Help Identify a Song About M*A*S*H

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Vicki is trying to identify a song about M*A*S*H she recalls hearing around the time the show went off the air in February 1983. Here’s what she remembers:

When Goodbye, Farewell and Amen aired I audio taped the whole thing. I also audio taped, I believe it was 20/20 though it MIGHT’VE been 60 Minutes, that did a tribute to M*A*S*H. It included a song written by a school teacher called “M*A*S*H We’re Gonna Miss You.” I even remember most of the words. Does anyone else remember this song?

She later added that she thinks the teacher who wrote the song taught high school English. And she sent me the lyric she remembers:

A couple of thefts, a muddy face, new surgeons helpin’ boys survive.
Who would’ve thought a TV show could become a part of our lives?
But through the years we’ve laughed and cried with the 4077th company
Who were huddled in a distant land in the the name of liberty.

We came to love men like Henry Blake, before he was taken away.
Colonel Potter filled his shoes but in the regular army way.
And Trapper John had a silver tongue making him and nurses and fun
But when the sound of choppers could be heard above he had a job and he got it done.

We’re saying so long, so long
Since we opened up our homes to you
Now it’s so long, so long
M*A*S*H we’re gonna miss you

We had to laugh at Major Frank Burns ’cause he took himself so seriously.
While Hot Lips really kept her nurses in line
But she couldn’t hide her sensitivity
And Radar we wanted to cuddle him with his Nehi Grape and teddy bear.
And we just know that he’s living out in Iowa that lil guy full of love and care.

[The next line is about Hawkeye]
He made us cry through our smiles and smile through our tears with his humor and his dignity.

And Klinger brought his hairy legs.

I picked a handful of lines at random and plugged them into Google but found nothing.

The only song about M*A*S*H I know of is “The Party’s Over (Everybody’s Gone)” by Sam Neely. But it was a commercial song released to radio. I haven’t come across any footage from either 60 Minutes or 20/20 relating to the end of M*A*S*H but one or both shows certainly could have aired a tribute to the show in February 1983. M*A*S*H was everywhere in the days and weeks leading up to “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen.”

Does anyone remember hearing a song like the one Vicki is searching for? Do you recognize the lyrics?

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