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A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from David asking whether I knew anything about a M*A*S*H ride on motorcycle toy. I had no idea such a thing existed. All David knew was that the toy was apparently made by a company called SMC out of St. Paul, Minnesota.

I checked The Complete Book of M*A*S*H, which includes limited information on M*A*S*H collectibles and memorabilia, but found nothing. I eventually came across a listing for an August eBay listing for a M*A*S*H motorcycle toy.

From the eBay listing:

Super Rare MASH toy. Made in the 70s by SMC out of St Paul Minnesota. Limited to about 300 made as a promotional item. There hasn’t been one on ebay in years and may not be for a long time. I only no of one more besides this one. Has some wear and signs of play and use. Would have been big enough for a small child.

David actually believes the toy in the auction–which was ended by the seller with no sale–is the exact same toy he eventually acquired. He also thinks it was manufactured by a company called Empire because a nearly identical Batman motorcycle exists. David was kind enough to send along some very nice pictures of the toy (click on any of the images to see larger versions):

Picture of a M*A*S*H ride on motorcycle toy
Side view of the toy.
(Courtesy of David/ToyNerd.com)
Picture of a M*A*S*H ride on motorcycle toy
Rear view of the toy.
(Courtesy of David/ToyNerd.com)
Picture of a M*A*S*H ride on motorcycle toy
Close-up of the toy.
(Courtesy of David/ToyNerd.com)

Does anybody know anything about this ride on toy? Was it a promotional item as the eBay listing suggests?

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  1. I don’t think this is legit. A company may have made these for promotional reasons, but I don’t think it was sanctioned by 20th Century Fox. The logo is clearly not the M*A*S*H logo. The font is wrong. The proportion of the asterisks is wrong. And the color green is not the green that was used in M*A*S*H and on most M*A*S*H merchandise – see, for example, the color of Suzy Kalter’s book cover. My guess is someone made this recently and concocted a good story…

  2. I had a MASH pedal car in the early 70s. It was a plastic bodied ambulance with a battery powered siren, and a little wood/canvas stretcher that hung off the side. I can’t find any info about it anywhere. Any ideas?

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  4. In this case, I’m happy to dispell all theories that this toy didn’t exist! I’m very certain it’s very rare, and I have only seen one in my life, and I own it. Mine has the original box, and sticker sheet and instructions. If I knew how to put pictures on this post, I would. Happy happy to share this with anyone who asked me.

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