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I’ve been aware of this goof for years but until Maggie e-mailed me earlier this week I had more or less forgotten about it. In “Depressing News,” Hawkeye is seen wearing bright blue shoes while walking with B.J. towards the numerous piles of boxes filled with tongue depressors. I can’t identify the shoe but Maggie suggests it was an Adidas shoe popular in the 1980s. This could be considered an anachronism, given that the shows weren’t made until long after the Korean War ended, but I think it is more of a goof.

Alan Alda's Blue Shoes

“Depressing News”

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  1. In rewatching GFA, I’m reminded of another strange little goof — Charles is awoken from his nap in the Swamp, and puts on his burdundy striped bathrobe to try and keep the Chinese musicians with him; he is still in his jammies and robe when the announcement on the PA is made that the truce was signed and the war is over, however during the celebration, he runs over to Father Mulcahy to kiss and hug him, and he’s in uniform.

  2. I don’t think it’s Charles. We see later in the episode a bold soldier that could have been the one hugging Mulcahy. Plus, I don’t think Charles would hug anyone 🙂

  3. About the sneakers, that’s definitely a goof. The actors often worked very long hours on their feet so they were allowed to wear sneakers in shots that didn’t show their feet. The famous one is when Klinger was running through the field in heels after Laverne said yes and he kept breaking his expensive heels. Eventually they just let him do it in sneakers. This picture with the blue sneakers is definitely a goof. Hawkeye has never been seen in sneakers on the show that I’ve seen.

  4. About the sneakers. They’re Converse brand not Adidas… but still a goof. One of the weirdest ones is when radar ran into the showers with a towel that fell off as he opened the door. Under normal running time you get a blur of flesh but when forwarded one frame at a time the is definitely one frame with full butt in view. One wonders why he didn’t wear undergarments under the towel.

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