Hallmark Channel, ION Dropping M*A*S*H Repeats


Due to the fact that I no longer receive Hallmark Channel or ION, I wasn’t aware of this until a few days ago when Shawn contacted me, but both cable channel Hallmark Channel and broadcast network ION have stopped airing repeats of M*A*S*H. Sitcoms Online reported on September 17th that ION would replace the 4-5PM airings of M*A*S*H with extra airings of Reba beginning Monday, October 5th.

I e-mailed ION and received the following reply:

There has been a schedule change and the program “M*A*S*H” is no longer part of our lineup. This program’s run on the network has ended. Thank you for contacting ION Media Networks.

As for Hallmark Channel, Sitcoms Online reported on September 21st that the weekday block of M*A*S*H (from 5-8PM) would be replaced by I Love Lucy, also beginning Monday, October 5th. Well, today is October 5th and M*A*S*H is gone from both Hallmark Channel and ION. It still airs on TV Land from 5-6AM on Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri, 9PM to 12AM on Wednesdays and 8-11PM on Saturdays (at least that’s the schedule for the next two weeks).

I sent Hallmark Channel an e-mail as well but have not received a reply. It is possible M*A*S*H will return in the future. And there’s always the complete series on DVD.

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  1. You know,thats complete B*******! Sorry, RJ. I dont mean to slander or curse Hallmark on your site, but I rely a lot on Hallmarks showing of MASH. I have the box set, but me and my dad keep on going back and forth with sharing the thing. Oh well. Doesnt change the fact that MASH is one of the greatest TV programs out there.

  2. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed it seems like the best of TV shows are slowly being phased out of reruns?

    Look at Seinfeld; like M*A*S*H, it’s one of the greatest shows of all time, and has left a huge impact on pop culture… yet, it’s now only on once a day on TBS, and occasional odd hours on FOX, when it used to be on TBS at least four times a day (not in a row), and twice a night on FOX.

  3. Amen, BDOR. Guess the corporations need room for the reality shows that just get stupider and stupider with every season. I hate reality shows, they dont have any merit and take jobs away from good actors. If you really like Seinfeld, BDOR, you might wanna check out the show Curb Your Enthusiasm. Its about the writer of Seinfeld and this season hey’re doing a “reunion” show.

  4. It is a definite shame with regards to Hallmark. It was almost a family tradition to watch MASH after dinner. Except for sports and the occasional Star Trek, this is about the only show I watch anymore on TV. And with being a 40 year old, I have seen (IMO) the steady decline in quality and ethics with TV shows. For me, there’s really not much worth watching on TV anymore. I have all of the seasons on DVD, but there’s just something about watching it on TV…Long live MASH.

    Keep up the GREAT work, RJ! I visit it daily…

  5. I still hope to one day try to make the future of television a little better than what it has become nowadays.

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