Does This Chopper Scene Exist?

Noel is trying to determine if any episode of M*A*S*H included the following scene:

Was there a scene in M*A*S*H wherein the characters were watching for the arrival of a helicopter from one direction as the helicopter approached from the opposite direction?

Personally, I can’t recall such a scene but to be honest a lot of the chopper scenes are so similar they don’t really stand out. Hit the comments if you recall seeing a scene like this one.


  • Joe says:

    there was a scene where that happened but it was in the movie not the TV series. It’s when Col. Blake and some others are waiting for Margaret.

  • Benjamin says:

    Hmmmmm… be honest, I think I do remember something like that in the TV series, but it’s so vague I really don’t even remember if it really happened let alone what episode that would be.

  • Istvan says:

    If there is one, that can only be Captain Toby Hill when the wounded soldier woke up and tried to step off the chopper, and he had to land as quickly as possible. I’m not sure however that he was approaching from the wrong direction. Season 7, episode 13: An Eye for a Tooth

  • Father Angus says:

    Might be a bit late, but was it the episode where BJ, Margaret and Hawkeye were playing bridge or poker, waiting for the helicopter to come? Season 10 or 11 perhaps?

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