Help Identify M*A*S*H Prop Sign

Brian Rooney, the volunteer in charge of the former M*A*S*H set at the Malibu Creek State Park, is trying to identify a prop sign that was left behind when production shut down. It is the only item that 20th Century FOX did pack up and take away, other than two vehicles that burned during that … Continue Reading →

Help Identify a Radar Scene

David is trying to find an episode in which a particular Radar scene took place. All he can remember is “there was pandemonium going on all around Radar’s room and Radar was calm and going about his very efficient business.” It’s not much to go on but I’m confident someone will be able to identify … Continue Reading →

Help Identify This Actress

Ryan is hopeful that someone out there can identify this actress who appeared as a nurse on M*A*S*H, always in the background with no speaking parts that he’s aware of. According to Ryan, he has noticed her in a number of episodes from the later part of the series. Can You Identify This Actress?

Close-up of Dog Tags

Is anyone aware of episodes which include close-ups of a character’s dog tags? Any character. I’m interested in seeing if the dog tags have a notch in them or not. Based on some images I’ve just looked at there don’t appear to be any notches but I haven’t been able to find any close-ups. Dog … Continue Reading →

Dimensions of the M*A*S*H Signpost

I received an e-mail the other day from Greg, a M*A*S*H fan who wants to build a recreation of the famous signpost. He’s looking for dimensions of the signs themselves that he can use and I’m hopeful that someone can help him out. Several other fans have made their own signposts in the past (you … Continue Reading →