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David is trying to find an episode in which a particular Radar scene took place. All he can remember is “there was pandemonium going on all around Radar’s room and Radar was calm and going about his very efficient business.” It’s not much to go on but I’m confident someone will be able to identify the episode in question.

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  1. Okay… I KNOW I’ve seen every episode during the Radar years more than once, and that doesn’t even begin to ring a bell for me… but here are a couple of moments that MAY ring a bell for David…

    1. From “Mail Call Three” (6×21): it involves B.J. waking Radar up in the middle of the night for an emergency phone call to Peggy, then a few moments later, Potter (and Mulcahy) marches in to call the M.P.s about Klinger gone AWOL… however, Radar wasn’t necessarily calm in that scene, even yelling at B.J. for touching his teddy bear.

    2. “The Billfold Syndrome” (7×06): Radar’s got different stacks of paper scattered all over his office, like he’s spring cleaning or something, when Hawkeye and B.J. come in wanting to forge a phony telegram to Charles that his application to be Chief of Thorasic Surgery at Boston General after the war is over has been accepted.

    Other than that, I’m with Anon, it seems like anytime there’s a scene that involves chaos going on, Radar either ends up yelling at someone for messing up his effeciency, or is in just as big a panic as the others.

  2. Well, it wasn’t in Radar’s office but in the mess tent when he got his face pushed in the mashed potatoes while Hawk and Frank were fighting…..Sticky Wicket…

  3. I just had a thought… it doesn’t take place in Radar’s office, but rather Henry’s: from “5 O’Clock Charlie” (2×02), where Frank keeps urging Frank to call General Clayton and order a gun to shoot down Charlie, while Hawkeye and Trapper keep trying to convince Frank otherwise, all the while Radar just goes about with the filing and such?

      1. Henry Blake orders the 04ww nug while the MASH is under attack and Blake and Radar are trapped/hiding under Blake’s desk. Blake’s shouting into the radio with HQ he’s trying to order an 04ww nug, because he has the manual upside down… what he’s really trying to do is order a 40MM gun…

  4. I think i know it now its the episode ” hey, doc” its when theyre getting sniper fire and Bj and Hawkeye go into cournal Potters office to show him the two bottle of scoth or “toe nail juice” when a bullet comes through the window then hawkeye tells radar to call the tank commander and radar is way ahaed of him and bj makes a comment about how radar is a model of efficiency and hawkeye said that he built him out of a kit. I belive this is the episode that you are looking for.

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