Hallmark Pulls M*A*S*H… Again

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It seems that Hallmark Channel has pulled M*A*S*H from its schedule once again. According to the cable channel’s online schedule, M*A*S*H is nowhere to be seen through Saturday, August 14th. Hallmark started airing the series in September of 2003 and showed it consistently until October 2009, I believe, when it was pulled for the first time. It returned later that month only to be pulled again in November, not returning until January of 2010. It was pulled in February and didn’t return until May.

How Hallmark hopes to build its audience when it constantly changes its schedule is beyond me? And M*A*S*H isn’t the only show to suffer from abrupt removals and surprise returns. On the other hand, Hallmark must be doing something right because it was the 23rd most-watched ad-supported cable channel in prime time for the week ending July 18th, according to Media Life Magazine.

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