Do You Recognize This Line of Dialogue?


Dave is searching for the episode that features Hawkeye delivering a specific line of dialogue. Something like the following:

“Because, Frank, I knew you would pick the wrong one.”

He thought it might be from “The Army-Navy Game” but didn’t come across it in that episode.

It doesn’t sound familiar to me. Does anyone recognize this line?

4 Replies to “Do You Recognize This Line of Dialogue?”

  1. Not from M*A*S*H, no, however, I am reminded of a very, very similar scenario from HOGAN’S HEROES where there was an unexploded bomb that Hogan had to difuse, but he didn’t know which wire to cut, so he asks Colonel Klink if he knows which wire to cut, and cuts the opposite one; Klink asks if Hogan knew which wire to cut, why did he cut the other one instead, to which Hogan says he didn’t know, but knew Klink would pick the wrong one.

  2. Hmm the actual line as written above doesn’t sound exactly right but something about Hawkeye telling Frank he’d pick the wrong one does sound familiar-ish. I’ll have to think some more to remember what it was. All I can think of right now is Henry haha. You’re always wrong, Frank. That’s what’s so right about you.

  3. This one’s still bugging me but I’ll figure it out eventually. There’s definitely a line at some point where Hawkeye says something similar to this. It’s something along the lines of “Well Frank, that’s what we expect of you.” I just can’t think of it.

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