaplain comes for a visit, Frank makes one of his all-to-frequent mistakes, and Klinger tries to escape…again. All these things and more go into B.J.’s letter to his wife.

083 – “Of Moose and Men” (4×11)
November 21st, 1975

Frank’s paranoid streak gets the best of him, and he spends his time looking for North Korean spies, while B.J. consoles an emotional soldier who received a “Dear John” letter from back home, and Hawkeye goes up against yes another colonel.

084 – “Soldier of the Month” (4×12)
November 28th, 1975

While under the influence of a very high fever, Frank believes he is going to pass away, so he writes a will, in which he gives his money to his wife back in the US, and his clothing to Margaret.

085 – “The Gun” (4×13)
December 2nd, 1975

After Frank “borrows” Colonel Chaffey’s antique pistol, and the blame falls to Radar, whom Chaffey wants him in the stockade, it’s up to Hawkeye and B.J. to prove Radar’s innocence.

086 – “Mail Call Again” (4×14)
December 9th, 1975

The second such-named episode, this one involves two letters, basically. The first is to Colonel Potter, informing him that he will soon be a grandfather. The second is to Frank, informing him that his wife is planning on divorcing him.

087 – “The Price of Tomato Juice” (4×15)
December 16th, 1975

Radar, along with Hawkeye and B.J., go to great lengths to acquire tomato juice for Colonel Potter after the Mess Tent serves him a glass from the one can they had. Surprisingly, it’s not such a simple thing to get tomato juice in Korea.

088 – “Dear Ma” (4×16)
December 23rd, 1975

The 4077th’s feet are inspected by Hawkeye, Colonel Potter gets a backside full of shrapnel, and much more all go into a letter Radar writes to his mother back in Iowa.

089 – “Der Tag” (4×17)
January 6th, 1976

The entire camp starts being friendly to Frank, after Colonel Potter suggests he’d be easier to get along with if everyone was nicer to him.

090 – “Hawkeye” (4×18)
January 13th, 1976

After he’s in a jeep accident, Hawkeye forces himself to chatter incessantly to a South Korean family, none of whom speak English, to keep himself awake so that he won’t succumb to his concussion.

091 – “Some 38th Parallels” (4×19)
January 20th, 1976

A truly original episode which has Frank deciding to sell of the camp’s garbage to whomever will pay for it. Hawkeye and B.J., however, with the help of a chopper, come up with a better way to get rid of it, namely dumping it onto a Colonel’s jeep…with the Colonel in it.

092 – “The Novocaine Mutiny” (4×20)
January 27th, 1976

Frank decides to throw the book at Hawkeye, and brings him up on charges for mutiny, for infractions of the rules that occurred when Frank was acting C.O., and Colonel Potter was off on R&R.

093 – “Smilin’ Jack” (4×21)
February 3rd, 1976

Jack Mitchell, a chopper pilot with diabetes, doesn’t want to be grounded, he wishes to continue bringing back wounded soldiers, mostly so he will have the honor of bringing the most causalities back to the hospitals, seeing as he is in a race with another pilot. Meanwhile, a wounded soldier who was wounded before and is back at the 4077th wishes to leave the Army, any way he can.

094 – “The More I See You” (4×22)
February 10th, 1976

A woman Hawkeye lived with for a while and almost married shows up at the 4077th, bringing with her a flood of emotions that Hawkeye thought he’d gotten rid of.

095 – “Deluge” (4×23)
February 17th, 1976

One thing follows another…after a deluge of wounded suddenly show up at the 4077th, then they’re stricken with a fire and a storm.

096 – “The Interview” (4×24)
February 24th, 1976

Clete Roberts, a stateside reporter, comes to the 4077th to interview the doctors and other personal who are separated from their families and far away from home.

NOTE: This episode aired in black and white.

Season 5 (1976-1977)

097 – “Bug Out” (5×01)
September 21st, 1976

The 4077th “bugs out”. In other words, they pack everything up and leave the camp, after they’re informed that the Chinese will attack. Unfortunately, Hawkeye, B.J., and Margaret are unable to leave with the rest of the camp because they’re right in the middle of rather important surgery. Eventually everyone reunites back at the camp when the Chinese are repulsed.

NOTE: Originally aired as a one-hour show; split into two parts for syndication.

098 – “Margaret’s Engagement” (5×02)
September 28th, 1976

After a cryptic phone call from Tokyo, the camp finds out that Margaret is engaged to a Lieutenant Colonel named Donald Penobscott. In true Frank style, the news of Margaret’s engagement brings out his paranoid streak, and he places a Korean family under arrest for spying.

099 – “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” (5×03)
October 5th, 1976

After he attempts to repair a stove and it blows up in his face, Hawkeye is forced to go about the camp with his eyes bandaged, with the knowledge that he may never see again. Even without the use of his eyes Hawkeye is able to go up against Frank, who is cheating the camp out of their money by betting on a baseball game, one that he knows the final score to. In the end, Hawkeye’s bandages are removed, he can see, and Frank is mobbed by the camp wanting their money.

100 – “Lt. Radar O’Reilly” (5×04)
October 12th, 1976

After winning a promotion in a poker game, Radar realizes he doesn’t enjoy the life of a lieutenant, so he gladly goes back to his regular rank of Corporal.

101 – “The Nurses” (5×05)
October 19th, 1976

Nurse Baker’s husband comes for a visit, but she has been confined to quarters by Margaret. Hawkeye and B.J. scheme to get the two together in her tent, informing Margaret and the rest of the camp that they’ve placed a sick patient under quarantine in the tent. Margaret eventually finds out, but she becomes overwhelmed by emotions and doesn’t press charges.

102 – “The Abduction of Margaret Houlihan” (5×06)
October 26th, 1976

Colonel Flagg comes to the 4077th to investigate the disappearance of Margaret. Frank thinks she has been captured by the North Koreans. As it turns out, she was only helping a South Korean woman give birth, and everyone is relieved when she returns.

103 – “Dear Sigmund” (5×07)
November 9th, 1976

Sidney Freedman drops by the 4077th to try and find relief for his depression. He observes how the men and women of the 4077th are able to survive the terrible pressures of their jobs. In order to help with his depression and relieve his own pressures, he writes a letter to psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, and helps B.J. pull off a prank against Frank.

104 – “Mulcahy’s War” (5×08)
November 16th, 1976

After he comes to the conclusion that, as a priest, he doesn’t understand fighting, Father Mulcahy goes with Radar to the front, to pick up a wounded soldier from an aid station. On the way back, he is forced to perform a tracheotomy on the soldier, with assistance from Hawkeye back at the 4077th over the radio.

105 – “The Korean Surgeon” (5×09)
November 23rd, 1976

After a North Korean doctor, Syn Paik, comes in on a bus with wounded, Hawkeye and B.J. do there best to make everyone believe he is a South Korean doctor, so he’ll be able to help out. Frank and Margaret, of course, find out he’s North Korean and attempt to get him arrested for spying. In the end, Paik decides that he should leave, before things get out of hand.

106 – “Hawkeye Get Your Gun” (5×10)
November 30th, 1976

After they go to a Korean hospital and helping out, the jeep Hawkeye and Potter took is shelled and Potter tries to get Hawkeye to shoot the pistol he was forced to wear, which goes against every principle Hawkeye believes in.

107 – “The Colonel’s Horse” (5×11)
December 7th, 1976

Yet another full episode, this one involves Sophie getting colic, Klinger getting depressed, and Margaret getting appendicitis. Two of the three are resolved, Sophie and Margaret, while Klinger remains depressed until Potter returns from Tokyo and gives him a discharge for depression, at least until Klinger becomes enthused and loses the discharge.

108 – “Exorcism” (5×12)
December 14th, 1976

The camp believes they’ve got spirits around after Radar moves a mysterious Korean spirit post, at least until Hawkeye calls in a Korean priestess to perform an exorcism so he can perform surgery on an elderly Korean man.

109 – “Hawk’s Nightmare” (5×13)
December 21st, 1976

Sidney Freedman is called in when Hawkeye starts having nightmares and beings walking in his sleep. Sidney believes that Hawkeye, upset over how young the soldiers he operates on are, has regressed into his mind to a time in his life without as much pressure, but the pressure in war breaks into that part of his life as well. Eventually, given a clean bill of mental health by Sidney, Hawkeye returns to normal.

110 – “The Most Unforgettable Characters” (5×14)
January 4th, 1977

It’s Frank’s birthday, and Hawkeye and B.J. decide to give him the best birthday present they can think of; a fight between themselves. Meanwhile, Radar, after getting into the Famous Las Vegas Writers School, decides to write about the 4077th.

111 – “38 Across” (5×15)
January 11th, 1977

After being stumped yet again by a crossword puzzle, Hawkeye calls in his friend Tippy Brooks, who is adept at crosswords, to provide the needed answer. However, Tippy misinterprets the call and brings along his CO, thinking it is an emergency. Hawkeye and B.J. are able to get Tippy out of trouble, and he gives them the answer to the puzzle.

112 – “Ping Pong” (5×16)
January 18th, 1977

Cho Lin, a Ping Pong champion, goes off to get a ring for his fiancée, but gets conscripted into the South Korean army on the way. He ends up on the operating table as a wounded soldier, and after he’s fixed up, he and his fiancée are married.

113 – “End Run” (5×17)
January 25th, 1977

After his leg is amputated, Billy Tyler, a black sergeant who back home was a star football player, believes he has nothing left to life for and decides he wants to die. Radar is able to get him to see he still has lots he can do, and Billy leaves the 4077th lacking a leg, but still standing tall.

114 – “Hanky Panky” (5×18)
February 1st, 1977

After spending the night with Nurse Carrie Donovan, whose husband sent her a Dear Jane letter, B.J. is distraught, at least until he and Donovan have a chat and get things settled between them.

115 – “Hepatitis” (5×19)
February 8th, 1977

Hawkeye must give the entire camp antiboiotics after Father Mulcahy contracts hepatitis, but it isn’t as easy as it seems, as Hawkeye is suffering from back pain, and B.J. must perform a intricate operation.

116 – “The General’s Practitioneer” (5×20)
February 15th, 1977

Radar plays surrogate father to a Korean mother and baby, while waiting for the father to return. Meanwhile, Hawkeye is disgusted to hear he is in the running to become a personal physician to a general.

117 – “Movie Tonight” (5×21)
February 22nd, 1977

Potter is able to get a copy of the film “My Darling Clementine” to watch at the 4077th, but the film keeps breaking. Eventually, Father Mulcahy decides to provide some musical entertainment, and the entire camp takes turns making up verses to the song “Army Life”, Radar does a few impersonations, as does some other members of the camp (of Father Mulcahy), and finally everyone acts out a gunfight in the movie.

118 – “Souvenirs” (5×22)
March 1st, 1977

Hawkeye and B.J. are upset that junk dealers are taking advantage of Korean children by having them go into booby-trapped areas looking for souvenirs. After Potter asks for a stop to the souvenir hunting, Hawkeye and B.J. conspire to put a stop to a local dealer’s souvenir hunting.

119 – “Post Op” (5×23)
March 8th, 1977

There is a lack of blood at the 4077th, and every able-bodied man and woman in the camp is donating blood every 48 hours. Things look bad, at least until a group of Turkish soldiers show up and their blood is drawn.

120 – “Margaret’s Marriage” (5×24)
March 15th, 1977

Margaret is married to Donald Penobscott at the 4077th by Father Mulcahy, but in a full body cast tat Hawkeye and B.J. put him in after they threw him a bachelor party. The wedding is rushed when wounded arrive, but after surgery is over, Margaret and Donald go off on their honeymoon, leaving a heart-broken Frank behind.

Season 6 (1977-1978)

121 – “Fade Out, Fade In” (6×01)
September 20th, 1977

Frank doesn’t take Margaret getting married very well, so Colonel Potter decides the best thing for him is to get some down time, in Tokyo. While Frank’s gone, casualties quickly begin piling up, which means a replacement surgeon needs to be called in. Major Charles Emerson Winchester, III is that replacement surgeon, who becomes a permanent surgeon, replacing Frank, who went “insane” and in turn, was promoted and sent back to the States.

NOTE: Originally aired as a one-hour show; split into two parts for syndication.

122 – “Fallen Idol” (6×02)
September 27th, 1977

After Radar is wounded while en route to the Pink Pagoda in Seoul, per Hawkeye’s prompting, Hawkeye is unable to operate on his good friend because of his guilty conscience. Colonel Potter operates on Radar, and afterwards Radar and Hawkeye have a fight, with Radar getting upset because Hawkeye couldn’t operate, and Hawkeye getting upset because Radar admires him too much. Eventually, the two reconcile, with Hawkeye giving Radar a well-deserved Purple Heart, and a rare salute.

123 – “Last Laugh” (6×03)
October 4th, 1977

One of B.J.’s buddies, Bardonaro, drops by, and practical jokes run amok. However, the joke goes too far when it gets B.J. charged with a crime he didn’t commit. Colonel Potter and Hawkeye manage to get B.J. out of trouble, and then Bardonaro returns to get back his travel orders, and B.J. ends up getting the last laugh.

124 – “War of Nerves” (6×04)
October 11th, 1977

After the pressure of the war gets to be too much to handle, members of the 4077th build a huge bonfire in which they burn just about anything, as a way to ease the tension. Sidney drops by, upset by a soldier who is blaming him for injuries he sustained after Sidney sent him back to the fighting.

125 – “The Winchester Tapes” (6×05)
October 18th, 1977

After Charles records a letter to his parents asking them to do whatever it takes to get him back in the USA, Hawkeye and B.J. do a little secret alterations to his clothing. As a result, Charles changes his eating habits.

126 – “The Light That Failed” (6×06)
October 25th, 1977

Being the Army, when medical supplies are needed, the 4077th is sent salt tablets and ice cream churns, while B.J. gets a mystery novel that intrigues the entire camp. So everyone is understandably upset when they get to the end and find the last page missing, and the mystery left unsolved. It’s up to B.J. to solve the problem. His solution? A phone call to the author.

127 – “In Love and War” (6×07)
November 1st, 1977

After being asked to help an elderly sick Korean woman by her daughter, Hawkeye then proceeds to fall in love with the daughter, one Kyong Soon. Hawkeye is amazed at how she not only takes care of her mother, but also maintains a farm and cares for orphans. After her mother dies, Kyong decides to move southward with the children, leaving Hawkeye behind.

128 – “Change Day” (6×08)
November 8th, 1977

The scheming Charles comes up with a fool-proof (or so he believes) plan to cheat members of the 4077th out of their money. It comes about when the Army decides to change the red scrip (money issued to Army members) with a new, blue scrip. However, Hawkeye and B.J. get wind of his plan, and they work to keep him from pulling it off. In the end, Charles has piles and piles of money; in valueless red scrip.

129 – “Images” (6×09)
November 15th, 1977

After seeing that a lot of the wounded soldiers who come through the 4077th are the bearers of tattoos, Radar decides that he too should have one, and that a tattoo will help him with women. The entire camp, especially Hawkeye, try to change his mind. In the end, Radar shows of his brand new tattoo; drawn on with marker that is easily removable.

130 – “The M*A*S*H Olympics” (6×10)
November 22nd, 1977

Colonel Potter sets up a campwide Olympic games, with the team scoring the highest receiving a three day pass, so everyone is ripping to compete. Hawkeye and B.J. make another bet, whoever wins must push the other around in a wheelchair for a week. Klinger gets sick, so when Colonel Penobscot shows up, Colonel Potter lets him stand in for Klinger. Hawkeye’s team wins, so B.J. is forced to push him around.

131 – “The Grim Reaper” (6×11)
November 29th, 1977

After getting upset and pushing Colonel Victor Bloodworth against a wall for predicted how many casualties (280) will show up at the 4077th, Hawkeye faces a court-martial. However, after Colonel Bloodworth is wounded and observes Hawkeye’s talents firsthand, he decides the doctor is too important to the 4077th, so he drops his charges of assault.

132 – “Comrades In Arms (Part I of II)” (6×12)
December 6th, 1977

Hawkeye and Margaret are forced to put aside their differences when they end up trapped in enemy territory and must hide in a hut to escape enemy shelling.

133 – “Comrades In Arms (Part II of II)” (6×13)
December 13th, 1977

While in their hut, Hawkeye and Margaret, both frightened half-to-death from the prospect of being shelled to death, end up embracing and becoming much closer than they’d ever been before, at least until they’re rescued and returned to the 4077th, where Hawkeye professes how immensely grateful he is to have been found when he was, and Margaret slaps him.

134 – “The Merchant of Korea” (6×14)
December 20th, 1977

After B.J. borrows $200 from Charles, Charles starts ordering B.J. around. So, to retaliate, Charles is invited to join a poker game. To everyone’s surprise, Charles is an ace at the game, and starts winning everyone’s money. Thankfully, Radar realizes that Charles whistles when he’s bluffing, which everyone is able to use to their advantage and win back everything the lost.

135 – “The Smell of Music” (6×15)
January 3rd, 1978

Hawkeye and B.J., upset that Charles won’t stop playing his French Horn, decide that in order to force their bunkmate to give up his music by not showering. After a few days of this, the camp hoses down the two foul-smelling surgeons, and Margaret has Charles’ French horn run over. Meanwhile, Colonel Potter has a talk with a suicidal patient and is able to save his life.

136 – “Patient 4077” (6×16)
January 10th, 1978

Hawkeye and B.J. go to a local Korean jeweler to see if he can create a special surgical clamp they need. After the first clamp doesn’t work out, the second one is used a few days later to keep a patient from losing his leg.

137 – “Tea and Empathy” (6×17)
January 17th, 1978

After their supply of penicillin is stolen, and casualties are high, Father Mulcahy is able to find out where more penicillin can be obtained. He sets out with Klinger to retrieve the penicillin, which they’re able to do, after being shot at.

138 – “Your Hit Parade” (6×18)
January 24th, 1978

After receiving a collection of records, Radar plays disc jockey to the camp, which relieves the tension and pressure of a long stint in the OR, brought on by yet another deluge of wounded.

139 – “What’s Up, Doc?” (6×19)
January 30th, 1978

After Margaret comes to him in confidence, thinking she is pregnant, Hawkeye asks Radar if he can use his rabbit to test Margaret, which Radar only agrees to after Hawkeye promises the rabbit won’t die. In the meantime, Charles and B.J. are held at gunpoint by a wounded soldier who wants to be sent home. In the end, Margaret isn’t pregnant, Radar’s rabbit is fine, and the soldier passes out from loss of blood.

140 – “Mail Call Three” (6×20)
February 6th, 1978

In the third and final such named episode, five sacks full of mail arrive at the 4077th after being kept up for three weeks, meaning everyone is starved for contact with loved ones back home. Hawkeye gets letters mailed to Benjamin Pierce, which he enjoys reading, while B.J. doesn’t enjoy hearing that his wife was advanced upon by another man, and Radar deals with the fact that his mother has a boyfriend.

141 – “Temporary Duty” (6×21)
February 13th, 1978

After a temporary transfer between the 4077th and the 8063rd, Hawkeye and Bigalow leave and are replaced by Captain Roy Dupree, who annoys everyone, and by Lorraine Anderson, a nurse who Margaret knows, but they two don’t get along. B.J. and Charles get Colonel Potter outraged with Dupree so he won’t become a permanent member of the 4077th, and in the end, Margaret and Lorraine reconcile, and Hawkeye returns.

142 – “Potter’s Retirement” (6×22)
February 20th, 1978

After being informed that someone at the 4077th is complaining about how he runs the place, Colonel Potter decides to retire and go home, which upsets just about everyone. In the end, he decides to stay after discovering the person the complaints are coming from was sent by a perturbed Colonel who had come through the 4077th some months before.

143 – “Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde” (6×23)
February 27th, 1978

Charles, upset that he can’t keep his energy up as much as he’d like to, takes amphetamines, which allow him to stay on his feet longer and get more work done. However, after he gives amphetamines to Radar’s mouse so it will win in a race against a Marine’s mouse, and in turn, Charles will win the bet, his drug use is found out.

144 – “Major Topper” (6×24)
March 27th, 1978

The surgeons are forced to give wounded soldiers placebo pills in place of morphine, which may have been contaminated, and a soldier other than Klinger is sent home on a Section Eight.

Season 7 (1978-1979)

145 – “Commander Pierce” (7×01)
September 18th, 1978

After taking charge of the 4077th in Colonel Potter’s absence, Hawkeye gains newfound respect for the Colonel, when he begins to understand what it is like to be in charge.

146 – “Peace On Us” (7×02)
September 25th, 1978

Upset that the so-called peace talks in Panmunjon, Hawkeye decides that it’s time to do something about it, and drives over to the talks to see what he can do.

147 – “Lil” (7×03)
October 2nd, 1978

After his boss finds a friend in Colonel Lil Raybron, the head nurse to the Eighth Army who is his age and also regular army, Radar begins to suspect that Colonel Potter has more than friendship in mind, and reacts accordingly.

148 – “Our Finest Hour” (7×04)
October 9th, 1978

Clete Roberts makes a return visit to the 4077th to update the folks at home on how the Korean War is going.

NOTE: Originally aired as a one-hour show; split into two parts for syndication.

149 – “The Billfold Syndrome” (7×05)
October 16th, 1978

After getting a letter from the States informing him that he was turned down for a medical position he wanted to take up after the war was over, Charles is so upset he stops talking to anyone, at least until Hawkeye and B.J. fake a telegram. Meanwhile, when a soldier is unable to recall who he is, Sidney Freedman is called in.

150 – “None Like It Hot” (7×06)
October 23rd, 1978

After the heat at the 4077th becomes almost unbearable, Klinger decides to dress in a rubber suit and fur coat, Hawkeye and B.J. get a portable bathtub which they’ll use to beat the heat, but things get out of hand when the rest of the camp gets word of the wonderful device, and soon everyone wants a turn.

151 – “They Call the Wind Korea” (7×07)
October 30th, 1978

With a strong windstorm threatening the camp, everyone begins to batten down the proverbial hatches, while Radar worries about his animals and does his best to prepare them for the oncoming storm, and Charles is forced to change his travel plans to Tokyo from a chopper to ground, and while on his way to Seoul encounters a medical emergency.

152 – “Major Ego” (7×08)
November 6th, 1978

After he revives a patient with heart massage, Charles’ ego gets a large boost, and things just get worse when a writer for the Stars & Stripes magazine comes to write an article about Charles’ skills.

153 – “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” (7×09)
November 13th, 1978

With the temperature freezing, the camp has to deal not only with wounded soldiers suffering from hypothermia, but also Charles’ new polar suit, which keeps him warm, and everyone else disgusted.

154 – “Point of View” (7×10)
November 20th, 1978

In one of the show’s most unique episodes, the episode is shot as if the camera were the eyes of a wounded soldier. Everything he sees, the camera sees, from the battle in which he was wounded to his recovery in Post-Op.

155 – “Dear Comrade” (7×11)
November 27th, 1978

After they find out Charles has a Korean servant doing all his chores for him, Hawkeye and B.J. are even more astounded when the man has a local cure for a medical ailment they can’t solve.

156 – “Out of Gas” (7×12)
December 4th, 1978

After a deluge of wounded arrive, Father Mulcahy starts a collection so he can go buy needed penthohal from black marketers. Charles insists on going along in the jeep after his case of wine is “donated” to the cause.

157 – “An Eye For a Tooth” (7×13)
December 11th, 1978

After he reads about a rapidly rising chopper pilot whose heroic feats get him promoted, Father Mulcahy decides he should do the same, since he is passed up for promotion again and again.

158 – “Dear Sis” (7×14)
December 18th, 1978

Father Mulcahy writes his sister, telling her of his feelings of uselessness, which reflect the general feeling of the 4077th, who aren’t looking forward to spending the holiday season (Christmas) away from home.

159 – “B.J. Papa San” (7×15)
January 1st, 1979

Hawkeye worries over B.J. when he becomes something of a surrogate father to a Korean family, who become a replacement for his family back home.

160 – “Inga” (7×16)
January 8th, 1979

Hawkeye falls for a stunning Swedish doctor who arrives at the 4077th to observe their “meatball surgery”. However, after she is able to upstage him in the OR, Hawkeye gets his ego thrashed.

161 – “The Price” (7×17)
January 15th, 1979

Sophie disappears, and Hawkeye and B.J. have their hands full with a Korean boy who is trying to keep from being conscripted into the Korean army.

162 – “The Young and the Restless” (7×18)
January 22nd, 1979

The surgeons at the 4077th realize that being in Korea has knocked them out of the loop, medically speaking, when a surgeon from Tokyo comes and shows them the latest techniques.

163 – “Hot Lips Is Back In Town” (7×19)
January 29th, 1979

Margaret is overjoyed to be divorced from Colonel Penobscot, and Radar pursues a new nurse with Hawkeye’s help.

164 – “C*A*V*E” (7×20)
February 5th, 1979

After they bug out to a nearby cave, Colonel Potter discovers that Hawkeye is claustrophobic, and is unable to stay inside the cave, which is their protection from a US artillery barrage on the Chinese.

165 – “Rally Round The Flagg, Boys” (7×21)
February 14th, 1979

Colonel Flagg comes for a visit, this time with the notion that Hawkeye is commiserating with the enemy.

166 – “Preventive Medicine” (7×22)
February 19th, 1979

After the wounded begin to increase, Hawkeye decides to remove the appendix of the person responsible for the increase, a Colonel Lacy. B.J. protests the operation, but Hawkeye goes through with it anyway.

167 – “A Night a Rosie’s” (7×23)
February 26th, 1979

Hawkeye, B.J., and half the camp decide to take up residence at Rosie’s Bar, which raises the ire of Colonel Potter.

168 – “Ain’t Love Grand” (7×24)
March 5th, 1979

Charles falls for a young Korean girl, and Klinger is stunned to meet a nurse who is attracted to his wacky ways and outfits.

169 – “The Party” (7×25)
March 12th, 1979

B.J. thinks up a state-side party for relatives of the 4077th, and continues to put together the plans even while bugging out.

Season 8 (1979-1980)

170 – “Too Many Cooks” (8×01)
September 17th, 1979

The 4077th is delighted when they are treated to well-cooked meals instead of the usual drivel they get. The reason for this good eating? A soldier who wishes to thank the doctors for operating on him. Colonel Potter, meanwhile, is too busy worrying over a personal problem to notice the fine cuisine, which Hawkeye and B.J. try to make a permanent addition to the camp.

171 – “Are You Now, Margaret?” (8×02)
September 24th, 1979

While at first glance the Congressional aide who drops by the 4077th appears friendly and on a simple look over of the camp, things aren’t always as they appear, and the motives of the aide are soon found out for what they really are.

172 – “Guerilla My Dreams” (8×03)
October 1st, 1979

Once again Hawkeye must go up against authority in order to help a patient, this time a wounded Korean woman. While Hawkeye is intent on taking care of her, a ROK officer is more concerned with any information she may have concerning guerillas.

173 – “Goodbye Radar (Part I of II)” (8×04)
October 9th, 1979

Radar returns from R&R in Tokyo to find the 4077th without a generator, and greatly in need of his unique talents to get them another one, after Klinger failed in his quest. Radar is also unable to find one, and then he is informed by Colonel Potter that his Uncle Ed has passed away, and he will be given a hardship discharge and sent home.

174 – “Goodbye Radar (Part II of II)” (8×05)
October 15th, 1979

Radar decides he doesn’t want to leave the 4077th, as he is the only one keeping them together, which outrages Hawkeye. Eventually Radar decides that his place is at home, after a talk with Colonel Potter, and the camp plans a big going-away party, but it is ruined when wounded arrive. Radar says goodbye to everyone, and Hawkeye gives him a salute from the OR.

175 – “Period of Adjustment” (8×06)
October 22nd, 1979

Now that Radar is gone, Klinger is company clerk, but he can’t seem to do anything right. The daily reports are backed up for weeks, his office and Colonel Potter’s are both messes, and he loses a requisition. Meanwhile, B.J. gets a letter from Peg informing him that she met Radar at the airport, and that when Erin first saw him she called him Daddy. This gets B.J. depressed, so he and Klinger get drunk.

176 – “Nurse Doctor” (8×07)
October 29th, 1979

After he begins to help her study medical texts, Father Mulcahy finds that the ambitious and pretty Nurse Harris has the wrong idea about their relationship. She wants to be a doctor when the war is over, and he was helping her out. Meanwhile, the rest of the camp is without water after the 4077th’s water supply runs dry.

177 – “Private Finance” (8×08)
November 5th, 1979

After he gives a young Korean woman some money to get back on her feet, Klinger is accused by the girl’s mother of wanting the wrong thing, and Hawkeye is left trying to figure out what to do after he made a promise to a dying soldier.

178 – “Mr. and Mrs. Who?” (8×09)
November 12th, 1979

After some R&R in Tokyo, Charles comes back to the Swamp with both a raging hangover and the nagging feeling in the back of his head that something is amiss. As it turns out, he got married! The rest of the camp, in the meantime, wrestles with a lethal epidemic of hemorrhagic fever.

179 – “The Yalu Brick Road” (8×10)
November 19th, 1979

On their way back to the 4077th, Hawkeye and B.J. get lost, and begin to wander about, hoping to find their way back to camp with desperately needed antibiotics before they’re found by North Koreans. Unfortunately for them, a North Korean soldier does come upon them, but he isn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill soldier…

180 – “Life Time” (8×11)
November 26th, 1979

In one of the most unique episodes of the series, this episode is almost completely shown in “real time”, meaning all the action and drama that we see on screen happens without a break in time, from the first scene to the last. A soldier needs a major operation to save his life, and the 4077th has roughly 20 minutes before they must perform the operation. At the same time, another soldier lies dying, and his aorta could provide a needed graft for the other soldier. Hawkeye and the other doctors work to keep the first soldier alive while waiting for the other to die.

181 – “Dear Uncle Abdul” (8×12)
December 3rd, 1979

Klinger tries to find time to write a letter to his uncle while at the same time doing everything for just about everyone, seeing as he is company clerk. The doctors, meanwhile, are perturbed by a soldier who seems to be mentally challenged, meaning there is a chance he shouldn’t have been let into the army.

182 – “Captains Outrageous” (8×13)
December 10th, 1979

Hawkeye and the other doctors take turns bartending at Rosie’s, after Rosie is left in the hospital in injuries resulting from a bar fight while Father Mulcahy yet again waits to see if he will be promoted or not.

183 – “Stars and Stripes” (8×14)
December 17th, 1979

After they jointly saved the life of a wounded soldier, B.J. and Charles are asked to write an article on the operation for Stars and Stripes, but their egos won’t let them work well together. Margaret, meanwhile, is surprised to get a visit from Scully, a frontline soldier.

184 – “Yessir, That’s Our Baby” (8×15)
December 31st, 1979

After a baby is found abandoned at the 4077th, born to an American soldier and a Korean woman, the camp attempts to find the baby a new home, one where mixed heritage won’t be a problem.

185 – “Bottle Fatigue” (8×16)
January 7th, 1980

Hawkeye, upset that his bar tab at the Officer’s Club is so high, decides to give up drinking for one week, while Charles does his best to stop his sister from marrying a man who he doesn’t thnk deserves Winchester legacy.

186 – “Heal Thyself” (8×17)
January 14th, 1980

After Colonel Potter is stricken with the mumps, and then Charles, a replacement surgeon is called in. Newsome, the replacement surgeon, is both a roundabout nice guy and a fantastic doctor.

187 – “Old Soldiers” (8×18)
January 21st, 1980

After a mysterious trip to Tokyo, Colonel Potter returns to the 4077th somewhat depressed, but nobody can figure out why, until Potter calls his officers into his tent and shares a toast with them to his buddies from an earlier war who have passed away. While Potter was in Tokyo, Hawkeye was in charge, and he was forced to deal with a group of South Koreans, made up of mostly children, in need of medical attention.

188 – “Morale Victory” (8×19)
January 28th, 1980

Hawkeye and B.J. are given the job of morale officers, and they set about boosting the camp’s morale. Charles, meanwhile, is distressed when a soldier whose leg he saved is depressed upon learning he has lost his right hand’s dexterity. The soldier was a concert pianist before the war. Attempting to set things right, Charles sends for piano music that was written by a soldier who lost his arm during the first World War.

189 – “Lend a Hand” (8×20)
February 4th, 1980

Hawkeye is upset when he learns that the 4077th is setting up a surprise birthday party for him, so he volunteers to go to an aid station at the front, but he isn’t so thrilled when he finds out Doctor Borelli will tag along.

190 – “Goodbye, Cruel World” (8×21)
February 11th, 1980

After he decorates his quarters/office, and is laughed at for his choice in decoration, Klinger gets depressed and triples his attempts to get out of the army. Meanwhile, an Asian-American war hero tries to kill himself after he learns he’ll be sent home, so Sidney is called in.

191 – “Dreams” (8×22)
February 18th, 1980

After 48 hours with little sleep, the 4077th is greatly fatigued, and the few hours of fitful sleep they can catch are filled with dreams of the war, revealing their fears and feelings of lack of fulfillment.

192 – “War Co-Respondent” (8×23)
March 3rd, 1980

B.J.’s loyalty to his wife is tested when he begins to feel things for a correspondent from the States who has fallen for him.

193 – “Back Pay” (8×24)
March 10th, 1980

After he learns that surgeons back home are raking in the dough, Hawkeye sends the US army a bill for services rendered, while Charles is forced to show three Korean doctors a medical procedure, but they end up healing him with a folk remedy he doesn’t believe will work.

194 – “April Fools” (8×25)
March 24th, 1980

Colonel Potter warns the 4077th to not do anything wacky on April Fools’ Day, seeing as a strict colonel is coming for a visit.

Season 9 (1980-1981)

195 – “The Best of Enemies” (9×01)
November 187th, 1980

While driving to Tokyo for R&R, Hawkeye comes upon an armed North Korean soldier who forces him to try and help his wounded comrade. Back at the 4077th, Charles has challenged Colonel Potter to a bridge tournament, and B.J. and Margaret are coerced into partnering up and playing as well.

196 – “Letters” (9×02)
November 24th, 1980

The 4077th gets a bag of mail from fourth grade students in Crabapple Cove, Hawkeye’s hometown. Various members of the camp respond to the letters, Hawkeye gets an emotional letter from one boy whose brother was killed in the war, and Charles is so moved by the letter he gets that instead of writing back he records one.

197 – “Cementing Relationships” (9×03)
December 1st, 1980

While working on putting down a new cement floor in the OR, Margaret must deal with a Italian corpsman named Ignazio who attempts to woo her, to no avail.

198 – “Father’s Day” (9×04)
December 8th, 1980

Margaret’s father, “Howitzer” Houlihan, comes for a visit, making problems for Margaret, who tries to make the 4077th run as smooth as possible.

199 – “Death Takes A Holiday” (9×05)
December 15th, 1980

As Christmas Day passes them by, B.J., along with Hawkeye and Margaret, works frantically to keep a fatally wounded soldier alive long enough so that he will live until December 26th, and his kids won’t have to remember Christmas as the day their daddy died.

200 – “A War For All Seasons” (9×06)
December 29th, 1980

The 4077th takes a fond look back at the good things that happened in 1951, on New Year’s Eve of 1950.

201 – “Your Retention Please” (9×07)
January 5th, 1981

As re-upping time rolls around, Klinger gets news from Toledo that his ex-wife will marry his best friend. Shattered by the news, he decides to re-up for another six years, while at the same time a male nurse is upset at the way he was treated by the army for being a male nurse.

202 – “Tell It To The Marines” (9×08)
January 12th, 1981

While Charles handles command of the 4077th in the absence of Colonel Potter, Hawkeye and B.J. have their own problems trying to get a hardship discharge for a soldier, but problems abound with the Marines.

203 – “Taking the Fifth” (9×09)
January 19th, 1981

While Colonel Potter does his best to find a painkiller he can use when he is notified that the army will soon be banning the current one in use, Hawkeye attempts to get dates with various nurses through the use of an antiqued bottle of wine.

204 – “Operation Friendship” (9×10)
January 26th, 1981

After Klinger saves Charles’ life, at the expense of his nose, when the incubator blows, Charles’ will not rest until his debt to Klinger is repaid. Klinger begins to take advantage of this arrangement, while B.J., who as also injured in the blast, won’t let on how bad the injury to his hand really is.

205 – “No Sweat” (9×11)
February 2nd, 1981

During a particularly sweltering night in Korea, the members of the 4077th must keep themselves occupied so they won’t think about the heat, which is near impossible for Margaret, who has come down with a bad case of prickly heat, but for Klinger it’s another matter; he takes apart the PA.

206 – “Depressing News” (9×12)
February 9th, 1981

After they are accidentally given a shipment of over half a million tongue depressors, Hawkeye decides to document this error by erecting a huge tower, made out of tongue depressors. Klinger writes about it, Colonel Potter paints it, and in the end, Hawkeye makes one final gesture with it.

207 – “No Laughing Matter” (9×13)
February 16th, 1981

While Hawkeye attempts to make it one day without joking, Charles is finally able to lock horns with Colonel Horace Baldwin, the man who sent him to Korea. Baldwin offers a return to Tokyo, but at a price even Charles is not willing to pay – friendship.

208 – “Oh How We Danced” (9×14)
February 23rd, 1981

The camp plans a surprise anniversary party for B.J., while Charles is forced to inspect the sanitary conditions at the front, which leads to an interesting trade for a harmonica.

209 – “Bottom’s Up” (9×15)
March 2nd, 1981

Hawkeye’s practical joke on Charles goes too far, and the camp gets upset with him, while one of the nurses attempts to hide the fact that she’s an alcoholic.

210 – “The Red/White Blues” (9×16)
March 9th, 1981

The 4077th attempts to help lower Colonel Potter’s blood pressure for his upcoming physical, but things backfire when he gets upset at the way he is being treated by his staff.

211 – “Bless You, Hawkeye” (9×17)
March 16th, 1981

Sidney Freedman must delve deep into the recesses of Hawkeye’s mind to attempt and figure out why he is uncontrollably sneezing all the time.

212 – “Blood Brothers” (9×18)
April 6th, 1981

While Father Mulcahy anxiously awaits the visit of a Cardinal, Hawkeye is deeply affected at the friendship between a critically ill soldier and one with leukemia.

213 – “The Foresight Saga” (9×19)
April 13th, 1981

Colonel Potter is worried at the way Radar sounds in a letter from Ottumwa, while the rest of the 4077th enjoys a gift from a Korean woman; fresh veggies.

214 – “The Life You Save” (9×20)
May 4th, 1981

Charles is almost killed by a sniper, and afterward becomes obsessed with death, spending time with soldiers who faced death, and trying to find out what one soldier who actually died for a few moments saw while deceased.

Season 10 (1981-1982)

215 – “That’s Show Biz” (10×01)
October 26th, 1981

A USO show comes to the 4077th, bringing excitement and fun, at least until one of the stars of the show is in need of an emergency operation.

NOTE: Originally aired as a one-hour show; split into two parts for syndication.

216 – “Identity Crisis” (10×02)
November 2nd, 1981

B.J. and Charles try to keep a soldier who doubles as a salesman from disturbing the patients and the doctors, while Father Mulcahy deals with a soldier wracked with guilt after he changed dogtags with a fallen comrade.

217 – “Rumor At The Top” (10×03)
November 9th, 1981

A rumor is spun out of proportion, leading members of the 4077th to believe a visiting officer is putting together a new M*A*S*H unit, which would mean the group would no doubt be split up.

218 – “Give ’em Hell, Hawkeye” (10×04)
November 16th, 1981

Hawkeye writes to Harry Truman trying to end the war, and everyone else works to pretty up the camp so they can get a water heater from a colonel who would only deliver it if the came looks better.

219 – “Wheelers and Dealers” (10×05)
November 23rd, 1981

B.J. is upset when he learns that Peg is working as a waitress, feeling he should be the provider for the family, and Colonel Potter must take driving lessons from Klinger.

220 – “Communication Breakdown” (10×06)
November 30th, 1981

When newspapers from back home are scarce, Charles’ private collection makes him the envy and the animosity of the camp, while Hawkeye brings together two Korean brothers, who fighting for the North Koreans, one for the South Koreans.

221 – “Snap Judgement (Part I of II)” (10×07)
December 7th, 1981

After Klinger buys a camera on the black market that was stolen from Hawkeye, he is arrested and charged with the theft of other things stolen from the 4077th.

222 – “Snappier Judgement (Part II of II)” (10×08)
December 14th, 1981

Hawkeye and B.J. must work to clear Klinger’s name when it becomes apparent his defense, Charles, won’t help him.

223 – “Twas the Day After Christmas” (10×09)
December 28th, 1981

Colonel Potter comes up with a plan to keep the holiday spirits high after Christmas; have the enlisted men and the officers switch jobs for a day.

224 – “Follies of the Living – Concerns of the Dead” (10×10)
January 4th, 1982

Klinger, running a high fever, is able to communicate with the spirit of the late Private Weston, who stays to see his own last rites.

225 – “The Birthday Girls” (10×11)
January 11th, 1982

Margaret has her birthday ruined when the jeep she is riding in, driven by Klinger, is damaged and they are left at the side of the road, so Klinger tries to raise her spirits. Back at the 4077th, Charles must give a lecture Margaret was supposed to give, and Hawkeye and the other doctors help deliver a calf.

226 – “Blood and Guts” (10×12)
January 18th, 1982

War correspondent Clayton Kibbee stops by the 4077th, and Hawkeye is outraged at the way he portrays dangerous acts pulled by some of the soldiers as heroic deeds.

227 – “A Holy Mess” (10×13)
February 1st, 1982

Father Mulcahy is unprepared when a soldier seeks sanctuary in the 4077th’s church, the mess tent, which fouls up the plans of the 4077th to have a Sunday brunch.

228 – “The Tooth Shall Set You Free” (10×14)
February 8th, 1982

Charles turns out to be afraid of going to a dentist, even when he develops a painful toothache. Meanwhile, after noticing a large number of black casualties from one unit, the doctors think prejudice from that unit’s commanding officer.

229 – “Pressure Points” (10×15)
February 15th, 1982

Colonel Potter has lost faith in his surgical aptitude, so he calls Sidney Freedman, and Charles has finally had enough with the way Hawkeye and B.J. keep the Swamp so messy.

230 – “Where There’s a Will, There’s a War” (10×16)
February 22nd, 1982

Hawkeye writes a will after being sent to help out at an aid station that comes under intense shelling. He leaves various things to his friends at the 4077th and others.

231 – “Promotion Commotion” (10×17)
March 1st, 1982

The doctors must decide which of the enlisted men most deserve a promotion, but some of the enlisted are more adamant about getting their promotion than others.

232 – “Heroes” (10×18)
March 15th, 1982

After treating the well-known boxer “Gentleman” Joe Cavanaugh, whom Father Mulcahy idolized somewhat, Hawkeye must deal with being thrust into the limelight of various press publications.

233 – “Sons and Bowlers” (10×19)
March 22nd, 1982

The 4077th holds a bowling competition against some Marines, but Hawkeye isn’t in the spirit, as he is waiting for word from the States on how his father is doing after an operation.

234 – “Picture This” (10×20)
April 5th, 1982

Colonel Potter almost goes off his rocker with rage when he is unable to get his officers to settle down for a sitting so he can paint a portrait of them.

235 – “That Darn Kid” (10×21)
April 12th, 1982

Klinger’s goat ate the payroll, which was Hawkeye’s responsibility, meaning he’ll have to foot the bill for the replacement money, after the officer sent to check out the story doesn’t believe the goat eat the money.

Season 11 (1982-1983)

236 – “Hey, Look Me Over” (11×01)
October 25th, 1982

Hawkeye must re-evaluate how he sees the nurses at the 4077th after he observes Nurse Kellye comforting a dying soldier, while Margaret gains an iron hand when a Colonel come to inspect the nurses.

237 – “Trick or Treatment” (11×02)
November 1st, 1982

The war interrupts the camp’s Halloween party, as wounded are brought in. Charles must also deal with a Marine who got a pool ball stuck in his mouth, Father Mulcahy brings a dead soldier back to life, and the camp tells spooky stories.

238 – “Foreign Affairs” (11×03)
November 8th, 1982

While Charles becomes infatuated with a French nurse who has a past unacceptable of the Winchester name, the Army attempts to coerce a North Korean pilot into defecting.

239 – “The Joker is Wild” (11×04)
November 15th, 1982

After B.J. threatens to pull the greatest practical joke the camp has ever seen, Hawkeye tries to prepare, outsmart, and avoid being the butt of the joke.

240 – “Who Knew?” (11×05)
November 22nd, 1982

When a nurse he dated is killed, Hawkeye offers to give the eulogy only to discover nobody knew anything about her. Ultimately, after reading her dairy, Hawkeye learns about a shy nurse who was in awe of the 4077th and in love with him.

241 – “Bombshells” (11×06)
November 29th, 1982

B.J. and Hawkeye attempt to prove that anyone can be tricked into believing anything, so they start a rumor that Marilyn Monroe will be visiting the camp. On a more somber note, B.J. is distraught when he must leave a wounded soldier behind to be killed while escaping with his own life, and even more so when he gets a Purple Heart for it.

242 – “Settling Debts” (11×07)
December 6th, 1982

After Mildred pays the last of the mortgages on the Potter’s house, the 4077th decides to throw a surprise party for Colonel Potter.

243 – “The Moon is Not Blue” (11×08)
December 13th, 1982

Hawkeye and B.J. attempt to get their hands on a risqué movie that will boost the morale of the 4077th, which is facing a heat wave, medical shortage, and the fear of prohibition being instituted.

244 – “Run For the Money” (11×09)
December 20th, 1982

Father Mulcahy is forced to run in a footrace against the 8063rd when the Olympic runner Klinger said had been assigned to the 4077th turned out to be his son, who wasn’t in shape.

245 – “The U.N., the Night, and the Music” (11×10)
January 3rd, 1983

Three United Nations representatives, a British officer, a Swedish officer, and a Hindu officer, visit the 4077th.

246 – “Strange Bedfellows” (11×11)
January 10th, 1983

Colonel Potter must face the facts, his son-in-law has been cheating on his wife, while Hawkeye and B.J. can’t sleep due to Charles’ constant snoring.

247 – “Say No More” (11×12)
January 24th, 1983

Margaret is distraught when she comes down with laryngitis right before she would meet Dr. Chesler, who is her hero, while an officer is unable to accept the realization that war games he put together have fatally wounded his son.

248 – “Friends and Enemies” (11×13)
February 7th, 1983

Colonel Potter must make a tough decision, call out an old friend who is costing soldiers their lives, or live with himself if he doesn’t.

249 – “Give and Take” (11×14)
February 14th, 1983

After he befriends an enemy soldier whom he has mortally wounded, a wounded GI must face the fact that he killed a man for wanting a warm pair of shoes.

250 – “As Time Goes By” (11×15)
February 21st, 1983

Margaret and Hawkeye put together a time capsule full of memories from the years they spent in Korea, a testament for future generations to look back upon.

251 – “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen” (11×16)
February 28th, 1983

The war is almost over, but casualties still come in, and Hawkeye is being treated by Sidney Freedman after he has a nervous breakdown. An enemy tank crashes into the compound, Charles comes across some Chinese musicians whom he befriends, and B.J. tries to get home in time for Erin’s birthday.

However, he is sent back, and Hawkeye returns as well. Everyone is overjoyed when the war finally is declared over, but saddened that they will be separated. They all say their good-byes, ending with a final emotional goodbye between Hawkeye and B.J., before Hawkeye climbs aboard the chopper taking him home, and leaves, seeing the GOODBYE B.J. wrote for him in stones.

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