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I can’t remember now what got me started thinking about official websites but yesterday evening I spent a few minutes searching the Internet for official websites for members of the M*A*S*H cast. Alan Alda has a website that focuses on his two autobiographies, with excerpts, essays, reviews and a photo gallery. Jamie Farr also has a website, one that is apparently relatively new, where you can read stories, watch videos and look at pictures of his life and career in television, on stage and in film. Mike Farrell has an officially unofficial website, run by a fan with Farrell’s “approval and full cooperation,” according to its disclaimer. That’s really it. I found a site called Swit Hearts that appears to be authorized by Loretta Swit but there isn’t much content. And Kellye Wallett, better known to M*A*S*H fans as Kellye Nakahara, has a website dedicated to her art and the Kellye Wallett Studio.

As far as I can tell, Wayne Rogers, Gary Burghoff, Harry Morgan, William Christopher and David Ogden Stiers do not have official websites, although both Burghoff and Stiers have unofficial fan sites.

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  1. I’ve been having some minor issues with yours Mrs. Burns, most of the time when I try to participate (poll voting, comments, etc), I get “This page cannot be displayed”.

    But… word of advice from my own experiences? I know it seems oximoronic, but self advertising actually turns people away; that’s just the sad truth, because most see self promotion as shameless plugging and a simple cry for attention.

    Again, I’m speaking from experience – I have an old Kathy Greenwood website and in the old days, if I tried advertising, promoting, etc, I ended up making enemies in the process… now here it is years later and it’s just now starting to get a bit more attention.

  2. Can’t we all get together again in a movie format of being Korean ESR Veterans sttending , say a National Veterans event somewhere and run into another cast member. Taking us back to searching out more of the cast for a real reunion movie with a srory.. Do you see what I’m saying?

  3. Get the cast together for a movie as Korean War Veterans with a bit of a flip, a couple of the cast run into each other at a Veteran event. Have lost track of each other for years. It is discovered not all is great. Effects of the war took its toll on one of them. A mission to help turn him or her around brings discovery of other cast members.Many tear filled moments as the reunion stands as healing for severalcast members.

  4. There is a recurring character with glasses and a moustache he is a MP or jeep driver. Never talks but he is always there. Who is he?

  5. I enjoy so much the program. I have almost all the episodes. I just missed the 9 to the rest, I think 3 more. I have the (2) movies. I laught a lot with all the characters. That program for me is amazing. The character I liked more is or was Walter (radar.) .

  6. I am a retired Green Beret I put 27 year them I’ve been shot 14 times blown up nine times stabbed twice I spent 18 years in the Middle East Afghanistan Iraq Iran Somalia Hades ,
    And if it wasn’t for our MASH unit I will be here his cage , I had a head nurse that was a full bird colonel she was tough as nails just like Margaret Houlahan we really didn’t like each other but she cared remind me of Loretto Swift . Maybe someday I will get to meet her and tell her about our head nurse sincerely Master Sergeant Dearborn

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