Alan Alda’s M*A*S*H Festival

Larry Petit, who was kind enough to provide an in-depth look at the original broadcast of “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” (read it here if you have not already) has come across an interesting curio about M*A*S*H in syndication: a few promotional spots for something called Alan Alda’s M*A*S*H Festival from 1980, broadcast on WNEW-TV in … Continue Reading →

Fan Reproduces M*A*S*H Set in Backyard

Amazing pictures of a fan’s reproduction of the 4077th compound have been making their way around the Internet over the past week. A friend of mine sent me this link a few days ago after seeing it posted to The set of four images, two of which I’ve reproduced below, depict a very accurate … Continue Reading →

The M*A*S*H Mountains: Then and Now

Flickr user T Hoffarth recently traveled to the Malibu Creek State Park in California, where external shots for M*A*S*H were filmed, and took photographs matching scenes from the series. Here’s how the mountains looked in the opening credits and how they look today: The M*A*S*H Mountains: Then and Now Additional comparisons can be found here, … Continue Reading →

More Neat M*A*S*H Images

Last month I wrote about promotional and behind-the-scenes images from M*A*S*H at the Motion Picture and Television Archive. Big Daddy O’Reilly then took the initiative and checked to see if Getty Images had any M*A*S*H images. A search for “alan alda” returns over 1,000 results, although the bulk are from the past decade or so. … Continue Reading →

Some Neat M*A*S*H Images

If you’ve ever looked the entry for M*A*S*H at the Internet Movie Database you’ve probably come across the photos section, which includes more than 100 images. A good number of them are DVD covers but there are a few dozen promotional photographs and stills from the series, both color and black and white. Here‘s a … Continue Reading →