Alan Alda to Discuss M*A*S*H Tonight on PBS

Tonight at 8PM, PBS will broadcast the fourth and final episode of America in Primetime, which from what I’ve read is not your typical documentary but rather a collection of interviews with actors, directors and writers attempting to explain how contemporary television has been influenced by decades worth of creativity and effort. Each episode has … Continue Reading →

Catching Up on the News

The world didn’t grind to a halt while I was on hiatus. Here, in no particular order, are some newsworthy M*A*S*H-related goings-on from the past five months: M*A*S*H America’s Third Favorite TV Show of All Time According to a March survey conducted by Harris Interactive, adults in the United States ranked M*A*S*H their third favorite … Continue Reading →

See the M*A*S*H Cast as Children

I’ve been going through some of my archived M*A*S*H content and came across the following two page excerpt from an unidentified magazine that features photographs of the cast (from the later seasons) as children. Someone sold the two pages on eBay in 2004 and I saved the images but failed to write down any information … Continue Reading →

Read M*A*S*H Articles from People Magazine Online makes almost 50,000 stories dating back to its 1974 debut available in its online archive. You can even download some issues in their entirety. M*A*S*H cast members or the show itself have graced the cover of People several times over the past 36 years. The earliest cover I am aware of is the March … Continue Reading →

M*A*S*H Cast Members Official Websites

I can’t remember now what got me started thinking about official websites but yesterday evening I spent a few minutes searching the Internet for official websites for members of the M*A*S*H cast. Alan Alda has a website that focuses on his two autobiographies, with excerpts, essays, reviews and a photo gallery. Jamie Farr also has … Continue Reading →

Alan Alda Interviewed on Australian Television

Paul e-mailed me a few days ago to let me know that Alan Alda was interviewed on an Australian television show called Elders with Andrew Denton (the program was broadcast on Monday, November 16th over ABC Television). According to Paul it was a “funny, heart-warming interview” that covered “Alan’s childhood, his mother’s schizophrenia, M*A*S*H (of … Continue Reading →

Alan Alda Remembers Larry Gelbart

Alan Alda has written a moving tribute to the late Larry Gelbart for The Los Angeles Times that can be found here. Thanks to “Mary Lou Wallace” at for bringing this to my attention. Titled “On the front lines with Larry Gelbart,” the appreciation recalls Gelbart’s humor and kindness, warmth and wit. Here’s my … Continue Reading →

Alan Alda Nominated for Emmy Award

For the most part I stopped reporting news that wasn’t directly related to M*A*S*H some time ago. But I’m making an exception today for Alan Alda’s Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series category. He was nominated for his role in an episode of NBC’s 30 Rock (“Mamma Mia”). Alda was … Continue Reading →