Alan Alda in New Cigna Ad Campaign


I don’t usually report “news” unless it relates directly to M*A*S*H but I thought I’d make an exception here because I think this is really neat. Alan Alda has joined four other TV doctors in a new ad campaign for Cigna health insurance advocating for annual checkups.

The commercials feature Alda, Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy), Lisa Edelstein (House), Noah Wyle (ER), and Donald Faison (Scrubs). They started airing on September 8th. I’ve only seen one on TV myself but I’ve watched all of the commercials on YouTube.

Here are the three main commercials:

You can also find two shorter versions of the first commercial. Plus, there’s this behind-the-scenes video:

You can read more about the ad campaign at Ad Age. Also, has an article in which Noah Wyle and Patrick Dempsey basically gush about how awesome Alan Alda is:

Dempsey said of also selecting M.A.S.H. as his TV pick: “There are only a handful of doctor shows that really have worked if you think about it. M.A.S.H. being one of them. That was the first that sort of tied in the drama, the sense of humor and then, later on, more social issues of that time where they were pushing it more towards the latter part of their run. So it would be nice to go back to that to be on that show certainly.”

What do you think? Are the commercials amusing? Have you seen any of them on TV?

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  1. I have seen one of them and it amazes me that they could get as many TV doctors from shows I watched in the past. I found the one I saw mildly amusing.

  2. Insurance is the biggest scam going, especially if you’re middle or working class individual; unless you’re a big, wealthy, corporation, insurance would rather have nothing to do with you, because you’re not putting money in their pockets. Seriously, the insurance company my mother and I are using are dropping us – and all individual people – next month because they’d rather only cover big businesses instead . . . and I heartell other insurance companies out there are following suit. So, it’s like there’s really no point in even having insurance because it does nothing for you. And this is what Obama was fighting for: making sure all Americans – regardless of how rich or poor they are – have decent health coverage, but nope. The big insurance companies and the Republican party wouldn’t go for that and have been fighting against it ever since, meanwhile the American people are caught up in the middle of the scuffle as a result. It’s times like this where I’m actually embarrassed to live in this country (that and all the racism, bigotry, and inequality we have in this country) – sometimes I think I’d rather move to Canada; they’re a more united country than the United States.

  3. How come Alan Alda is not in these commercials any more? Was he no longer considered relevant to the times or is he not doing well this year?

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