Name That Episode IV Results

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I apologize for the delay. Here are the results from Round IV of the Name That Episode game, which ran from February 2017 to July 2019. There were 18 winners this round, up slightly from 15 for Round III. By comparison, Round II had 22 winners and Round I had 25 winners. Full results from Round II can be found here and full results from Round III are available here.

Just seven images went unidentified during Round IV, down from 11 unidentified images during Round III, 13 unidentified images from Round II, and 10 unidentified images from Round I.

Here are the full results from Round IV :

Name Wins Notes
007 86 3 ties
BDOR 43 3 ties
GM 30  
Seoul City Sue 27 1 tie
Chauncey Uppercrust 21  
buckeyebabe 13  
resthefuture 9  
penguinphysics 4 1 tie
converse_craig 3  
Crabapple Cove 3  
HannibalMO 3  
BecLeo1972 1  
Captain Pak 1  
Doug 1  
futurenurse 1  
Jeff 1  
Whiplash Hwang 1  

Check out the complete answers archive for Round IV here. Reminder: Round V begins Tuesday, July 23rd. Be sure to play every Tuesday and Thursday.

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