Jamie Farr and Loretta Swit Signing for GalaxyCon in October

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If you’ve always wanted a signed photograph of Jamie Farr or Loretta Swit but haven’t had the opportunity to get one, now is your chance. The two will be attending the Motor City Comic Con in Michigan next month (October 14-16) where they’ll sign autographs and take photographs with fans. The two will also be doing a private signing for GalaxyCon, which means M*A*S*H fans in dozens of countries can order their own personalized autographed photographs.

GalaxyCon runs pop culture conventions as well as virtual events that offer fans the chance to video chat with celebrities and order autographed photographs and more. In addition to the United States, they ship to many other countries including Australia, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Norway, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom, an Vietnam. A complete list of international countries can be found here.

Autograph signings through GalaxyCon are simple. You pick the photograph or photographs you want autographed and pay. That’s it. GalaxyCon does the rest. Depending on the celebrity, photographs can be personalized with your name or a character’s name. For an additional fee you can have the photograph authenticated by James Spence Authentication (JSA). If you want, you can even send in your own item to be autographed.

Here are the details for Jamie Farr and Loretta Swit:

  • Jamie Farr & Loretta Swit Duo Autograph Signing on Photos – $160
  • Jamie Farr & Loretta Swit Duo Autograph Signing on Mini Posters – $190
  • Loretta Swit Autograph Signing on Photos – $80
  • Loretta Swit Autograph Signing on Mini Posters – $95
  • Jamie Farr Autograph Signing on Photos – $80
  • Jamie Farr Autograph Signing on Mini Posters – $95
  • Jamie Farr & Loretta Swit: Send In Your Own Item to be Autographed – $170
  • Loretta Swit: Send In Your Own Item to be Autographed – $85
  • Jamie Farr: Send In Your Own Item to be Autographed – $85

The individual photos or mini posters signed by Loretta Swit or Jamie Farr can be personalized. The duo signings cannot. You have until October 10th to order autographed photos or mini posters. The cut off date to send in your own items is October 2nd.

This may be the first time any member of the M*A*S*H cast have signed for a company that offers fans the opportunity to purchase autographed photos online. Jamie Farr and Loretta Swit have been signing at pop culture conventions for decades. Gary Burghoff and Jeff Maxwell have also signed at conventions. William Christopher may have as well. Alan Alda, Mike Farrell, and Gary Burghoff occasionally made in-person appearances to promote their books and sign copies.

I’ve purchased a number of autographed photos through GalaxyCon over the past few years and have been very happy with the results. It can take up to 10 weeks to get an autographed photo back but it is well worth the wait. I’ll be ordering autographed photos of Loretta Swit and Jamie Farr this weekend. Will you?

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  1. As I mentioned on the forum, I had the honor and privilege of meeting Jamie Farr in person at the Knoxville Fanboy Expo last month. Loretta Swit and Jeff Maxwell were to be in attendance as well, except that they both were no-shows – Jeff because of a health emergency, and Loretta because her outgoing flight was canceled at the last minute.

    I not only got him to sign my mounted plaque I had gotten from a memorabilia store many years ago, but I also got my picture taken with him (I wore a M*A*S*H t-shirt, and my Radar O’Reilly jeep cap for the occasion). I didn’t really get to spend too much time actually talking with him, however I’m happy to be able to scratch this off my bucket list: I MET KLINGER!!

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