Where Are They Now?

Below you’ll find brief summaries of what the cast (and producers) of M*A*S*H have been up to since they either left the series or it came to an end in 1983. Although M*A*S*H may be their main claim to fame, most of the cast continued acting after the series ended. Sadly, several members of the M*A*S*H family have passed away in the decades since the show went off the air.

There have been two televised M*A*S*H retrospectives. The entire cast reunited in 1991 for “Memories of M*A*S*H” on CBS. In 2002, the surviving cast members came together for the “M*A*S*H 30th Anniversary Reunion Special” on FOX.

In May 2015, interviews with most of the surviving cast as well as producers and writers were featured in “MeTV Remembers the M*A*S*H Finale,” a special presentation of “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” that has since been repeated several times. Also, Loretta Swit, Gary Burghoff, Jamie Farr, Mike Farrell, and William Christopher were interviewed by Toledo TV station WTVG/13abc in January 2016 for a half-hour special titled “M*A*S*H Memories & Magic.”

Note: Most of the images on this page are from the “30th Anniversary Reunion Special” broadcast in 2002. The images for Larry Linville and McLean Stevenson are from “Memories of M*A*S*H,” which aired in 1991.

Alan Alda (Hawkeye)

Alan Alda has remained very active in the three decades since M*A*S*H went off the air. In 1983, shortly after the series wrapped, he produced The Four Seasons for CBS. The short-lived sitcom continued the story of his 1981 feature film. He appeared in a handful of movies during the late 1980s and the 1990s. Alda made his return to TV in 1999 with a six-episode stint on NBC’s popular medical drama ER, which earned him an Emmy Award nomination in 2000.

Image of Alan Alda from 2002

Alan Alda in 2002

From 2004 to 2006, Alda had a recurring role on The West Wing as presidential hopeful Senator Arnold Vinick. He was twice nominated for Emmy Awards for the role, winning in 2006. Other recent TV appearances include recurring roles on 30 Rock (NBC, 2009-2010), The Big C (Showtime, 2011-2013), and The Blacklist (NBC, 2013-2014).

On the big screen, Alda earned an Academy Award nomination for his role in The Aviator (2004). Other recent films include Nothing But the Truth (2008), Flash of Genius (2008), Tower Heist (2011), The Longest Ride (2015), and Bridge of Spies (2015). Some of Alda’s work on the stage include QED (2001-2002), Glengarry Glen Ross (2005), and Love Letters (2014).

Alda has released two memoirs: Never Have Your Dog Stuffed: And Other Things I’ve Learned (September 2005) and Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself (October 2007).

Alda was interviewed for the Archive of American Television in November 2000. His interview can be found here.

Gary Burghoff (Radar)

After leaving M*A*S*H in 1979, Gary Burghoff made a handful of guest roles on TV shows like Fantasy Island and The Love Boat. He made a cameo appearance in the January 16th, 1984 episode of AfterMASH on CBS followed by a full-blown guest appearance the following week. Later that year, he starred in an unsold sitcom pilot for CBS called “W*A*L*T*E*R” in which Walter O’Reilly became a cop in St. Louis.

Image of Gary Burghoff from 2002

Gary Burghoff in 2002

He appeared in a few films in the early 1990s. A 1995 guest appearance on Burke’s Law was his last acting role until 2010 when he co-starred in the film Daniel’s Lot. He hosted Pets: Part of the Family, a how-to series about pets that aired on public TV from 1999 to 2000. Burghoff toured more than 100 cities in 1999 and 2000 starring in Neil Simon’s play Last of the Red Hot Lovers.

Burghoff released an autobiography, Gary Burghoff: To M*A*S*H and Back: My Life in Poems and Songs (That Nobody Ever Wanted to Publish!), in June 2009.

William Christopher (Father Mulcahy)

William Christopher co-starred in AfterMASH on CBS from 1983 to 1984 alongside Harry Morgan and Jamie Farr. Since then, he’s acted sporadically. In 1997, Christopher co-starred with Jamie Farr in a touring production of The Odd Couple. He made a handful of TV guest appearances in the 1990s, including Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1997) and Mad About You (1998). He came out of retirement in 2012 to play Father Tobias on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives, appearing in more than 10 episodes.

Image of William Christopher from 2002

William Christopher in 2002

Along with his his wife Barbara, Christopher wrote Mixed Blessings, a non-fiction book about raising a son with autism. It was published in 1989. The two continue to work promoting autism awareness through the National Autistic Society.

William Christopher passed away in December 2016 at the age of 84.

William Christopher: October 20th, 1932 – December 31st, 2016

Jamie Farr (Klinger)

Jamie Farr continued playing Maxwell Q. Klinger on AfterMASH from 1983 to 1985 on CBS alongside Harry Morgan and William Christopher. He’s acted sporadically since then, appearing in a handful of movies and TV shows in the 1980s and 1990s. His most recent TV appearances were a February 2007 episode of The War at Home in February 2007 and an episode of Bella and the Bulldogs in April 2016.

Image of Jamie Farr from 2002

Jamie Farr in 2002

Recent film roles include A Path of Sundays (2001) and This World (2013). On the stage, he co-starred with William Christopher in a production of The Odd Couple in 1997; temporarily replaced Frank Gorshin as George Burns in Say Goodnight, Gracie in 2004; starred in a production of Tuesdays with Morrie in 2011; and starred in a productions of The Last Romance in 2013 and 2014.

From 1984 to 2012, Farr lent his name to a women’s professional golf tournament played in Sylvania, Ohio every year (except for 1986 and 2011). He released an autobiography, Just Farr Fun, in 1994. In May 2007, Farr hosted the Hallmark Channel’s “M*A*S*H Bash 07: Klinger Edition” marathon. He later hosted a marathon called “The Best by Farr” for MeTV in 2016.

Farr was interviewed for the Archive of American Television in December 2011. His interview can be viewed here.

Mike Farrell (B.J.)

Since the end of M*A*S*H, Mike Farrell has remained busy as an actor and an activist. He appeared in a number of made-for-TV movies in the 1980s and 1990s. From 1996 to 1999, he voiced Jonathan Kent on the animated FOX TV series Superman: The Animated Series (his wife, Shelley Fabares, voiced Martha Kent). From 1999 to 2002, Farrell co-starred on the NBC drama Providence.

Image of Mike Farrell from 2002

Mike Farrell in 2002

Some of Farrell’s recent TV roles include guest appearances on Smith (CBS, 2007), Desperate Housewives (ABC, 2007-2008), Ghost Whisperer (CBS, 2009), and Supernatural (The CW, 2012). He had a recurring role on SundanceTV’s The Red Road from 2014 to 2015.

Over the years, Farrell has lent his name and support to a number of social and political causes. He also served three terms as First Vice President of the Screen Actors Guild, beginning in 2002.

Farrell released his autobiography, Just Call Me Mike: A Journey from Actor to Activist, in March 2007. His second book, Of Mule and Man, was published in May 2009.

Larry Linville (Frank)

Larry Linville left M*A*S*H in 1977 after five seasons spent playing Frank Burns. He felt he had taken the character as far as he could. Over the next three decades, he worked regularly on television. From 1978 to 1979 he played Major General Kevin Kelley on NBC’s Grandpa Goes to Washington. In 1981, he played Lyle Block on Checking In, a short-lived CBS sitcom spun-off from The Jeffersons. He followed that with a regular role on another short-lived CBS sitcom, Herbie the Love Bug, in 1982. He also had a supporting role on Paper Dolls, a 1984 ABC prime time soap opera.

Image of Larry Linville from 1991

Larry Linville in 1991

Linville made guest appearances on shows like CHiPsThe Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Airwolf, Night Court, Nurses, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and Murder, She Wrote. He made his final TV appearance in an October 1999 episode of Great Performances on PBS.

Some of Linville’s films after leaving M*A*S*H include Earth Girls Are Easy (1988), Rock ‘n’ Roll High School Forever (1991), A Million to Juan (1994), Fatal Pursuit (1995), and Pressure Point (1997).

After battling cancer for several years, Linville passed away due to complications of pneumonia in April 2000.

Larry Linville: September 29th, 1939 – April 10th, 2000

Harry Morgan (Colonel Potter)

After M*A*S*H ended, Harry Morgan starred in AfterMASH alongside Jamie Farr and William Christopher. The sitcom ran on CBS from 1983 to 1984. He continued acting, primarily on television, until the late 1990s. In 1986, he co-starred in Blacke’s Magic, an NBC crime drama. He then starred in a syndicated sitcom called You Can’t Take It With You from 1987 to 1988.

Image of Harry Morgan from 2002

Harry Morgan in 2002

Morgan also made guest appearances on TV shows like The Love Boat, Murder She Wrote, The Twilight Zone, Grace Under Fire, and 3rd Rock from the Sun. His final acting role was a guest appearance in an episode of a CBS sitcom called Love & Money that aired during the 1999-2000 season. David Ogden Stiers had a regular role in the sitcom. According to the Internet Movie Database, Morgan’s episode never aired.

In the early 1990s, Morgan teamed up with Walter Matthau for three made-for-TV movies about a lawyer (Matthau) and a judge (Morgan). On the big screen, Morgan had a small role in the 1987 feature film Dragnet starring Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks.

Morgan was interviewed for the Archive of American Television in April 2004. His interview can be found here.

Harry Morgan passed away in December 2011 at the age of 96.

Harry Morgan: April 10th, 1915 – December 7th, 2011

Wayne Rogers (Trapper)

Only a year after leaving M*A*S*H, Wayne Rogers was starring in his own TV series called City of Angels about a detective in the 1930s. It ran for 13 episodes on NBC from February to May 1976. He starred in House Calls, a CBS sitcom in which he played a doctor, from 1979 to 1982. A total of 57 episodes were produced.

Image of Wayne Rogers from 2002

Wayne Rogers in 2002

Rogers appeared in numerous made-for-TV movies during the 1980s, including I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later in 1985. He took over the role of Tony Nelson from Larry Hagman. He had a recurring role in Murder, She Wrote from 1993 to 1995. In the early 2000s, he appeared in a handful of feature films like Frozen with Fear (2001), Three Days of Rain (2002), and Nobody Knows Anything! (2003). The latter was his final acting role. In January 2007, Rogers hosted the Hallmark Channel’s “M*A*S*H Bash 07” marathon.

Outside of acting, Rogers was a successful businessman and investor. From 2012 to 2015 he served as a panelist on Cashin’ In, an investment program on the Fox News Channel. In January 2016, host Eric Bolling paid tribute to Rogers.

Rogers passed away in December 2015 at the age of 82.

Wayne Rogers: April 7th, 1933 – December 31st, 2015

McLean Stevenson (Colonel Blake)

After leaving M*A*S*H in 1975 at the end of its third season, McLean Stevenson starred in four different sitcoms, all of which were unsuccessful. The first was called The McLean Stevenson Show. He played the owner of a hardware store trying to juggle his business with his family. It ran for 10 episodes on NBC from 1976 to 1977. Next came In the Beginning, a CBS sitcom that ran for just five episodes from September to October 1978.

Image of McLean Stevenson from 1991

McLean Stevenson in 1991

Hello, Larry was his most successful post-M*A*S*H TV series. A spin-off of Diff’rent Strokes, it ran for two seasons and 38 episodes on NBC from January 1979 to April 1980. He played a divorced radio talk show host who moves to Portland with his teenage daughters. From February to June 1983, Stevenson starred in Condo on ABC, a sitcom about two families living in the same condominium complex. His final regular TV role was Dirty Dancing on CBS from 1988 to 1989.

Stevenson also made guest appearances on TV shows like Hotel, The Love Boat, and The Golden Girls. His last credited acting role was the miniseries Tales of the City in 1993.

McLean Stevenson passed away of a heart attack in February 1996.

McLean Stevenson: November 14th, 1929 – February 15th, 1996

David Ogden Stiers (Charles Emerson Winchester III)

David Ogden Stiers remained active following the end of M*A*S*H, with acting roles on TV and the big screen. In 1985, he played Congressman Sam Greene on the blockbuster CBS miniseries North & South. He was also in the sequel, North & South, Book II, the following year. From 1986 to 1988, he appeared in a string of made-for-TV movies based on Perry Mason.

Image of David Ogden Stiers from 2002

David Ogden Stiers in 2002

In 1998, he had a regular role on the ABC sitcom Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, although his character was soon phased out. His next regular TV role was Love & Money, a short-lived CBS sitcom that aired briefly during the 1999-2000 season. From 2002 to 2007, Stiers had a recurring role on The Dead Zone as well as a recurring role on Stargate: Atlantis from 2006 to 2007.

Stiers made numerous guest appearances over the past three decades, including Alf, Murder, She Wrote , Matlock, Wings, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Cybill, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, The Trouble with Normal, Touched by An Angel, Frasier, Worst Week of My Life, and Rizzoli & Isles.

In 1991, Stiers voiced Cogsworth in the animated movie Beauty and the Beast. Since then, he worked regularly as a voiceover artist, with roles in movies like Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Lilo & Stitch as well as TV shows like Justice League, Lilo & Stitch: The Series, and Regular Show. Stiers also lent his voice to a number of video games.

Outside of acting, Stiers was a talented conductor. He served as resident conductor for the Newport Symphany Orchestra in Newport, Oregon.

David Ogden Stiers passed away of bladder cancer in March 2018.

David Ogden Stiers: October 31st, 1942 – March 3rd, 2018

Loretta Swit (Major Margaret Houlihan)

Loretta Swit appeared in a number of TV shows, made-for-TV movies, and feature films following the end M*A*S*H, but has not had a credited acting role since 1998. She remains active on stage, however. From 1985 to 1987 she appeared on Broadway in The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Other stage credits include Shirley Valentine, The Vagina Monologues, Forty-Second Street, Cactus Flower, and Love, Loss and What I Wore.

Image of Loretta Swit from 2002

Loretta Swit in 2002

A vocal supporter of animal rights, Swit is a member of Actors and Others for Animals and supports numeroous animal rights organizations. She is also an artist and proceeds from sales of her artwork benefit various animal-related groups and causes. In 1986, she published A Needlepoint Scrapbook.

Swit was interviewed for the Archive of American Television in August 2004. Her interview can be found here.

Larry Gelbart

The man responsible for developing M*A*S*H for television left the series in 1976 after four seasons. Larry Gelbart felt he had contributed all he could to the show. In 1980, he served as executive producer and writer for a short-lived NBC comedy-drama called United States, starring Beau Bridges and Helen Shaver.

Image of Larry Gelbart from 2002

Larry Gelbart in 2002

When M*A*S*H ended, Gelbart was brought in to create AfterMASH for CBS. He wrote three episodes during the spin-off’s first season and directed two. From 1997 to 1998, he executive produced Fast Track, a Showtime drama starring Keith Carradine. In 2003, he wrote and co-produced a made-for-TV movie called And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself for HBO. It was his final TV or film project.

Gelbart also wrote the screenplays for the feature films Oh, God! (1977), Tootsie (1982); Blame It on Rio (1984), and Bedazzled (2000).

A memoir was published in 1997: Laughing Matters: On Writing M*A*S*H, Tootsie, Oh, God! and a Few Other Funny Things.Gelbart was interviewed for the Archive of American Television in May 1998. His interview can be found here.

Larry Gelbart passed away in September 2009 at the age of 81.

Larry Gelbart: February 25th, 1928 – September 11th, 2009

Gene Reynolds

Gene Reynolds left M*A*S*H in 1977 after Season 5 but remained a creative consult until the series ended. He went on to help create and produce Lou Grant for CBS. The series was a spin-off of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. It ran for five seasons, ending in 1983. Reynolds wrote and directed a number of episodes.

Image of Gene Reynolds from 2002

Gene Reynolds in 2002

After Lou Grant, Reynolds executive produced several TV shows, including Hometown (1985), Mr. President (1987), and Blossom (1991). Also in 1991, he helped executive producer “Memories of M*A*S*H” for CBS. Reynolds directed episodes of numerous TV shows, including Heartbeat (1988), Life Goes On (1989-1990), Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993), and Touched by an Angel (1995-1998).

More recently, he came out of retirement to serve as a executive producer for the “M*A*S*H 30th Anniversary Reunion Special” in 2002.

Reynolds was interviewed for the Archive of American Television in August 2000. His interview can be found here.

Burt Metcalfe

Burt Metcalfe stayed with M*A*S*H for its entire run, moving from associate producer to producer to executive producer. He then went on to serve as executive producer for AfterMASH from 1983 to 1984. He also directed more than a dozen episodes.

Image of Burt Metcalfe from 2002

Burt Metcalfe in 2002

From 1989 to 1990, Metcalfe helped produce FM, a sitcom that aired on NBC. He was an executive producer for “Memories of M*A*S*H” in 1991. In 1993, he created the CBS sitcom Cutters, which ran for five episodes. After that, he retired.

In 2002, Metcalfe came out of retirement to serve as an executive producer for “M*A*S*H 30th Anniversary Reunion Special.”

Published April 14th, 2002
Last updated March 3rd, 2018

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    1. MASH is the best show ever. I think it has the most recognizable musical score. This show showed all aspects of human emotions, from comedy to drama to the death of a beloved character (Henry Blake). I don’t think there is or was another TV show that can replicate these emotions.


      1. I loved the show grew up on it. I preferred the comedy aka the early years. My only issues as a former military man was the long hair and moustache which woukd never happen in the military ever. I also dont think a monopoly attitude of antiwar would exist. In regards to this point yes they would express wanting war to end but it would be a pervasive as its expressed in the show. In this regard Hollywood’s antiwar sentiments win out. Some actors grew others never did Loretta Swit was terrible in 1972 as she was in 1983. Her character of endless mistreatment of juniors got old real old. In my opinion three actors were the best Alda, Stevenson and Morgan. They could pull off the whole range of emotions.

      2. I still cry at the end of that episode when radar comes in and reads that telegram

      3. I think mash was the best show and i have the completset there is not another show that could beat mash i whis they would try to have more army or merains show make people wake up to what the armforce is realyabout

      4. Mash was one of a kind, it mad us laugh and touched our hearts like no other show. I loved the actors. I doubt if there will be another show this loved

    2. I totally agree,I still catch reruns most everyday.I would rather see them again than anything else onT.V. No other show will ever come close!!

      1. These are my thoughts also.They never grow old,and the humour is just as sharp today.They feel like friends.A most wonderful show.

      2. I can’t agree more. I watched them through my entire Navy career and loved to find similarities between MASH and my real life. Given today’s fare of TV shows, Mash wins hands down. Keep the reruns coming, I can always use a life lesson or a laugh.

    3. I love mash. it takes me there.also I speak Korean and cook their favorite dishes also please be patient with me. im totally handicapped.so happy new to you and your friends and family.

      1. we just love the rerun of mash (channel true entertainment) we watch every morning and evening 2 shows daily and sunday evenings 4shows although hawkeye can be a pain in the derriere!!!!!

      2. I was delighted to find that on the True Entertainment Channel in the UK they are running repeats of MASH. It first came on tv in the UK when I was 15, and I used to love watching with my Dad. But I had forgotten just how very funny and witty it was. I really look forward to the weekday evening 7 o’clock shows. For me it has to be one of the funniest, if not the funniest programme ever.

      3. Mash was the best show on tv iwish there should be more shows contain more show of the diffrent milatoryshows that ate kids cpuld learn from and know just how are brave men and women go threw fighting for ate country god blessare people thankyou.

    4. I loved them all. but I was very fond of harry morgan. when he passed I cried.such a good actor,also I watch him dragnet.also major Margret houlihan radar and kilger

    5. It is amazing to watch MASH on “True”. It is wonderful to re-engage with the characters who gave us so much pleasure in the 70s when our boys were growing up. There has never been a show to equal MASH. The writing, direction, acting is second to none. I will watch it as long as I am alive; it is the only show on TV that both my husband and I can watch together, and laugh and laugh as we commiserate with the wonderful actors who bring such humanity and love to their parts. So sad that some of the actors passed away but unfortunately, inevitable. Long live MASH where their legacy is immortal and wil live forever. Thank you so much to all who were involved in this wonderful series.

    6. a long time ago me and my mother God Rest her soul would watch this Mash series some of the actors of mash have passed away God Rest their souls each and every one of them if the writers only knew how much that show is still popular today you guys are great

      1. November the 8th 2020 mass is still one of the best shows on there I can’t wait till turning my TV on at 7:00 hoping I don’t miss none of it I hope it can keep running because I enjoy watching it it’s one of the best so I think I’ve ever watched

    7. I as well miss the MASH show, but I watch daily on METV. Yes it’s not the same as seeing it every Monday night. MASH was and is my Favorite all time show. Hawkeye and Radar were my favorites.

  1. I have EVERY episode of MASH on DVD..That way I can always go back to visit my favorite hospital crew.

  2. i’d been a fan of the show since i was a kid,where can i watch all the episodes,they’re not available on hulu.com or crackle.com yet.

      1. In San Antonio, TX we can watch MASH on MI TV Monday through Friday and on Sunday. In Tehran, Iran about 40 years ago when I was teaching English with Language House International, my wife and I watched it on AFRTS TV and on the Iranian international channel. It is still a favorite in reruns.

    1. you might try swap meets and thrift stores i found a mash trivia game at a yard sale about 5 years ago for 2.00 dollars, good luck in your search, dan.

  3. i love to look up my favorite shows and see where they are now. i even loved the show mash.it was a great show and they need to come out with a reunion of the show. from a big fan of mash.

    1. Yes, I love M*A*S*H. See rerun episodes on Me Tv. 7 pm M-F

      There is a 30th reunion but nothing since.. Already character for col. Potter (Henry Morgan) has passed and Alan Arbus (Sidney Freedman) it would be wonderful to see those that are left to gather again. It’s over 40 years now.

  4. I have always enjoyed Mash and I still do.One of the episodes were a cast member winds up preforming surgery on another cast member for a compartment hemerage put me on the spot when a patient in a locoal hospitol in Dearborn Michigan suffered from the same illness.I also delt with a nurse that Lorretta Switt protrayed.I loved the show then and even more now.

  5. I’ve been watching mash since i can remember. I have all the seasons and a little merchandise, friends call me obsessed. I don’t care, i love the show, the cast, everything about it! The cast should be proud, there will never be a better show, even if they remade Mash it wouldn’t be the same without the original cast.

  6. The thing I loved about the show, was it showed that they could laugh while at war. It just showed that war was not the answer and they were there just too do a job. But also showing that they should not be there at all as peace was the obvious solution and not killing each other. Great show and I wish all take notice on what the message was.

  7. All good things come to an end (no matter what it is). M A S H It took the horror of war and turned it into a beautiful timed comedy segment
    of laughs and memoribilia (for those who remember the FORGOTTON WAR). For some of us the comedy was remembered as we may have
    fumbled through life. I praise the writers and actors for an unforgetable WELL DONE!!!

  8. I’ll never forget M*A*S*H. I still watch it all the time, on History Television. I still laugh just as hard. Amazing cast, wonderful messages. I remember watching as a little kid, with my dad, every week, and both of us getting misty, when Hawkeye flew over the big “goodbye” sign, that BJ left for him. As we realized it was the end of a very special show. Thankyou all, for such a great series.

  9. My favorite television program. It has generational appeal, as it is also a favorite of my adult son and my teenage grandson. It was the right blend of comedy and drama, and the cast was just inspired. I am glad to see that so many members of the cast are still with us and having successful careers “after MASH.”

  10. Iam 23 i got hooked to m.a.s.h when i was 14 that year i got deesher all got a mentell dessebillte and some more things it hellp me so much so much that i can manig i wouldet be here iam carrentlly on my 3 set of DVD’s of sirres thank evry one involved in m.a.s.h of what thay done and acheved u hellp me throw the tufthtime Thank you All so much

  11. Sad to learn Harry Morgan died last month. R.I.P

    I have loved this program since I was about 7

    I was 1 years old when the program ended and it is still on tv

    In my opinion it is the best show ever

    1. The only other show I liked as much as MASH was Northern Exposure. I wish they also had it in reruns as they do MASH.

  12. BEYOND A DOUBT, AN ABSOLUTELY PHENOMINAL SHOW WITH A superb cast.To be honest I wouldn’t
    have minded seeing Lorretta Switt Reprise Sally Kellermans shower scene from the movie version.I think Margarett Houlihan was hot weather played by Switt or by Kellermann

    1. I agree with you about Loretta. She was wonderful in the part. I’m replying to your comment at this late date to inform you that the prototype for Margaret Houlihan was my mother’s younger sister, Margaret Cudd, as an Army captain the head nurse in a Mash unit in Korea. She was later discovered to have breast cancer while she was the director of nurses’ training at Gaston Memorial Hospital in Gastonia, N.C. and after being let go likely because she would not let the head of the hospital have a key to the narcotics locker she continually traveled to Bethesda in MD for chemotherapy in its initial stages, which was extremely toxic then, but because the cancer had metasticized throughout her body she finally succumbed after about 15 years of that. While she was in Korea I as a high school kid drove her ’52 Pontiac Chieftan.

  13. As a completist who watches the whole 11 Season Run at least once a year, I’d sure love to have AfterMASH on DVD (along with bonus feature, the unsold W*A*L*T*E*R pilot).

  14. There are not enough superlatives to express how excellent MASH was as still is. What is tell tale about how well done the show is, is that its not dated….at all. It is as funny, as moving and as thought provoking now as it was when it began….perhaps even more so. For me M*A*S*H is tied for the best show ever with West Wing….. another show of hope with a positive spirit.

  15. No matter how young or old MASH will be a part of us all forever you can watch over and over again its been a pleasure to watch

    1. Greatness never dies,this is the tops as far as i am concerned,i am 63 from Leeds in England.and i had tears in my eyes,as each one of them left,this show will never be beaten.
      We can revisit at the touch of a button,even though they grow old,they stay the same.
      Thanks for a million laughs.

  16. I love this tv show. I watched it with my dad and now that I have kids, we watch it every night on tvland. This was one of the best shows on tv. R.I.P. McLean Stevenson, Larry Linville and Harry Morgan, you will never be forgotten.

  17. I watched every episode of M*A*S*H when it first come to T.V. and I watch it now in reruns, my youngest son has the complete series on D.V.D. and we have watched each disc had a M*A*S*H marathon, and will stop and watch every show when it’s on T.V. we were both sadden when “Colonel Potter” Harry Morgan passed and also when “Frank Burns” Larry Linville left us both were out standing actors I wish T.V would go back to this style of shows, my son and I both miss the show a lot, and all the smiles it brought

  18. Have watched MASH since it started, I never tire of it, in fact watching it now on Comedy Central, Even got the wife converted.(Its took years)
    Fab story lines, brilliant actors, never fails to make me laugh and brings an odd tear. Not much to compare it with these days. Sorry to hear Harry M passed away loved his little ditties as “Potter”

  19. I have watched MASH for the last 31 years. I have watched episodes over and over again and still find that it has been the best series ever produced.
    All characters were suited to the the roles they had to play. after comming on this site I have learnt that there was a series called after MASH which I am yet to see. I am really sorry to hear thosed characters who have passed away. This series will stay very close to all who Love MASH. Well done guys……….
    God Bless.

  20. Truly the finest TV show ever made. I still watch the reruns every night. I read the book, then saw the movie. When the TV show first aired, I wasn’t impressed since it was so different. Sure didn’t take me long to fall deeply in love with it!!

    Why don’t they make great TV shows anymore?

  21. The best show ever made these people were like therapy for me if I was having a bad day it is like having some good friends come over to cheer you up. The clever word play is hysterical. I am a M*A*S*H devotee.

  22. I’ve been waiting for some time to comment about MASH……………..I am 81 yrs. old, a widow of almost fifteen years, my hubby, an Air Force veteran died in less than five months with this terrible cancer problem, of which the world is a victim for years now and after having six kids, their great spouses, 13 grandkids, three who are married, a granddaughter who still serves in the military, and five great grandkids, thus don’t see them too much as most have moved across our wonderful USA, two of which have served in the military, one for 22 yrs and lives the furthest from our home here in a small town in Wisconsin. and TV these days are mostly reruns, or disgusting sex shows, violence, monsters, etc., so I watch the “old” wonderful shows of yesterday. I guess I didn’t realize how many of the shows there were, but they are my entertainment of the last few years especially, as although I still volunteer in a few things, the energy level and recent health problems slowed me down. Many compliments to all involved in the show, it is my entertainment almost every day, God Bless you, Everyone, you will never know how much it has meant to my life style, so I am happy to compliment those who keep going for a long time, whether repeats or not…………God Bless All of You, and God Bless America.’

    1. I just finished watching the last show….I can’t believe how long it has been….it brought tears to my eyes again. It was the best tv show EVER! Cheers to everyone that made it possible and good entertainment!

  23. I grew up on M*A*S*H ,my Dad said if it wasn’t for the crazy ones like Hawkeye ,Trapper ,& B.J. he said that you would “go crazy”. My 3 children also likewise when they stopped with free TV, one of my 6 brothers bought the series & they didn’t miss TV,even their friends got into it! Thanks to all involved with a great show .I wish I could find ” AFTERMASH” for all of us to enjoy too ! ! love ya’ll ,Mary

  24. I especially enjoyed the episode when Hawkeye noticed that Margarette was using a hands free method of scratching her gluteus maximus due to a bad case of prickly heat, or as Colonel Potter said, rump rot complicated by the fact that the hospital was out of shake campho phenique which meant that the fire on the old back porch continued to burn. Moreover, that all of Margarette’s personal information was announced over the PA. Thank you very much for all of the many belly laughs, tis a shame that all good things must come to an end, nevertheless, I pray that the good clean humor of MASH will live forever.

    Blessings From Above,


  25. I have been enjoying mash all it’s life,the tears,the lafter all all else It could throw at me. still watching and still laughing. currently still tv. have also full. set on dvd. keeping the memory alive.Ronnie… Australia..

  26. M.A.S.H. is one of those shows where once its gone you know there will ever be another like it and that makes you happy and sad at the same time

  27. I enjoy watching mash in sindication on TV Land.I grew up watching MASH as a child and even now. I have even had a run in with a blond nurse like what was protrayed by Loretta Swit. I must say it is funny as
    all hell to watch MASH and now have a better understanding of it. I enjoyed every one of the episodes that the late Harry Morgan was on. Rest in Peace Col.

  28. My wife Gerda and I just watched a MASH updated reunion special (we have viewed them before)! We have always greatly enjoyed the series, actors, and integrity of the directors, producers, and staff that brought it all together! In 1974 I entered the US Army Medical Service Corps after a break in service to earn a degree! The first unit I served in was a medical field unit not unlike the old MASH units! Different setting, different humor, the seriousness that is due all team members and especially patients! I served 30 years on Active Duty! It was an honor! I now am semi-retired, still surf (longboard) California waves, do volunteer service (Gerda & I), and teach as an adjunct professor online with a USA medical school! A realistic TV show of that quality can have a very positive impact on a young guy who is a thinking person and who wants to make a difference! MASH had that impact on me as a young man growing up in S. CA!

  29. As all the other people have written, I too enjoyed Mash so much. and tried never to miss an episode. Each one of the actors was so authentic in their roles it was hard to believe, this was not a real Medical Unit. They do not make shows like that these days, and TV has really turned into a nonsence box, Unless you have cable all that is available, is sex, and the hint of sex, in all presentations. I was sad to hear of the passing of three of the beloved
    actors, they will remain ever in the heart of me and other loyal watchers. I have not seen Radar’s favorite soda, since I left New York for California, 37 years ago. Nehi, was very popular back East, (as was Celery Tonic.) Anything Alan Alda, is in I rejoice in watching. I am remembering, with a smile, “Same Time Next Year.”) My thanks go out to the entire cast, and those who are no longer with us, for keeping so many of us wonderfully entertained through the years….God bless.

  30. Just watched the last episode of MASH… Where do the years go? One thing for sure, MASH will be around for many generations to enjoy. That’s what is so amazing…. A classic…It will keep on showing, for 100 years+.

  31. I grew up watching MASH. I remember watching the showing while eating dinner every night. The funny part is the reruns have caught my children’s attention and they are watching it too! My daughter is 17 and son is 11. This was when TV was worth watching. I don’t watch much anymore because the quality and meaning aren’t there anymore. I still cry on sad episodes and laugh even though I have seen every episode more than once. They made a good quality show that will continue on through several generations! How can you beat that! Thank you to every one who created and the cast of making a show last forever!

  32. My favorite after Mash performance was David Ogden Stiers in Doc Hollywood as Mayor Nick Nicholson of Grady, AL. He was a hoot.

  33. If you live in little ol’ Waldport Oregon, you can see David Ogden Stiers at the grocery store, post office, video store. He drives an electric Tesla sports car. I have seen him at least a dozen or more times.

  34. I love MASH. Normal kids my age don’t watch MASH but i love it. I wonder if they will have a reunion this year. That would be super cool.

  35. If Larry Linville didn’t do an outstanding job of playing Frank Burns, the show wouldn’t have been as big of a success. Great acting by everyone, but Mr. Linville steals the show in the early years.

  36. I first watched MASH when I lived in Iran for 3 years, teaching English as a foreign language in an Iranian army base in the south of Tehran. I think it helped to maintain my sanity in that crazy place. My wife and I watched it on AFRTS and on the Iranian international channel. … My wife and I still enjoy watching reruns on MeTV in San Antonio. I never tire of watching reruns.

  37. I am not a viewer of soaps, but was visiting at a nursing home where someone had “Days Of Our Lives” on and I noticed what appeared to be a cameo of Larry Christopher as a priest.
    Is he a regular on that show, or ???
    I am a devoted viewer of Mash, having served in the Army at the tail end of the Korean Conflict.

  38. I’ll make this short so i dont get emotional. I watch MASH all the time. Great clean show. My dad was there in the war. He was a medic he liked watching the show but now he is blind. He told me about picking up the wounded and bringing them for help. And sometimes bringing the dead back for the families to have someone to burry. HARD LIFE. When he got back to the states he got a job as a grave digger.
    I got a lot of respect for my dad & all the vets of the forgotten war.
    To all god bless, & if that offends you go to china or North Korea

  39. I just watched one of my favorite episodes on TV Land- The Abduction of Margaret Houlihan- from 1976. This featured my all time favorite bit characters in any TV show- Col. Flag. He was the greatest. M*A*S*H was an incredible series, but I do have to say I lost interest when some of the characters got involved in the writing. The show became rather “preachy” and lost it’s edge, especially after the departure of Major Frank Burns- the guy everyone loved to hate. The first 6 or 7 years of the series are absolutely the best.

  40. i belive there was a dog in the show called meat ball..he is supposed to look like my friend mark..cant find any reference..what kind of dog was he..pics ?..please help..great show..jj

  41. I watch mash on tv land every night and I love the show I don’t know of this dog but I am for the first time watching the series in order which is a lot of fun

  42. I dearly love MASH. I watch the reruns every day like clockwork. I also own a small MASH collection; toys, action figures..things like that. People think I’m kinda nutty but I have yet to see another TV show that is as good as MASH, except for the Andy Griffith show, which I also love. There will never be shows like this on TV again, as far as I am concerned. As you watch the show you sense the camaradarie between the cast members…this is what made the show so wonderful. I will be terribly sad if the reruns are ever taken off of TV. As a nurse, I can relate to the character of Margaret Houlihan. She is tough when she has to be; she is always on top of her game at work and she takes pride in the work she does. Long live MASH!

  43. I watched MASH with my late mom and dad when it originally aired. Oh, did they laugh and laugh; and I did too.

    My mom loved the theme song, although she said it was sad. I bought the record for her one Christmas and she loved it.

    This site and the re-runs really bring back memories that make me both happy and sad. I don’t know why.

    ~Lt. Dan

  44. i’m from romania , and i can say only: MASH is the best show ever. I think it has the most recognizable musical score. This show showed all aspects of human emotions, from comedy to drama to the death of a beloved character (Henry Blake). I don’t think there is or was another TV show that can replicate these emotions

    i love mash….all the people act in the mash…..and at that time mash come’s to finish…me and my family r cryng…yes….beakause all my family love MASH 4007

    R.I.P for Colonel Blake , Colonel Potter , Frank….. rest in peace , never forget you guy’s :((

    Special Respect for Alan Alda (Hawkeye) , Wayne Rogers (Trapper) , Mike Farrell (B.J.) … and the little RADAR Gary Burghoff

    sorry but here is what i really want to say with google translate help:

    I would like to say that I regret enormously that killed some of the best I have watched mash 4007, from the first to the last episode, I might add that I cried with the whole family at the end of those episodes, all I can I regret to say is that he had finally best players, who are in love and you will not forget until the day I die, will respect you all and love God’s rest on those who no longer with us

  45. I love this show, they have I LOVE LUCY AND GOLDEN GIRLS, but it would be great to have this on tv, even if is
    at late night showing. A lot of the people are retired, who enjoyed a laugh and could feel good about television.
    Instead of stupid shows like Jersey Girls,Honey Boo Boo who just want to show how low-life they are.

  46. Before going to Nam I thought MASH was a mockery of the military. After getting homee I accidently caught MASH on TV and changed my opinion drastically. Even in a war zone we kept our sense of humor, just like in MASH.
    God bless all the characters (actors).Thank you. I Watch the reruns EVERY day they are on.
    H. Statzer

  47. Just finished watching my 3rd MASH marathon since last July. My daughter bought me the full MASH series for my birthday a few years ago and it is far and away better than any thing on tv for the last 20 years. Thank you to all the actors who made the characters come to life.

  48. i enjoy the reruns now more than i did when it was popular.it breaks my heart to hear that morgan and linville are gone

  49. As I writing this MASH is playing on the TV. With all the violence going on in this world I use MASH as my escape from reality when I’m not ridding my Harley. I loved this show and will follow it in reruns for as long as I live. Funny show and fantastic stories lines, radar just told Henry that the paper he signed was top secret, give up ? Love and Marriage

  50. M*A*S*H is and will be one of my all time favorite shows on TV. I still watch all the re-runs and enjoy each one as if it were the first time I ever watched it! We don’t have TV shows like that anymore.

  51. RIP Allan Arbus. Sidney Freedman was a great character because of you. As my family gets older we appreciate your advice more and more: “Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice.”

    Great show, we make a pilgrimage to the M*A*S*H site in Malibu Creek State Park almost every July. Thanks for all the great memories and we hope the reruns stay in syndication as well. It’s always a great pick me up after a rough day in the ROK or the USA ;-).

  52. To whom it may concern
    Hello, I do have an autograph signed by Radar himself he was tour when they had the slot machine of the tv show. IT would be nice if I could get it sold so, if you are a really DIE DIE DIE HARD Radar fan and if you are interest in it please contact me at this address. Thank you very much Miss Dana Glass

  53. I am a M*A*S*H aholic!!! I watch it everyday I can My wife can recite lines that are coming up in any episode before the scene happens. We have the DVD set and I still watch it from the History channel. In fact am going to watch 2 right now. Dear Sigmund, and Mulcahy’s War. Newt Out!

  54. I love M*A*S*H just like you guys do but I wood like for there too be a remake I mean some of the actor are getting up there in age if there was a remake we could see them make gest aperients you know what I mean

  55. I am a grown man and im no girly type either.i work in construction and am hard as nails.i don’t cry for anything or anybody except? ive watched mash when I was a kid and I still watch it now whenever its on.Well I have cried a couple of times over tv shows,maybe three times and two of those have been when I watched to final going home episode.I just finshed watching it and I can barely talk so im typing.Just chokes me up everytime.Maybe it reminds me of my youth but I think its because I loved every character dearly.

  56. They played the final show again the other day and still got tears in my eyes when the whole crowd had to say their farewells. I really don’t think anyone can watch the episode when Henry dies and Radar tells the operating crew and not get choked up.
    A credit to all characters , production staff and extra who made a truly remarkable TV show.

  57. One of my history professors at Auburn University would end class early during summer semester so he and any of us that wanted to could convene at his house to watch the 2pm rerun of MASH. We did this every day during that summer session. I got an “A” and a lifetime of memories. Well done 4077th and Prof. Sanders.

  58. Just never be a show like it again ! Try and watch all repeats when we can….how I wish those actors (all) were still give is laughs now….

  59. Grew up with M*A*S*H… dad controlled the TV and it was either watch it or go without, I was 6 at the time. But I grew to love the show and then spent the next 11 watching it. I now have the complete DVD set with the 30th reuinion show and the movie.

    We tried aftermash, but it just didn’t have the same “feel” to it and it didn’t last anyway.

    Always sorry and sad to hear of the death of one of the cast, but life marches on.

    And yes I tear up watching the finale. Probably influenced my decision to join the army.

    1. David you joined the army? why? MASH is about the futility of war, of war mongering politicians and media who lie and send young men and women to die and to kill without question!! War is an investment disguised as a humanitarian act. Propaganda makes you hate others and to kill them.
      Haweye said, ‘yes we the round eyed are bringing democracy to these slant eyed, and also flatulance and heart disease…..etc.
      I just hope you did not use Maj. Frank as your role model. Take care son.

  60. I love M*A*S*H and have watched every episode many times, I always laugh and cry.
    Alan Alda was so clever, I adored all the actors and their characters.

  61. This show has meant more to me as the years have passed. My father, who adopted me, retired as a Lt. Col. in the Army and fought in WWII. He had fond and heart-felt memories from that time. As a child I grew up with a stiff older man who reminisced of younger days. This show helped him and myself to bridge the generation gap! I appreciate the actors, writers, directors and all who were involved in the making of this show. Re-runs or not, it is timeless for myself and now my children!

  62. Mash a show without equal. Look at the long list of great and positive comments about the show. Each and every character was unique and they all came together to produce a series that is timeless. It has brought much joy to millions and will continue to do so for generations to come.

  63. I was married during the Korean conflict, so it was a very important time in my life. I had been left with five children & no husband so when M.A.S.H. was made I worked day & night & had never seen either the movie or the TV show. Being able to see the show in sequence now is wonderful. Bless everyone connected with that effort. There is nothing that comes close to this show in every way possible. Thank everyone who is keeping this wonder on the air after all these years.

  64. i love M*A*S*H*. when i was a baby me and my dad use to watch it all the time. he sit in his chair and would hold me in his arms.

  65. i remember watching this show when i was little . as kids we didnt like the show at first but as we got older . we enjoyed it . i love watching the reruns . it brings back so many memories . it brought tears to my eyes when i watched the last episode . it was very sad to see the show end

  66. Mash will live on in perpetuity as an important part of Americana. I never tire of seeing any of the episodes and they are all pure genius.. and funny…and sometimes sad…but always perfection. If anyone out there would like to see all the 11 seasons please check with your local library.. you should be able to borrow a season at a time (about 4 discs per season). Enjoy! There will be will few shows of Mash’s magnitude in our lifetime. Kudos to all who wrote, produced, acted and in any way contributed to favor us with this magnificent series.

  67. M*A*S*H is greatest. I always wondered why the names of the episodes were not given when they were shown. I honestly never knew they had names until several years later. Does any know why the names were not given?

  68. MASH always has been one of my fave shows. Actually, it’s my fave ever. Only one thing about this article….”Linville was present at the closing of the 43rd Mobile Army Surgical Hospital — the inspiration for M*A*S*H‘s 4077th ”
    Dr. H. Richard Hornberger (Richard Hooker), one of the authors of the books MASH based the book on his time as an Army doctor at the 8055th MASH not the 43rd.

    Other then that, it’s pretty cool and a bit sad, to see what happened to the cast.

  69. Simply stated Mash is a classic in every sense of the word. People will be watching this series long after we are all gone and enjoy it as much as we all did. It is truly a timeless work of art and creativity. Thank-you to all involved, actors, writers, directors, producers etc..

  70. I am 21 now, and used to watch M*A*S*H as a kid all the time. During high school I would stay up on Fox, waiting for midnight to come, as they would play 2 glorious episodes of this masterpiece of a show. And a year and a half ago someone bought me the entire series on DVD… This is what I do recreationally at college (well this and video games). MASH will never get old. There are so many moments that make you laugh, tear up, and want to fight for what’s right.

    I’ve always wanted to meet Alan Alda or any of them…
    Thanks MASH and the cast–you were truly amazing.

  71. M*A*S*H has been a favorite of mine for years , there’s no other series like it….a writing and acting masterpiece.

  72. So glad this is being repeated on television. Even though I have the DVD set I still watch it every night and still laugh!!

  73. M*A*S*H. Has brought me many laughs it rases my spirit I what it every time it comes on I’ve seen every episode 1,000,000 times and I will wach them all 1,000,000 more time

  74. My wife and I watch the series every night on Brit TV, and are always touched by the kindness and sensitivity of every program. It is one of America’s finest hours of television. We are of ‘that age’ where we can remember it when it first came out, and feel warmed again by the quality of it all. Thanks to all the cast, again and again.

  75. I watched the show with my mum when it first started then with my two boys and now with my teenage grandson. I still love it. The best show ever.

  76. I use to watch MASH when it was first on when I was younger and loved it then; I even got myself t shirts with the logo on in the 70’s. I have now got the box set and I have watched it all 4 times since getting it in 2011 love the show really can beat MASH especially Radar considering the show lasted 3 times longer than the war did.

  77. In this day and age you cherish the things that make you smile! That is why I watch it with my 10 year old daughter, and hopefully someday with my grandchildren. Thank you to all involved!!!

  78. I still watch reruns of M*A*S*H on ME TV ( Memorable Entertainment TV, channel 64.2 on digital TV). Today’s episode was Radar’s farewell and I wept. M*A*S*H is my favorite show out of all of them, and even with today’s 21st century TV shows, M*A*S*H is still my #1 favorite. Thanks to all these wonderful actors/actresses, producers, etc, living and gone…. You’re the best!

  79. I still watch the repeats, and still find it fresh and alive as when it was first aired. Will never grow tired of watching it.Best series ever.

  80. As a Korean war vet, I really loved the show, except the constant complaining about the food. They should have tried to eat what ever you could find, if anything, in a foxhole. My sons grew up watching MASH. Lying on the living room floor and doing home work. I echo other comments. Beyond a doubt, the best ever.

  81. Don’t forget the crusty. Auto mechanic “Rizzo” He ended up on The Closer as one of the detectives under the Acting Chief Brenda Johnson. (Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacons real life wife
    Hansdome with all his white hair

  82. I watched the show when I was a kid. I bought it when it came out on DVD. I have every episode and every special too. I just bought every episode of After Mash and Walter. I know that there was only one show of Walter but I wanted it to complete my Mash. I love this show so much. It has touched my life in so many ways. I also love watching it when I am depressed, sad, or life has me down. It is great for a pick me up. It touch so many issues in life just not in TV land but in real life. I love the show and I miss the actors that has pasted away.

  83. M.A.S.H in India came in 1992. I was so hooked onto it that i would bunk my classes to watch it and no matter where i would be during the day, i would manage to reach home before time to watch every episode. Now, comedy central been showing the same and i ensure i watch it come what may. Hawk’s character is certainly an inspiration but i personally enjoyed frank,henry and charles’s performances. Klinger too is so much fun and i loved the cameo of colonnel Flag.

  84. I never caught M*A*S*H as a kid, when it came out, but I am so glad it is being repeated.What class acting and writing, together with sharp wit, constant one-liners and brilliant characters. A fantastic creation that really hits the mark and is delivered skillfully and bang on time. Full respects to all who made it happen.

  85. mash was sanctimonious american comedy at its best. a close second to the cosby show. we need more morality for the mindless!

  86. I grew up watching these fabulous shows and now I am growing old with them I still enjoy every one of the shows and they still make me cry smile and laugh and are still one of the most enjoyable shows on TV

  87. I was a teenager when the show first came on air, used to travel to my late sisters home to watch it over a curry and beer, we laughed, cried and would not have missed a show . The humour was very special, life was up there for all to see and I guess it steered me in my own life and how to deal with different situations.
    The show is currently being re-run and yes you’ve guessed right Im back in front of the TV loving every minute of it.
    A big thanks to all the cast for making this life a whole lot of fun, just wish I could have met you guys & girls.

  88. Thanks for all the information, on what happened to them all. We are watching the programme at the moment, and it strangely gives such joy. I laugh and cry in equal measures. It was truly a great show and they all made it so. Do they get to see these comments, I wonder.

  89. I am only 11 but I still know mash season 3, 4, and 5 by heart and my children will also watch these seasons.

  90. A truly memorable show which transcends age and nationality
    I never tire of watching and each episode is funny and thought provoking in equal measure
    Thanks to everyone who made special programme

  91. Don’t miss this chance to own personal items from Loretta Swit’s wardrobe.
    Helping her sell these as a friend. Pass along to anyone interested.

    Click on my name to be taken to eBay and see the auctions happening now.

    Thank You,

  92. Mash is such a classic, great to see the reruns on True Entertainment every evening while having dinner. The humour has stood the test of time, still so funny and I like the way the characters bounce off one another. The essence of a quality show. Simply Wonderful.

  93. I love watching mash radar is my favorite but they all make me laugh. klinger is a cross dresser to try and get a sec 8 and the nurses never get any rest but very funny show i like father malcahey what ever happened to him i think gary burgoff was on Hollywood squares. watch the show on me tv thank for allgreat show

  94. best tv show ever..i laughed i cried and the same thing happens now with the reruns….which i watch 2/day..bob lavinski

  95. This is April, 2014. What a classic. We watch it for an hour each night,,, still enjoy even the re-runs. I wonder if the actors ever thought that their work would live on and be so popular, even after some of the soles passed on?

    Better be proud of what you do, it could be around forever.


  96. I am glad that I am not alone here. Either you like MASH 4077 or you don’t. I am so crazy about the re runs on True Entertainment UK that I have even bought a box set just incase I miss an episode. I have tried to get my friends interested in it, but I guess they do not appreciate the values this program brings.
    As a boy I watched the original shows, bought a Mash T shirt and even visited the site in California.
    ‘I am a peace monger’ (Hawkeye).

  97. On 14th February this year, for his birthday, I bought my son the complete set of DVD’s of every MASH show from start to finish. It was the very, very best present he has ever had! Every day we watch many of the shows, over and over. It doesn’t matter how many times you see them, every time you always get the best belly laughs. What a fabulous way to start a day!


  98. 40 – 30 years ago…..MASH was one of the best programmes on television. Today, it is one of the [very few] best programmes on television. So wonderful to see it all again, without having to wait a week for the next episode.

  99. Watched and cried through the whole of last night’s offering showing the end of the War. Enjoy a good cry and can’t wait for the whole series to come on again. Might even buy the box set of all the series. Wonderful.

  100. I remember watching it way back when and watch it now jus about everyday on ME TV. It is a true classic!

  101. I watched all the M*A*S*H programs and still continue to watched today and still enjoy them.

    From New Zealand 30/05/2014 08:18a.m.

  102. pure TV gold it was shown in the UK without a laughter track and it was all the better for it it was more like a comedy drama with real laugh out loud moments and truly tear inducing segments. when the US produce quality TV no one in the world can even come close, sublime and distilled comedy at it’s best

  103. I agree with every thing i have read here,mash is the best comedy show that i have ever watched,the comedy is still on a par with any comedy show of today,
    other comedy shows from that era just do not carry the the comedy in later years Mash does that and more.

  104. In the introductory scene an animal runs off on the top left hand corner. Please to settle an argument – is that a dog or a pig?

  105. When Trapper, Frank Burns, and Major Blake left, the show took on a wussified, Politically Correct slant. It was a sad turn of what was an otherwise brilliant show.

  106. Well, what further positives can one add after reading the above unanimous comments of generations of M*A*S*H viewers. The humour never ages, the actors never fail to convincingly portray their roles. I watch reruns from 6:15 til 7:15 nightly (Whoever slotted that time slot on channel 1 in Australia is also obviously a comedian) but I find that by watching M*A*S*H and missing the daily half hour news slots, a pleasure. Thank you all who served in front and behind the camera of the series, God bless all of those who have passed on, for when we still watch, you remain the same young faces, as ours grow old. Words truly cannot describe the joy and though it has been over 40 years since I first watched the series, my laughter still remains a tearful bellyache of genuine appreciation of great humour and superb acting. Jon PS… (and phew! Where can I get Hotlips phone number, she’s still HOT

  107. Missed it first time round on UK TV but now enjoying reruns on Freeview 61 True Entertainment. Only drawback is the canned background laughter. I also picked up some DVDs in a charity shop and a book with details of every episode! A calssic and also recorded the 20 and 30th TV reunion shows which were very emotional.

  108. I’ve liked MASH since he first came out of the television series. I own the entire MASH series. I pull the DVDs out every now and then just to watch, what I would say, 100 times. I could not imagine anyone not liking MASH.

    MASH fan
    Avelino R. Mayoral

  109. One of the most memorable television moments that has stuck in my memory was when Hawkeye lost his mind over a suffocated baby. I can’t watch it without bursting into tears.
    I also can’t forbear to bursting into laughter over what for me was the most funniest moment easy to miss:
    Frank Burns is in the shower, Hawkeye says ‘Keep still Frank’, then swats him with a towel. Franks says ‘Did you get it?’
    Whereas Hawkeye replies ‘Get what?’

  110. Mash is back kjpw chanel 2 on the direct t.v. It is great to watch my mother and I use to watch it all the time. She is no longer with me but I think of her now that I am watching Mash. god bless those actor that are still with us and also those who have passed.

  111. What a wonderful show. I still love it after all these years. Watching MASH is sort of like hanging out with old buddies. Gives me warm fuzzies.

  112. I remember growing with mash every week we could not wait to see the next show Of course I was just a teen now I am 53 and I still miss the show . Always and forever mash

  113. Best show ever! I watch it Monday thru Friday from 7 to 8! The only show I can watch over and over and never become tired of it.

  114. Watched M.A.S.H when it first aired and still watching it … In fact it’s on in about half an hour … Two shows, 6 days a week … Gotta love that!

  115. MASH is timeless, it is still funny this many years after the fact, and never gets old. Reading comments here others think so too, it has then the hallmarks of a true classic. Good to see that MEtv has it, 2 shows six days a week.

  116. Have just finished watching series 6 and loved every minute. The main 8 characters have become family now 🙂
    It’s such a pleasure to watch
    … fun and human and real

    Thank you to all. involved

  117. In the beginning MASH was pretty funny back in my stoner days but after watching reruns lately it was obviously biased leftwing propaganda crap.

  118. The best show ever made, I still watch it today, it still means something in this World full of unnecessary wars , is poignant, funny and touching all at once. I grew up watching it, it helped me develop an anti authoritarian attitude, and 30 plus years later I still have it and am still in love with this program and all its characters. Bless them all for this gift of a show.

  119. I also have the entire series on a media drive and watch an episode once or twice a day. This show epitomizes humanity.. Or rather a humanity that we all wish could occur sans the aspect of war. I grew up on the show since I was very young. I am well into my forties now. This show reminds me about kindness and how to show it even while living in a brutal world. Much love to all fellow mash lovers and I hope to so someday run into one of living members of mash so I can shake their hand. Peace. PS. My wife and I hiked to the original filing site in the Malibu hills here in California. A must do trek for all lovers of mash. They still have remnants of the site left that is being taken care of by fellow mash buffs replete with the chooper pad and many other wonderful chestnuts.

  120. WHEN IT CAME TO M.A.S.H. TIME. The t.v. was the only sound I wanted to hear. Then their were times I would say what is going to happen or even their lines and my WIFE would say; ( why do you bother watching this if you know what’s going to happen. ) I said why do YOU watch ELVIS PRESLY if you know what’s going to happen? But I was in my 40’s when M.A.S.H. went off the air and to amitie I did CRY. MISS YOU MASH. But I still watch my reruns or watch them on my C.D.’s

  121. I was born almost four years after mash went off but I watched the reruns and its my favorite sitcom my favorite character is Hawkeye followed by radar it is one show I think will live on forever. The best scenes were radar reading the telegram about henry’s death and the final episode when Hawkeye goes up in the chopper and see’s bjs note saying goodbye on the hill overlooking the camp. I cried when Henry died when radar went home and the final episode when everybody goes home. I wish thye would make a movie where they all meet in the states

  122. I missed out on the Mash series when I was in the country area of Australia . We are getting the replays from 6.30 to 7.30 every night ,I cant miss them . hope you are well . Cheers Robin .

  123. I love the show I laugh so much it makes me cry with laughter I am my seventies and my wife thinks I am mad I have been watching it for years.its
    the best show on tv thanks for a lot of laughter

  124. i would love to see a time when the remaining cast members might gather and share some memories of the show. i can’t think of anything on the air today that compares with MASH. i admire each and every cast member for what they’ve given us.

  125. i have watched m*a*s*h for as long as i can remember, and recently bought the complete box set, i don;t think there will ever be another show like it, the satire and the writing can never be copied, the choice of actors was fantastic, they all fitted there rolls perfectly, to this day i still watch m*a*s*h every day,
    to all of the actors alive and dead, cheers

      1. Lend a Hand (1980) … Dr. Anthony Borelli
        – The Consultant (1975) … Dr. Anthony Borelli

  126. Does anyone know the name Larry Dilbert. He was my library teacher and quit teaching to be a writer for Mash Or so he said at the time.

  127. I’ve watched M*A*S*H for almost 40 years and I’m quote the dialog as its on now. I would say that for the first 39 years I always looked forward to watching, now I say with a heavy heart that are getting old and boring. I still dvr 2 episodes daily on ME TV
    MASH movie didn’t care for that much the tv series was much

  128. I still love M*A*S*H, re-run on Tru Entertainment at present, seeing it again ,it reminds me of the 70’s,and my nursing days, I never tire of watching it, even when it is repeated, its sad, funny, and so human. 25.2.15.Irene.

  129. My son and I watch everyday I grew up watching masg it was one of my favorite TV shows. When I found the
    Show on DVD I was so exited I went home and started watching them immediately . My son was only 11 when I found them on DVD butt he fell in love with the show. Now he is 16 and him and his friends can’t get enough mash, they watch it erery day . sometimes that is all we watch for two or three days in a row. Thank you for the memories and the great times with my son.

    1. yea, McLean Stevenson made a BIIIIG mistake by leaving that. I remember seeing Harvey Korman (who also made a big mistake by leaving a hit show-in his case “THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW”) and he said “….whenever I feel sad I call McLean Stevenson and we talk about our careers and…have a good cry.” (he said that last part laughingly)

  130. I watched it faithfully when it came on TV in 1972 and still watch at least 2 episodes everyday. my day is not complete unless I have my Mash fix.that is 43 years of Mash.Love them all…

  131. This show has never been off television,, it is just so good.even though we could almost resite the script, we still keep watching it

  132. My late husband and myself used to watch M.A.S.H. the first time around,my husband wouldn’t miss an episode, now in my eighties I am watching them again, and I enjoy them as much as ever, and I too will not miss an episode,they are bringing back so many memories for me, and they still make me laugh.

  133. I just wanted to say i have enjoyed M.A.S.H since i was a child. I laughed, cried, and rejoiced over the years. I wanted to say thank you to all ……and God bless.

  134. One of the best written shows ever with a wonderful ensemble cast. I still watch reruns on History channel.

  135. I am only 16, but when my dad introduced me to this show years ago, I was hooked. This show is better than any lame thing that they call entertainment nowadays. I laugh and cry watching this show with my family, and I would give anything to have been alive when the show was still coming out with new episodes. MASH will forever be the greatest show in the history of TV.

    1. But you ARE Alive. That is the True Legacy of the show. That is why it is timeless, they knew that this was never done before nor will ever again.You are a young man. Search every scrap, every iinterview, article. So much is looked over & forgotten, this show ended before the internet was a household option. It’s there. Enjoy the hunt, young man.

      1. Oops. I meant ‘Young One’, Gabby. I’m juggling life, 52 with conjestive heart failure, learning to keep plodding on and trying to multitask, cooking, cleaning, Even in the Final Chapter of my Life, I still draw strength from this amazing show. This show raised a Nation (at least the good kids) hahahaha

  136. Mash Is my favorite show ever. I was pleased to collect all seasons on dvd, and will probably do the same on bluray when available. I was young during its glory years and, I feel like I grew up with the show. I remember very well my parents letting me stay up til 11 to watch “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen. I felt as if I were losing a friend when it went off. My favorite character became Charles over the years. I feel that they did a great job developing his character, and showed his more caring, giving side apart from his pompous exterior. I certainly hope no one ever tries to remake this show. You can’t improve perfection.

  137. Charles was also my favorite character, and I loved episodes when he got to show his better side, especially “Morale Victory” from S8.
    It’s neat that Mr. Linville & Mr. Stiers were together at the closing of the last MASH unit, as it meant that each of the replacement surgeons had a chance to meet his predecessor, as Wayne Rogers & Mike Farrell were both at the 30th Reunion Special, and McLean Stevenson & Harry Morgan appeared together in the S3 episode “The General Flipped at Dawn”, and they both had starring roles in the 1978 Disney movie, “The Cat from Outer Space”.

  138. Watched it from the start. Have seen many TV re-runs. Now seeing it on TrueEntertainment again. In UK. Never tire of it, will never tire of the theme tune. David Ogden Stiers in the series is simply the best.

    1. I’m also a huge fan of David Ogden Stiers. His role of Charles Emerson Wincester III added a touch of class to the programme.

    2. Ive never tired of it either. This show is in my heart so much I have bought the martinis DVD kit every one of the shows the reunion, the fan I do believe that my favorite character of all time is Walter radar oReilly. He is what I believe the most genuine character and greatest actor on the show.

  139. all i can say is the cast of mash is the best.no tv show will replace it i watch it over and over i still love it well done to all who appeared in it well done.

    1. How I still miss not having new episodes to enchant me with the truth of war. Loved al the cast. So we’ll done!!! My son gifted me with the series. Priceless! Sue miles

  140. I haven’t ever loved a TV show as I do MA*S*H. Right now, the local stations which carry it are back in the very first episodes 1972 and 1973. There hasn’t been any other show that has the writing and acting as this one had and I never get tired of it.

  141. Exceptional show. So clever. Better now than when I first watched it as a kid decades ago, reflecting just how our appreciation must grow with the passage of time as we read new nuances in it.
    Sad to hear of some passings.
    D 🙂

    1. Totally agree w/you. Everytime I hear of another passing, it’d like a piece of me has been taken away.

  142. It’s really hard to think of only one comment when it comes to the impact that this crew made on my life. I grew up with these wonderful people and think of them as a very intricate part of my life. I loved the political justice and the closeness of the characters. It led me to the military but also led me to my husband who is very astute to political issues. It’s funny what kind of impact a show can do but back in the day, television did make an impact and I thank you and the writers and producers of the show for entertaining us with an influential twist. Love you guys and thank you.

  143. We have the first three seasons on DVD. Watch them all every 6 – 8 months or so. In my opinion, the most entertaining comedy series ever produced.

    1. I totally agree. I LOVE M.A.S.H. My favorites are in the beginning with Trapper John and McLean Stevenson. Loved both those guys. I was so sad when Col. Blake was killed. That was just of the episodes that made the show real.

  144. I recently had surgery and during my recovery time, I discovered MASH was on Netflix, NO commercials. What a great way to spend the evenings, reliving the memories. Nothing on TV compares to the quality of MASH. Nothing ever will.


  146. I love MASH, it is one of the best written series, ever. I watched it with my dad, I’ve watched reruns with my children, MASH is like an old friend…..I watch it every night.

  147. I was in the Korean War during the time frame that MASH depicted..Being close to 83 years of age I still watch MASH on Net Flex.It is painful to know that so many have died,but so many great taughs make up for the pain.

  148. Quite simply the best television ever created. Nothing else before or since is as good. This is the best of the best.

  149. I’ve probably seen every MASH episode ten times over and I never get tired of it. Every character is like a family member and I enjoy every rerun episode as if I’d never seen it before. I have no favorite characters, every single one of them is as good as the next, and they all remain individuals. MASH portrays every aspect of the human condition between tragedy and humor, and it never fails to entertain. Keep those reruns happening!

  150. I love this show it is a shame some have passed but still loving watching it on television if you can give me any update that would be good

    yours truly

  151. MASH is such a wonderful show that brings me back many years when I would hear the music at the beginning and at the end of the show. I loved the humor along with the raw emotion that each cast member faced. I could watch this show forever and never tire of it. It definitely portrayed the ravages of war and yet the reward of living in a very different era. God bless those that have passed and I would love to see that reunion show. Thank you so much for the re-runs that are so precious.


    BJ Becker

  152. Last night, I (re) watched the final 2 hour episodes of MASH on METV. I hadn’t seen them since their initial run in 1983. I have always been a huge fan of MASH, due in part, to the fact I had served in Korea on the DMZ in the US Army (1973-74) and had experienced so many of the same sorts of situations and characters that the show portrayed. I will always love that show, and could watch reruns forever. It is ,indeed, an icon of the television industry, and everyone who ever played a part in it will be forever enshrined in our nation’s fabric. Thank you, METV for rolling back the years for me, once again!

  153. The thing I appreciate most about this show, and have since it originally aired, is that it assumed the intelligence of the viewer. Satire, double entendre, innuendo, all were delivered with healthy doses of humor and drama. We relate to them even today because they are all, like the rest of us, damaged in some way. Their back stories are created in the form of home movies (16 MM remember?), phone calls, (one sided which fills in both sides), letters from home which they read out loud, and letters home narrated by the writer.Then there was the first party viewer, as seen by the wounded, and in one case the dead, and the TV interviewer, done in genuine black and white. We were stunned when Radar informed us of the death of Henry Blake (he’d just had a son), and were joyful and hopeful when Radar met the girl from the mid west who only lived 100 miles from Ottumwa. And when he finally when home we couldn’t be happier and sadder at the same time.

    As many commenters have said with so much feeling there’s been nothing that comes close in decades and there’s a good chance there never will be. It was all the right elements coming together at exactly the right time. to create an icon that will stand the test of time.

    Thanks forever to the entire ensemble. A fan since the first episode, a fan for life.

  154. I am in the process of watching all the shows, over 200 of them…then I can watch them again having netflix. That was the best series ever on TV, thats why it lasted so long. It was human, and never for a moment did it play down the fact that a war was going on and people were being killed. I loved all the characters but had a real soft spot in my heart for Sidney Freedman, the psychiatrist. He was so calm and kind under the worst conditions and sometimes had to take a lot of bad stuff. I loved the episode where Radar gives Potter the horse as a gift, I had tears in my eyes also….A wonderful show,…

    1. I concur. I just watched “Dear Sigmund” from Season V. The evolution of all these characters… so realistic. You watch this episode followed by “Goodbye, Farewell & Amen” in Season XI and what he doesn’t say to Hawkeye when he had to put him in a padded cell speaks volumes. He was heartbroken having to restrain a dear friend. Once I lined up all the DVDs and played the Sidney Freedman episodes. It was quite an emotional evening (Kleenex helped)

  155. me and my wife are watching mash now . we play it 24 hours that is the truth the cast of mash are like old friends to us paul waldron and wife kay

  156. Hi,Mash.4077.Could not be remade today.it’s just to good.
    The cast are the best,the writing unbeatable, the delivery can’t be beat,and the theme song hauntingly beautiful.
    All the best to a tv series well done.

  157. I watch it more now, than when it was a weekly network show. My wife and I grew up in and around Ottumwa, Ia. She met the man that “Radar” was based on in Dr.Hooker’s book (that became the movie, then the series we all love). at the Ottumwa Canteen (a real part of Ottuma’s history and still in business.). It’s hard to find another show that compares to the writing and acting four decades later. I can still laugh and get teary-eyed watching the reruns on Netflix and METV.
    There is another book I’m going to order about the “chopper” pilots that were with the real Hawkeyes at the MASH unit, that found it’s way into the series for several episodes too.

    1. I noticed there have not been any comments in 2016. So, just have to agree with all who have watched and watched again. I have all 11 years on DVD, I am nurse so the show was a mainstay in my dorm when it debuted. Love it more with each watching. I can say it helped me understand the men who were returning from Viet Nam. Thank you. Just love this show.
      Would love to have season one thru four on DVD that would play through all the shows.

  158. There will never be another series to equal M*A*S*H. The writing, acting, and direction were all superb, and the ensemble simply peerless. Watching it again on Netflix now, laughing (and occasionally weeping) as much as the first time.

  159. I started watching the reruns played on MeTV and fell in love with this programme again. I recently purchased the entire series on DVD, and I continue watching my favourite episodes (without the laugh track, which is an option on the dvd’s). The first episode with Wincester is one of my all time favourites from this programme.

  160. Hi! My husband and I love the reruns of Mash. We like all the characters as they give us a laugh. Mash is the best show. Bouquets to all involved for a great show.

  161. Have just watched the episode where Radar left and cried again .. have always wondered why he left the series at that time. I love MASH and all the characters, there’s been nothing to rival it before or since.

    1. Burghoff left MASH during the seventh season because he was burnt out and going through a messy divorce from his first wife, Janet Gayle. “My frequent snits and outbursts on the set were inevitably (and instantly) followed by guilt feelings over what I’d just said or done,” Burghoff wrote in his 2009 book To MASH and Back, about his time on set during his grave depression.

    2. Burghoff left MASH during the seventh season because he was burnt out and going through a messy divorce from his first wife, Janet Gayle. “My frequent snits and outbursts on the set were inevitably (and instantly) followed by guilt feelings over what I’d just said or done,” Burghoff wrote in his 2009 book To MASH and Back, about his time on set during his grave depression.

  162. Has to be the best comedy for its time !
    Alan Alda had me laughing non stop ! His quick wit , he is one talented person !( A real legend !). God bless to the cast members that have passed ! And to all the cast members you were and still are the best and will always be remembered !

  163. I used to watch M.A.S,H. a lot and I THOUGHT IT WAS GREAT . Till Wayne Rogers left the show . Then it became the Alan Alda. show he was too much but I hope he is well

  164. I know of very few shows that can withstand the test of time as well as this show. Which just goes to show how it had everything going for it and dealt with matters that are eternal.

    The whole team have left a fantastic legacy.

    My eternal thanks.


  165. Have watch mash from the begining I left birthing class for my son early to watch the farewell show no series before or after can compare. Still watching reruns

  166. I watch reruns of episodes all the time. Although they are not part of regular cast, the five nurses running for the helio pad. Who are they?

    1. I remember Kelly, and ginger the black nurse. But I can’t remember their real names. I thought they should of used ginger more.

  167. A “Toast” and a BIG Hurrah for the cast,writers,all the technicians,directors and anybody that had anything to do with producing MASH.
    I will always enjoy watching the episodes!

  168. Yes that last scene when Radar left was a tough one, when he went out of the compound in the jeep with the driver. Everyone else had got ‘incoming’ to look after at the last minute.

  169. For fourteen months I lived next door to the original Mash, I was in the 51st Signal Bn. I had many meals in the NCO-Officers Club {dinners} their soup was better than what we had in our mess hall.
    It was not the best years of my life but I enjoyed the series very much. Later I saw Loretta Swift in “Song of Singapore” at the New Theatre Restaurant in Kansas City.
    Gil Head

  170. Watched MASH first time round and now again on TV and we laugh watching it as much now as we did all those years ago,great actors every one, you never imagined there were cameras in front of them,they certainly don’t make them like that anymore, today’s humour is either cruel,smutty or just plain juvenile. Gid bless them all.

  171. I loved mash i still watch on netflicks brings back memories and watching Allen Alden he was very good all of them but what ladys man he was funny god bless to all of them and to ones who pass on

  172. I love this show!! Watched it years ago when it first aired and now watching it again on Netflix. Actually, to be honest, I watch 2 or 3 episodes a night before going to bed. It puts me in a good spot with its sincerity and humor. I love each of the characters. I don’t have a favorite, they are all good. But if I was to pick I’d say Hawk-eye Pierce and Walter “Radar” O’reiley. God bless them all including the ones who have left us. Thanks to all of them for bringing humor into my life!

  173. I saw this series when it first came on the screen and just loved it,now its back and just as funny and warmhearted as I remember it was back in the 80s ,a classic ,why can’t they make something as good as this nowadays.

  174. Watching MASH older runs, reminds me of a time in my life that was good & secure, predictable when I was in college at USM. Though things were not good with Vietnam, race riots, college protests, we watched MASH & laughed as if there was no tomorrow. These people will always be my faves

  175. I have loved M*A*S*H since it came on television. I was only a young person then. I had a stroke in 2006 and my husband bought me the whole series in a cool collector’s box. I am watching the one where Radar goes home right now. Thanks for sharing what they are doing today.

  176. M.A.S.H. Gave my wife Joyce and I a great deal of pleasure during the
    early years of our marriage and once again now as we approach our 50th wedding anniversary. Many thanks to all the great actors and production
    staff who put in a great deal of effort and received little or no recognition.
    Hawkeye,’s laugh never fails to cheer me up when I feel a bit down
    Thanks Alan.

  177. I love the show, Because I was in Vietnam War did the same thing, in running in under the chopper blades with a Doctor and taking ORDERS either take him to outside Hospital operating room or take him to the morgue. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER.

  178. Watching the hepatitis episode as I type.
    Loved watching Radar’s antics after touching Father Mulcahy’s coffee cup.
    Have watched every episode at least 10 times and still find something I missed.
    Love it.

  179. For me, M*A*S*H has always been about enjoying it with someone with whom we could memorize favorite quotes, and share them at unexpected times for fun. In high school it was my brother Chris; in college, my roommate Steve. Later it was my youngest daughter Katrina. We bought the entire CD collection and still enjoy it together when she’s home from college. At one point we knew the episode Mail Call so well we pretty well quoted the whole thing once when the power went out. M*A*S*H was the show that taught me what great entertainment is about…it covers the whole spectrum of emotions. Can you imagine the treat it would be to have had a bit part in an episode of M*A*S*H, so your grandkids could see it? Thank you to all who did have a part in making this great series.

  180. MASH 4077 is one of my favorite shows. The wit displayed is so sharp and their protrayl of the war brings such realism. So, glad its on netflix (2015). Over the years, I have many CDs of the MASH 4077 series given as gifts from friends and family. Love this show. I actually feel I know each of them personally. [smile]

    1. I came home from Vietnam in 1970. When Mash came on I watched I all the time. Now Time Warner Cable has Me TV and I am watching again

      1. Mash will always be a favorite show of mine and probably for most people. It was superbly written . It always held your interest. It made you laugh and cry, often st the same time! The cast was phenomenal. It was a great portrayal of life in an Army Mash unit , during the war. How the actors portrayed actual soldiers, under the pressures of war daily was awesome! I cannot say enough good things about it. The flashback show and interviews of actors, writers directors etc. brought back heart-felt feelings and good memories.

        Thanks for those wonderful years – cast and crew!

  181. I was born in the 70’s and I was only a small child when M.A.S.H was first aired. As I grew up I had heard that it was a cult drama, and that it was set in korea . I am now in my middle thirties and I have been able to pick up the series on one of the freeview channels and I am absoloutely hooked!!!. There are so many different elements to it, there is the serious side of Hawkeye and B.J (which I fancy both) then there is the pompus Charles who reminds me so much of Kelsey Grammer’s character in Fraiser .

    I think the script writing in some ways could, be compared to only fools and horses another favourite of mine, due to the fact that Alan Alda and both his counter parts Wayne Rogers and Mike Farrell played off of each other.

    Some of the episodes have definitely brought a tear to my eye.
    I particularly enjoyed the one where Radar is told that he is being sent home, the scene where he and Hawkeye are arguing about Radar not wanting to go is great.

  182. MASH to my husband and is the best show that was ever on TV and we are still watching it every weekday on METV and still enjoying it as much as we way back when.

  183. I’ve been watching this show since I was little girl with mum and dad in South America. Now I have two kids on my own and I watch Mash with them. I live in Australia and I’m very happy to say that Mash have always been my favourite show. I’ll thank you for giving me and my family a show that actually can make you laugh.

  184. I still enjoy watching mash so much I have every episode on dvd. It the kind of show u never get tired of, especially if u served in the military. It’s true to life especially the characters. From my experience u meet all kinds of guys and they are all different but we all serve the same purpose be it a medic, truck driver. VOOK OR Radio OPERATOR. Every Mos is important. This is what makes mash especially the 4077 a show u can really enjoy

  185. Born in England with the BBC thought all American TV was rubbish. Then moved to Twin Falls, Idaho and M*A*S*H was compulsive viewing. Fantastic acting, great stories and often thought provoking stories. Actors that you had empathy with, I felt they were all friends. Can i have a small complaint? Back in England we don’t have the caned laughter you have in the States and its better with out it.
    Well done as you say AWESOME!

  186. I grew up my whole life in foster homes, group homes and other places. Hi honestly my fondest memory of the majority of my childhood is coming home after school turning on my broken down black and white TV and watching mash. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I fully realised how much of an impact the show had on my young life. Giving me something to come home to, giving me something have hope for, giving me something to laugh about. But most of all giving me some role models to look up to. I’ll never be able to repay or explain fully my appreciation for giving me a sense of morality, honesty, compassion in my turbulant youth. My family now just thinks my love of the show is just an obsession. But it really is love.

  187. Today is Veterns Day it only was natural to watch MASH a Final Goodbye.and again really enjoyed it. Wish there were quality TV like that now

  188. i watched the originals, and up till last nite the reruns, but the wife and I were out for veterans day yesterday, 11/11/2015, and we missed the last program, lucky we had seen the orig, and can still remember it as very sad, all the people in the series were the best, and as one said already, to bad they can’t come up with another program as good, some day it will probly be a classic

  189. Though it has been written some of the characters did not get along well, all of them portrayed nothing but professionalism making each character seem larger than life. From Radar and his Teddy Bear to Klinger and his many outlandish attempts to return stateside to Hot Lips and the guys from the “swamp,” and everyone else who made this a classic, I salute you. Job well done.

  190. I guess you can say I’m quite fanatical about M*A*S*H since I can recite lines word for word. Honestly it is my favorite show and still watch whenever I can. The actors portrayed their characters beautifully and the content was so varied. I was a young lad watching it with my mom and remember the last episode like it was yesterday. This show is well remembered and sorely missed by many.

  191. MASH stands alone as Televisions greatest entertainment achievement!!! It has inspired all of us to examine our own morality, passions and emotions. The totality of MASH is greater then the parts. The actors all were brilliant, but no more brilliant then when they played their respective roles. This is by no means a critical examination of the acting work they have produced throughout their lives, but more an observation of a dedicated viewer!!! Mash has not only inspired the actors to be greater then they have ever been before or after their roles in the show. It has inspired the viewer to be better people then they have ever been before viewing this iconic series !!! All of this is no more evident then the lasting appeal of this classic, being viewed by generation after generation.

  192. Well, what can I possibly add?

    BEST series EVER written.

    Mrs had never even heard of it before coming to Oz (Land Down Under – where ‘Ugly John’ is from), now she watches it over & over & over….I hate to think How much has been made from MASH, but is must be worth every cent – Especially to Alan (Mrs’ “other boyfriend”).

    Here’s to those that remain & in memory of those gone.

    I’d go out with Nurse Kelley (even now) in a heartbeat.

    Farewell & amen.

  193. R.I.P Trapper may you join the greatest stage with Col.Potter Ltc Blake Maj Burns thanks for the laughs when I needed it and the tears when they came. Thanks for giving the greatest show ever

    1. Allen GreManymof us are in our 60s= and retired! The show was good NOT nasty!! Find a nice personality to go along with this wonderful show! Yikes!

  194. O we are working , just glad we have had such a timeless show to allow us time out to have ……..here’s a thing………a good old laugh !!!!

  195. Did Gary Burghoff really play the drums in an episode of mash. If he did it was brilliant, he should have done it more!

  196. I cant even watch American comedy Im English through and through,BUT M.A.S.H keeps on being repeated and my wife and I just keep on laughing its not a real medical but it is a shot in the arm,we know Hawkeye is only Groucho but who cares, if Radar promises not to grow up my wife will adopt him, my favourite ? love them all but,Sidney, so cool. There is no British comedy can make us laugh second time round ,but M.A.S.H., fantastic ,if its ever taken off we will need Sidneys help to cope. By the way we like it.

    1. I watch mash Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. even though they are reruns I watch them it drives my husband crazy so he goes to another room and watches something else. But I will continue to watch as long as they are running

      1. Don’t let going to separate rooms for TV watching. I’ve been married for 25 years, and all of a sudden we have different taste in television. So when he gets home from work, Fox News, American Pickers, Pawn Shop on put on the TV, even if I was watching something. I retreat to my room to watch TV. Biggest mistake we’ve ever made. Now there is no affection in our marriage. He goes his way and I go mine. We basically have a roommate situation even though we are married. TV is Death to a healthy marriage.

  197. I was a clerk in the U.S. Army from 1968-71 in Okinawa. It was great to see Gary Burghoff play Radar. He did a wonderful job playing the role. Actually, although it was fiction, he was really close to what I did. I know it was about the Korean War, and I was in during Vietnam, but things weren’t that much different. Ironically, I also had a teddy bear I kept on my bunk & also played drums at the Service Club at Camp Sukiran for some of the dances on Saturdays. So I felt it was only right to use Radar as my Facebook photo.

  198. Watching it right now. Just hilarious. Though I felt that David Ogden Steirs was nowhere near as funny as Larry Plainville. Same with BJ Uncut replacing Wayne Rodgers. Pierce and trapper were perfect compliments to each other.

  199. I have watched these superb reruns for the pat FORTY years.

    They are the funniest, sad, happy mementoes
    and have never, or will be, bettered by anything before or since
    in television comedy or drama.

  200. on my fourth repeat and enjoying it as much as the first time. so very clever the writing and the acting. well done.

  201. I grew up with the cast of M*A*S*H being as Close as Family could be, without realizing it until many years later. I cannot watch the Episode of Henry’s death without crying, even after This many years. Throughout my Lifetime, I have ALWAYS Loved Loretta Swit. And, I Always WILL! My Sense of Humor, along with Many of my Principles of Morality, were Developed by Watching the Show through my teens and ALL through my Life. I am 54 now, and have recently Marathon Watched ALL of the Episodes. I have seen it multiple times in over 40 years of life; and, it Always Brings me Different Perspectives based on my OWN Age or Life-Events. To Me, M*A*S*H IS, and ALWAYS will BE, THE Greatest Television Show of ALL Time!

    1. Billy, couldn’t agree more. BUT, I think All in the Family comes pretty close as a tie for greatest ever…..just my opinion though…..have seen every episode over ten times….

  202. We recently bought the whole set. It’s been great watching and laughing. Thanks for the good memories. I looked in the mirror and my hair I white now I was in highschool when they were performing. What Happened Alan? Btw love your laugh. Loretta ya still look hot!

  203. Been watching since it originally aired. And have watched reruns ever since, and now with netflix, I watch it a lot…would say have seen every episode over 10 times…..agree with past comment, frank better than Charles, trapper better than Bj and Stevenson better than potter…..not dogging out the replacement, just think origals were much better!

  204. I am admittedly biased because I knew Harry Morgan during most of his M*A*S*H years, but I agree that this was one of the finest series ever broadcast. I have also had the privilege of hearing Alan Alda give a lecture (75 minutes, no PowerPoints, few props), and I remain a big fan of his, as well.

  205. My husband and I watch MASH every week night from 7P-8P.

  206. Absolutely brilliant. I feel as though I have watched it all my life. Just one little niggle about the repeats. When it first came on,on the BBC that is, it didn’t have a ” laugh track,” we were capable of getting the jokes even though it was a different culture. Now it is repeated on another channel than the BBC with the canned laughter It kills the atmosphere some what.

  207. I cross at the end I miss them all, best show ever. I was in the military for eleven years but never had friends like them, if I had I might of had eleven more.

  208. I have loved mash from its earliest days right up to today I usually watch at least four shows a day just for the laughs at you guys. I don’t think I have ever seen an episode of mash where are you bringing I laugh to my lips and joy to my heart. I loved knowing that I can still watch it every day on YouTube

  209. Hi I love the television show mash 4077 I wish we could see all the series including the after mash I still watch the show today even though I have watched the before.
    P willis

  210. I love Mash for many reason’s. It seems to be about friendships under difficult conditions. If I thought Hawkeye and BJ were not real friends I would be upset. Sad to see the passing of so many but in our hearts it will live for ever and so will they all. I love Radar with his kindness and simplicity, he could be a guest at my house anytime.
    Love to all fans xxx

  211. Made me laugh made me cry . Loved Mash and the characters . Never will be repeated , ground breaking , so glad I was there on the sofa

  212. I would love to meet some of the before I am unable.. Hawkeye my favorite then Colonel Potter was next .. I use to watch every night up till last month 30 years of it but Netflix loss mash4077 last month so I can’t no longer I miss it so much love the show and the movie thank you all best ever

  213. I watch (2016) M*A*S*H on ME TV – I am addicted! Might quit watching TV when ME TV completes the series…..ME TV is great….I also watch Hogan’s Heroes and The Rifleman…..if you are not aware of ME TV, find it!

    1. I love M*A*S*H on ME TV too! so far, they go thru the entire season one after another…then at the end, they start the series over again. yes, i know i have seen each one a million times, but i cant help myself. Love Hawkeye, probably my favorite, Radar, then BJ, Col. Potter,,thats, Sherman T Potter! LOL….then comes Hot Lips, Traooer and then Col. Blake(sad they had to kill him off when he finally got to go home…sad…) then Frank Burns! seems Frank was everyones least favorite character, but that was the how they wanted him to be and he did it!

  214. I worked for a Senior Master Sergeant when in the USAF during the ’70s who was an exact duplicate of Colonel Sherman T. Potter. Am currently working my way through the Mash series right now and every time I see Colonel Potter, I feel as if my long passed on supervisor has again found his place in this life. The compassion for his people and attitude towards dealing with adversity is exactly the same as Potter’s.

  215. M*A*S*H is an awesome show I wish they would have made more episodes I could have watched it forever my favorite character is Hawkeye and radar and tell all the ones that have passed away may all your souls rest in peace

  216. I liked all the characters on Mash even the head shrink. I would like to know what happened to him.

  217. Radar was the hit of Mash. His facial expressions were priceless. I still wash it every night ( 2016). Hope it runs forever.

    1. Agreed. I have always maintained that Radar is to M*A*S*H as Sgt. Schulz is to Hogan’s Heroes. The amount each of them say non-verbally with facial expressions and body language adds so much humor to many scenes. That type of acting seems largely a lost art these days.

  218. MASH is the Bomb!!! Love the show, I grew up watching it every night….still watch it once in a while….don’t watch much t.v. anymore..

  219. I watch M*A*S*H every night from my DVD collection….the 1st 3 seasons were the B*E*S*T….some of the deleted scenes in the episodes from the DVD collection are absolutely hysterical

    1. My DVD’s (I have Season 1-4) don’t include any deleted scenes (or any other extras for that matter). Is this something that was included only in certain additions of the M*A*S*H dvd’s?

      1. I’m assuming James is referring to scenes that were cut in syndication to make room for more commercials. There are no deleted scenes from M*A*S*H available on any DVDs.

  220. I have just found Mash again and reliving the laughs I had years ago, now recording every episode, really wish it was possible to bring them back and do more, still feel that there is a script writer out there to do a new show like Mash.

  221. As an 80 year old I have always been watching mash, and as long as the show Plays on me TV I still watch it every night at 7:0clock every night.

  222. I’m now retired and originally from the UK, now living in Poland, we are able to watch Mash 4077 on Fox Comedy TV. I missed the original start to the series. So it’s been great to catch up on the US humour written so well for that period of 1950-53 Korean War… Such funny non- stop lines written for all the actors……great show.

  223. I have the complete 11 season series of MASH. Best Father’s Day gift I could ever receive. Loved every one of the characters. Having served in the military, I just make myself at home as I watch each program.

  224. We love MASH – with some gaps, it’s been our cocktail hour entertainment since 1979. We have to watch it now, because at 5 pm when the theme song comes on, our Black Lab Baxter jumps up and runs to his bowl. Dinner time. – what a wonderful legacy to ensure that Baxter is fed on time! We love the humour, the kindness and kinkyness. Long live MASH and all the characters we love so well.

  225. I watch MASH every night at 7PM on Me TV (suburban Phila.) This show is so funny and so addictive that I have no idea what could replace it to make me sit still for 1 hour when it ends. I did not understand it when it originally aired all of those years ago. (too young) I sure do now and think it is wonderful. This is brilliantly written. I really feel as though I know these people!

  226. I grew up watching this show. My kids now love it as it is always on TV when we return back to Australia once per year. Best show ever! No swearing or racialsvslews. Wish we could return to those days

    1. Also, regarding racial issues, they had Spearchucker in the beginning of the series (character from the movie MASH) but dropped the character because his name was not politically correct.

      The rest of the series did a great job with racial equality.


  228. I think it is the greatest tv war show ever potrayed on tv. The movie version was deep n great too.

      1. I would love to see the remake of the movie from back during the series day, with Alan Alda and either Mike Farrell or Wayne Rogers playing Hawkeye and Trapper John. Just for the heck of it!

  229. Love that we get to watch MASH again. I am sure I did not see all the originals, “back in the day” but even so if I see a few over again I LOVE each episode. How clever the writers were and the actors too, of course. Humor with class. We watch on ME TV out of Philadelphia.

  230. Love that we get to see MASH again. I am sure I did not see all the originals “back in the day” but even if I remember some it is good to watch them again. The writers were so clever and the actors too, of course. Humor with class. We watch on ME TV out of Philadelphia.

  231. I to am adicted . I had a Larry when I was in the Navy 67-71on the USS Wasp. I couldn’t watch this program when I first got out, it made for nightmares. Now it is a comfort to me. I was a BJ, he and Potter and Klinger are my heros


  233. For those in the UK Mash is on the quest channel and quest +1hour also on true movies and last but by no means least it is on the forces channel which is also on freeware the forces channel has it on for 2 hours on a Saturday and Sunday

    1. I’m watching every one again and it still has the ability to make me laugh but also to move me to tears. They all feel like old friends.

  234. I loved MASH when it originally aired and had a , “Farewell to MASH” party during the 2 hour finale. Everyone came as their favorite MASH character. I got mess trays to serve the snacks and died a table cloth kaki with 4077 M*A*S*H, stenciled on the, in black. It was bitter-sweet, but we had a ball!
    Still watch it on, ME TV, and NETFLIX. There’s a quiz on the show, on the internet, I got 100%, guess I’ve seen the reruns enough to have them memorized. Stoll don’t tire of watching it, though!

    1. Yes agree , although they had there own style of humor which was good up to them being replaced with Steirs and Morgan . The one we all missed was when Radar left the show . Watch the shows every night , still one of the best series made , thanks for all the great entertainment I still get from the show guys and gals.

    2. I first saw mash on tv was in Jersery,City N,j. In 1975 I was at my great aunts apartment and i remember like it was just yesterday i was 7 yrs old and Mike Ferrall who played BJ. I met in Baltimore ,Md a few yrs back i have his book.

  235. The smartest written tv series on tv
    black comody at its best
    verbel master piece
    spot on timming actors

  236. loved the series.thought provoking and moving episodes.extremely clever dialogue and wonderfully crafted characters. will never be equalled.

  237. Best show ever. Never tire of the repeats. Humourous, happy-sad & every emotion beyond. Covers a panoply of sentiments.
    Magic show that grows on one so profoundly. .
    Sad to read of those who have passed.
    RIP those who have & Good Job to those still with us. You are all great friends.
    D 🙂

  238. I enjoyed the comedy of MASH, but not the political accusations of the show. Wars are not pleasant, but they are a part of history, and should be recognized for the lessons that these armed conflicts bring to us. People should realize that wars will always happen, no matter how hard we try to prevent them, and no amount of comedy and humor will make them disappear.

    1. Vietnam was still going on at the time and the accusations were aimed at that unpopular, destructive, expensive conflict that never should have happened.

  239. There will never be another program like MASH it’s humour is timeless. Treated myself last Christmas to the complete box set and enjoying watching time and again. The cast gel so well, can laugh and cry at the same time. Brilliant.

  240. I watched every episode of MASH and as a american comedy/drama it was the best tv series ever produced not like the rubbish that they make today(i am a kiwi by the way).The cast were outstanding as were the writers and they blended the stupidity of war and black humor perfectly.I doubt that another series will ever equal it.

  241. Just this week I have been through so many emotions watching MASH- Colonal Potter giving his horse away- Father Mulcahy doubting his usefulness- brilliant script and brilliant acting- a classic series- I will never tire of watching it.

  242. Just this week I have been through so many emotions watching MASH- Colonel Potter giving his horse away- Father Mulcahy doubting his usefulness- brilliant script and brilliant acting- a classic series- I will never tire of watching it.

  243. I’ve watched Mash over and over again. Only this past weekend, we had the final episode on TV and both my husband and myself found ourselves crying. Yet here i am as i wrote this watching it all again.
    Fabulous actors and such though provoking acting. Many a conversation about surgery or something we have seen on an episode, can go late into the evening.

  244. I’m 34, and know for certain that this is the best show ever. I’m addicted to watching it over and over. Bless them all!

  245. I watched the original series loved them now watching all the repeats and loving them even more. Such great writing and wonderful acting.

  246. Hi I am now 72 and watched every episode of MASH right from the first one. I also have the entire box set, yet every time it comes on TV I watch it again. There has never been and never will be a greater series’s on TV as MASH. A big thank you to all who acted in it and wrote it. They have my utmost gratitude. God Bless. Regards Mike.

  247. Love it. Watch it every night on true entertainment
    It’s still one of The best and it still makes me laugh.
    Reminds me of my posting to Thailand (Ubon) in the mid 60s.wife loves Jamie Farr Klinger
    God bless you all.

  248. Look foreword to watching each night during the week. Have box set but will watch any time.
    If you listen intently you seem to pick up some new one liners that lead into something else.
    Should never be taken off air”……..an absolute classic.

  249. Thank God for reruns!
    Those who did not watch the original are now blessed!
    It was a fantastic show – between laughing and crying,
    and every emotion between, I loved every minute, and am
    just as if it were new, enjoying it again.
    Praise and applause to the writers, producers, and mostly
    the ENTIRE CAST. You’ve given me, as well as the rest
    of the world, many tears, laughs, and fantastic hours of
    pleasure, [email protected]

  250. I have seen Mash ever since it has been on Me TV. I have always said Radar was the star. He was a wonderful actor, his facial expressions said it all. The cast was top notch. I still watch and will watch as long as it is on. I saw Mash when it first came on TV and will watch as long as ME TV carries it.

    1. ME TV is a great channel! Most of our “TV” these days is streaming via Amazon Prime. When we do watch broadcast TV 90% of the time we have it on ME TV with the other 10% going to Masterpiece & other PBS shows.

      I have been a M*A*S*H fan since the mid-70’s and still watch it almost daily. I agree with you that Radar is the heart and soul of the show. I like all of the characters but the show was never quite the same without Radar.

  251. I have watched this show so many times that it is apart of me. I own the whole series. To make it funny I have two copies of this show. I really love watching the show when I get very depressed. It helps cheers you up. I also love watching it anytime. It is just a great show with great actors. Very great memories go a long with the show. Just great all around.

  252. There are very few things in life that choke me up, but just the thought of watching the last episode does it. I grew up watching this show through a rough childhood and it’s funny how these characters became like close friends to me. My wife pokes fun at me but I’ve watched the series a dozen times or more and have never been able to watch the last one. Guess it’s too much like saying goodbye. Thank you for a wonderful show.

  253. I love ❤ mash from beginning to the very last.episode,my family and l grew up with this great great show,and all of the actors what was ever in,at the present moment I am watching an episode 26/11/2016 and its just has fun.y and wonderful has it was back in the late 80.our familey have mostly left home now but my wife and I still get so much happiness watching mash repeats night after night, the show never seems to age.
    . Anyway good luck to all Mash followers
    . yours sincerely Norman and Pauline Green

    1. Being in love with MASH is an understatement, my wife and I can share the same feelings. When the show first debut I saw every original episode. When I got married my wife and I would watch the repeats of reruns, of reruns, etc. for many years until the channel changed the format to reruns of Cheers. Cheers as entertaining as it was, just couldn’t fill the void that Mash did, from the first to the last episode. Since then I haven’t seen a show that even comes close ……<<<<>>>> ….is so true. . Thank you for sharing your experience.

      1. Thanks for the nice comments about M*A*S*H*
        My family enjoys this show and I love to fall asleep
        at night to the soothing music that begins the show.

        It is a relaxing experience from beginning to end
        and no show is like it

        Mary Huston

  254. My husband and I watch MASH and have introduced it to our teens. The depth of the characters draws you in. Once you’re in – you’re hooked! blessings to all cast members, writers, producers and most of all to the veterans who served in the Korean “Conflict”. Thank you. We salute you

  255. Thank heavens for M*A*S*H! Last year I was diagnosed with terminal cancer and during a particularly dark spell I discovered M*A*S*H was being shown again, I knew, no matter the episode I would either get a great laugh or driven to tears for someone else’s health emergency or death, In any case I am grateful it is on again to entertain me at my end. Thanks to all the characters of M*A*S*H, T*H*A*N*K*S!!!!!!!!

  256. I was in the Marine Corps when MASH started it helped an old Marine get through tough times one of the greatest sitcoms of all times thanks I still watch today this cast was great

  257. I think I have watched every episode but still find things I am sure I have never seen on the re runs – might add I have all the episodes on DVD – farewell Father Mulcahy you almost made me become religious

  258. watched the show and reruns tell it went off the air was in the navy for 20 years and just turned 80 so thanks and good will to all of you

  259. My wife and I religiously watch Mash as the TV Series succinctly portrays the key to life in that the only way to be happy and enjoy it is to take everything with a large spoonful of humour Also in the 1980’s I was the proud owner of the best helicopter ever invented— The Bell 47. No matter how bad a pilot you were – and I was not very good- the fantastic Bell 47 would always get you safely home.

  260. when they tok off mash it brok my hart I still cry about mash going off the airyou cant re place mash no waycsn you do it/

  261. My husband and I watch it every day after work. We transition from work to home via Korea! The characters are old friends of ours by now.

  262. MASH! My favorite all time TV show. I never get tired of watching the episodes! After dinner I always tell my husband , “Got a date with Col. Potter!”

  263. I was an 18 year old girl at Ft. Benning , Ga. when Mash started. Broke and homesick, I looked forward to seeing Mash every week. I own the whole series now and I watch one every night before bed time. Love Hawkeye but Harry Morgan was my favorite too.

  264. In my opinion MASH is the best sitcoms ever shown on television. Cast was well chose and the material was equally well written. Still enjoy watching episodes of MASH today. This was good television.

  265. Wayne Rogers was my favorite. Yes, that was because the way he looked. Have you noticed, how well he wore those army clothes on the set. What a specimen of a man!?! He also had a very good singing voice, he was ivy leauge educated, he was very smart. Made an empire for himself, with other than acting.
    What a run!

  266. I started to look at the show when it started in south africa and have it on tape and are going thru it now again 59 years old

  267. There has never been a series to come up to Mash . Great story line, great acting,great everything!

  268. We discovered reruns this winter! Every morning to afternoon, we are in surgery or in the mess tent. There will never be a show to even compare! Love all the actors.

  269. MASH is not a program you just watch. Something draws you in and you become one of them, and after watching for so long and seeing the characters never age, I can feel that way too for a half hour. 66 and still a MASHER.

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  271. love them all, the only american show we never stop watching,my wife adores Radar if i have a favourite its got to be Sidney. Can anybody get me a B.J. hat

  272. I was a young PFC in the Marine Corps when mash started. I was dating an Air Force daughter and her dad would always pick at me about the show and also Gomer Pyle. I found the re-runs on METV and taped them all (They were out of order) and my brother told me he had the entire set and loaned it to me. I will be sad when I watch the last one. Felt more saddened about Wm. Christopher passing. I loved all the characters. Greatest sit-com ever produced. No two were alike. Never be another program like it.

  273. I just started watching Mash, and I am 59, I absolutely Love this show! I think Alan is so awesome, and I love all of them, I just wish I watched this show while I was in school….God Bless them!

  274. M.ASH, my favourite program of all times. Nothing has ever come up to its standards. I am now watching & enjoying the reruns.

  275. M.ASH, my favourite program of all times. Nothing has ever come up to its standards. I am now watching & enjoying the reruns. Enjoy knowing what the cast is now doing.

  276. what a great show no wonder that it lasted so long the cast must of got along great I am now watching reruns

  277. MASH is one of the most enduring series , I am watching the re runs now and never tire of them , such great acting.

  278. I’ve watched every episode numerous times. It’s funny to see how many issues we still see today they were tackling back then. No matter what character, they felt like family. There were times you’d want to hang with BJ & Hawkeye in the Swamp; listen to some wisdom from Father Mulchay, Henry Blake or Colonel Potter; hear about Ottumwa from Radar or Toledo from Klinger; or laugh at Frank making a fool off himself. This is one show they should NEVER try to redo.

    1. After a hard day at work cone home and watch Mash it is very up lifting show have seen re runs after re runs but still watch, they don’t make TV shows like that anymore.

  279. Love the programe and enjoying the re runs now in New Zealand, with it and last of the summer, my evening is complete.

    1. Haha I am a kiwi and I to love watching the reruns of mash. I love them all like family, I grew up as a kid watching them, I never tire of them.

  280. I enjoy watching the reruns and getting a perspective on the Korean War. I couldn’t relate to that when I was a kid. It was just a program that our family enjoyed.We should have discussed some of the issues that the program brought forth. Thank you for letting me leave my comments. Much appreciated!!

  281. BJ was the only person to call me a narrow minded twit in a personel letter after I challenged his social ush on a comedy show.

  282. We always watched mash. We lived after mash too. I was really sorry that after mash didn’t last.

  283. Just watched the Goodbye episode of Mash had seen it before cried then and now. What a excellent show loved it still do .

  284. Always remember Larry Linville being asked about how he created Major Frank Burns. He said it was a mixture of every idiot he had ever met.

  285. We still watch mash..we have box sets and also re runs or on English tv at the moment. Fantastic program.

  286. July 29 2017
    The greatest TV show ever
    I am watching the movie M*A*S*H now
    I watch MASH every evening
    I know everyone’s lines better then they do
    I love MASH

  287. I grew up watching MASH throughout my teenage years.
    I could honestly say say that I enjoy watching the reruns just as much today!

    Thanks for the memories.

  288. I had no idea so many passed bless their soles and the writers who knew what it was really like

    1. One of the great things the show did was to remind us that there WAS a Korean War. It’s the war that the government has tried to sweep under the rug. How many Korean War specials have you seen on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, etc? Almost none. And the way the POWs were treated after that war is a huge embarrassment to our government.

      Not only that, the Vietnam war was still going on during the first three years of MASH and they did several shows that dealt with Vietnam war issues. You had to be proud of the strength of the writers and actors (and producers, etc.).

  289. I record and watch two or three a day. Much much better than the stuff on TV today. While the Super Bowl was on, I watched reruns of MASH

  290. Such a wonderful show that gives anyone that watches a touch of reality that we did not live through. My heart goes out to those brave men & women that did. Thanks to all the cast , directors & writers that made each show touch our hearts…..

    1. When I was in high school I was always busy. With my homework and never saw a lot of episodes of MASH now I’m 58 and see it on metv all of the characters on MASH have become my family GOD BLESS ALL THE CAST AND CREW

  291. Thank God Bless you and the rest of your whole crew put together a great show and God Bless You and I loved all of the shows THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH

  292. I still watch M.A.S.H on TV such a great show yesterday was watching the Colonial Blake was killed on way home very sad

  293. I suppose I would have to say, that for some reason, MASH is still my All-Time favorite television series. And just a bit more of where I’m coming from, I am 65 years old and throughout my life I have watched an incomparable amount of television. Many would say that I have wasted a lot of time, but I do know for a fact that I have learned much and have become a bit better off, due directly from watching the old box.
    MASH was so very well written and acted that I’ve seen every episode many, many times over and it still “entertains” me. That’s all seek from any type of TV show, etc, does it “entertain” me?
    I’m crazy about MASH.

  294. this is still one of my favorite shows. well written, well acted and meaningful even in this crazy world. Rather watch MASH than anything on that’s new in the sitcom genre

  295. I love all the shows and watch them when ever I see they are on. But I think the one that is my favorite is the one where BJ puts the reunion together for all the family members.

  296. MASH was the first American programme that as a family to watch in the 70’s and really enjoyed watching it, and today me and my mum are again rewatching it .oh what fun to have a laugh.

  297. I use to enjoy seeing the television series entitled, M-A-S-H. Those were some good times during my childhood. Oh, how I miss those formative years!

  298. M.A.S.H. Used to so much a part of my life that I use to beg my parents to stay up to watch it. I just recently bought the entire series off of Amazon.

  299. 87 yr old mom and i watch tv land cable mash is still a funny show i notice i get into ghe script mote and i am 67 love ihe 60 showtime

  300. MASH is not only a funny TV show but also contains true war history truths. I’ve been watching forever and i do not plan on letting
    go as it feels like home now.

  301. I could watch reruns over and over that’s how you know it’s a great show! It brings back childhood memories and the humor is clean! Love love it.

  302. Mash was a great show. I was in high school when Mash first came on TV. I am almost 60 and still watch reruns. It is one of those shows that can have you crying one minute and laughing the next. All of the actors and writers were and are the best. It is so much better than the horrible reality shows of today.

  303. M*A*S*H was one of the all time great shows that I’ve ever watched. It could make you laugh and can make you cry. Hat’s off to all the people worked on the show. Thank you

  304. Just love watching the reruns of MASH. I laugh so hard….the writing was superb; and the acting…well their timing was just great. They interacted so well. How blessed we were to have MASH back then and thanks to reruns, we can enjoy the heartfelt stories over and over. Thanks to all who contributed! You are masters of the art.

  305. I enjoy the show.My father-in-law used to watch it. He worked in a MASH unit as a cook.He said that it was just like what you are on the show.GREAT WORK.I am planning on buying the series soon.

  306. – Correction IT is just like what you see on the show.There was a lot of fighting and there WAS a lot of card playing when there was no causalties.

  307. I will never forget “Mash””, and still watch the program today. Great actors and great entertainment.

  308. I watched MASH during college – after my hours of part-time jobs also. I had 4 roommates and we’d all meet up and watch while eating dinner. Now, (37 years later!). I just got caught up in a marathon and to remember watching certain episodes when my life was just starting out is truly poignant. So many actors have passed, but some still going, and so am I….

  309. In the poll i quickly chose Blood Brothers thinking I was choosing my favorite episide, only to find out I was choosing the least favorite… What poll asks you to choose your least favorite? Doesnt your menory serve you best when you are remembering your favorites? Blood Brothers is, in my opinion, the greatest MASH episode ever. Father Mulcahey’s sermon was an Emmy winning performance.

  310. Watched mash as a kid, still watch the reruns. I’ve must of seen all the episodes a billion times an not tired of mash

  311. I’ve been a mash fan since my teens. For some reason, I never really got comfortable with David Ogden Stiers role as Charles. That all changed this past year. We lost our son to a drug overdose on December 10, 2016, Shirtly after, I saw the episode: “The Life You Save” n which Stiers character goes on a spiritual journey of sorts while reliving a personal loss thru a patients death. It was at that moment my entire understanding of his character took on new clarity. Funny all these years later this episode would being me peace on a personal level. I wish I could tell Mr Stiera of my revelation and thank him, but that’s not a realisitic scenario.

    Thank you, Mr Stiers for your making an impact on our lives thru your talent.

  312. I watched every episodes, I remember watching the first M.A.S.H pilot,
    and the movie MASH great shows. never gets old can watch them all day over and over.

  313. Back in Highschool I watched the mash series every time it was on. I loved the series. After leaving my first year of college and working for 3 years I decided to return to college . In the mid 80’s, I returned to college. After my second or third year the MASH series ended.

    I remember a day when the last Mash episode aired, I made a martini and wore a Hawaiian shirt and brought a folding chair to the dinner Hall in my dorm. Many other people dressed for the occasion also. I was told that we were not allowed to bring alcohol in the dining hall. I lied and told them they was just juice.

    Although I comedy and not completely real, I learned a lot about what military life might be like overseas.

  314. My mother and I watched Mash ever since I could remember . I still watch it to this day! Radar was my Grandmothers fav. I love Hawkeye and Bj together… Never get tired of Mash Love how Radar was a animal lover!!

  315. MASH was a spectacularly acted, written, and everything else show. That it stands up in re-runs so many years later is a testimony to its greatness. The theme song haunts me sometimes and is also an example of its daring.

  316. It was and is still one of the most enduring tv programs. I watch re- runs constantly and never tire of them. Each episode is unique and the development of the characters is never boring.

  317. I have every episode of every season on my computer and never get tired of watching,even got my kids watching (they’re all in their twenties)

  318. I was born in 1972 and watched it as a kid. I continued rewatching episodes ever since. To this day I still watch a couple of episodes a week. I also still watch The Honeymooners, Hogan’s Heroes, WKRP, The Three Stooges and many more.

  319. I loved M.A.S.H. I have every episode on DVD. I never get tired of watching the series, in fact i’ve been watching the entire series over the last few weeks. I have been reading about all the cast members who have died and I really felt sad for them. When the series originally played that was an important time in my life and watching them was a wonderful way to bring a smile to ones face. I will miss the cast members who have passed and in a way it makes me feel old. God bless them all, especially those who are no longer with us…

  320. I saw the movie M*A*S*H when it came out in 1970. My wife and friend had to go to the wash room during some of the gory surgical scenes. LOL I was quite happy when it was released in weekly episodes. I still watch some episodes.

  321. Watched as a young teenager and they just don’t make good clean family shows like mash and the Walton’s. Miss them good ole shows and times. Thank for reruns and DVDs.

  322. I still watch the re runs on tv in the uk. We loved every episode. The show reminds me of happy days when i was in my prime of life instead of the old git i am now.

  323. Not a day does by that we don’t have mash on the tv. Also have it on DVD. They keep you laughing. Sad that we’ve lost some of them.
    love it love it love it. will never stop watching it

  324. After being an Army vet during the Korean War put me in touch with a lot of what went on and I appreciated the attempt at the accuracy of everything and I fell in love with all the characters bless all of them

  325. MASH is still one of my favorite shows but the best were the first three years. I loved Henry and Trapper. We had a MASHgang club with my friends in eighth grade and I was Trap. Then it jumped the shark the first time when Henry and Trapper left.

    I never cared for BJ. He was my least favorite character. He was annoying and one-dimensional and the pair was not like Hawk and Trap had been. I liked Frank but my husband preferred Charles because he had some caring moments where Frank had none. But it was a different show in the earlier years and I preferred that. Frank was more fun.

    I was disappointed that Margaret just kept getting worse until she couldn’t speak without yelling and a stiff breeze ticked her off. So much for strong woman roles. Sigh.

    But even with all of the cast changes the show still had amazing writers and fresh ideas and that’s such a difficult thing to be able to pull off, especially with a sitcom.

  326. Another thing I love is that you can see it almost all day now, on cable. Sundance runs it the most, but TV Land runs it every night. If you can’t find it there, it’s on WGN, AMC and PAR (paramount network).

  327. My husband and I watch every day for 1 hour and LOVE the show and characters. It’s the one show we both can enjoy together. Each story is great and we look forward to it every week. Hope it continues. Thank you Hawkeye, Margaret and all the rest. Love you all!

    1. As per the last comment and we believe it would be coming back on or already has – please let me know if and when this will happen, we love the characters, Hawkeye father mulcahy and Margaret Houlahan.

      1. It comes on the Sundance channel and MeTV channel all the time. Usually Sundance does M*A*S*H marathons every so often.

  328. I noticed that there were only two women on staff when i read the credits at the end of the show. It was brilliantly written, produced and skillfully played.
    Loved all the characters but can’t seem to wonder if ‘Frank Burns’ was loved as an actor due to his role as a ‘weisel’. He played it so well that I hope he didn’t quit because he was hated by the public. He did a great job playing that role.

    1. He wasn’t hated by the public. As an actor Larry Linville played that role excellently. I believe it was extremely hard to play a guy that was not liked by the other characters.

  329. I fell in love with hot lips, she would have be been a great pinup. I’m 82 about her age now. Go hotlips.o

  330. I watched every episode of the show when it first aired. Now every Monday it runs for roughly 6hrs and since I’m disabled I can watch every episode again. It was my favourite show then and still is today. Thank you all for your unbelievable acting. I love you all

  331. I watch it 5 nights a week on different tv stations (directv). I like to be entertained without all the violence there is these days. I watched the show in the 70’s and I still enjoy theme.

  332. One of the best shows of all time. The earlier episodes were more comedy with Trapper, Blake, and Burns. Plus the great Margaret. Hawkeye and his sarcasm. One of the best lines…”Nice going Ferret Face”.

  333. The brilliance of both the writers and actors is something seldom seen today. I grew up with these characters. I’m 50 now and my childhood was full of the 4077th. The genius of each of these actors was astounding. I’d love to be able to shake the hand of just one these icons. What a gift they left for generations to come!

  334. Ii am Canadian in British Columbia Canada, at 79 years old MASH IS the only program I watch before going to sleep at nite KEEP IT GOING forever,, its the best,. still as great as it was in the early years

  335. One of the best shows of all time!the characters were just wonderful,I loved it when the actor’s would also direct episodes.

  336. I love to watch the re-runs of MASH although it saddens me a great deal when I see those who have passed away like Col. Porter, Frank, Father Mulcahy, McIntire, Dr. Sidney Friedman n Henry. I hate death.
    Every day from Mon through Fri from 6 to 8pm I’m sitting in front of my TV to watch MASH.

  337. I like watching old shows like MASH or COMBAT before going to bed. I am only 32, but I like the old TV shows. I just can’t get into what is on TV now. I guess I was born in the wrong time period. Thank goodness I can watch old shows on the Internet.

    P.S.- I like old movies too. I just saw CASABLANCA for the first time, and loved it.

  338. I felt very empty inside after watching “goodbye, farewell, amen”. I didn’t cry though, the only time mash made me cry was when “radar” left the show

  339. My wife and I watched every week until the final episode. Our kids got us the complete M*A*S*H 4077 anthology a few years ago and every so often we get it out and watch all of it over a week or so, laughing or crying just like the first time. Best show ever on TV! Also, farewell to Major Charles.

  340. I remember Harry Potter when he was in the black and white tv series Dragnet where he played Seargent Frank Smith, the partner of dective Lt. Joe Friday.

  341. My husband and I watched M*A*S*H growing up and loved it, now our kids watch it and love it just as much.

  342. Very informative and up to date. David Stirts just
    passed away today and it is already posted.
    A very good overview of the wonderful actors that made MASH such a huge success.

  343. I still watch MASH weeknights on METV. I love both the characters and storylines. It is by far my all time favorite.

    1. Me too . Watch it every single weekday night after work on ME/TV. Whenever I can find it, I also watch MASH on LOGO cable TV and WGN TV. I can’t get enough of the wonderful MASH episodes with the connection and the, chemistry and the wit that fused the people and set of MASH together and the fun of their roles and performances. The whole MASH thing was fantastic. I can’t get enough of the repeats. As STARZ/ENCORE channel states: “it’s not a repeat, it’s an ENCORE”.

  344. Charles Perry
    I still watch MASH. have watched it since it’s inception except the last few shows . Haven’t found anything comparable with it,.

  345. Somehow MASH never gets old and tired like many Tv shows! It is showing here in Australia again, and I do enjoy it.

  346. I have all 11 seasons and the movie on DVD…Thank y’all for one of the best shows ever made..and thank you also Richard Booker(he wrote the book that started it all!)

      1. I bought the series too so I can watch my favorite characters any time I wish. Like revisiting an old friend. Dawn Anchorage AK.

  347. MASH! Wow! I was still a youngin, but you watched it, to me , the show was life, drama , laughter , depressing, knowing why this has to be! They were a family away from family there! That show can never be replaced! Period!!! I had uncles in Korean War , was hard for them to talk about! As any war! I still watch to this day & always will. Cast & crew , you will never be forgotten !

  348. MASH! Wow! I was still a youngin, but you watched it, to me , the show was life, drama , laughter , depressing, knowing why this has to be! They were a family away from family there! That show can never be replaced! Period!!! I had uncles in Korean

  349. I watched mash when I was little and still watch it today it makes me laugh and it can make you cry I love every character but my favorite was Hawkeye it’s really sad that a lot of them have passed away it just breaks my heart but they will never be forgotten I’m glad they still show Mash on TV today it’s on right now WGN out of Chicago thanks to TV channels like them and the others you can still watch Mash today I suggest if you’ve never seen it please watch it I believe you would like it you will get a good laugh and sometimes you might get a good cry because it can hit close to home on some things and thank you to everyone who had a hand in doing the TV show MASH

  350. Mash in my opinion is the greatest sitcom ever made. I watch it every Evening, and all of the Mash marathons. I hope they never take it off of TV, and the channels that we get.

  351. M*A*S*H was a seminal influence, not just in my life, but for the nation too. The early ’70’s were a tumultuous period in U.S. history, and much lIke “All in the Family,” M*A*S*H gave so many of us an emotional reprieve, not from racial and generational tensions like “All…” did, but from the insanity of the endless war in Vietnam. Now, most of the cast I love so much, is gone. Col. Blake’s plane that never made it home, has come true. I’m going to weep a little longer; then forget about the grief for awhile, just as we did back then: catch the latest episode of M*A*S*H!

  352. Absolutely LOVE Mash. Watch it every night and other times it is on. Hawkeye and Trapper my favorites. Extremely sad so many of them are gone. Best TV show ever

  353. My father was a helicopter mechanic and worked on those machines in the 50s and early 60s. We both watch mash to this day.

  354. I had surgery summer of 2017 and spent all summer in recovery watching Mash reruns. I am now fully recovered and still watch the marathons. I thought I’d hate it because it would remind me of a painful experience. But it’s enjoyable even today. Frank an Kiplingesque keep me laughing.

  355. I had surgery summer of 2017 and spent all summer in recovery watching Mash reruns. I am now fully recovered and still watch the marathons. I thought I’d hate it because it would remind me of a painful experience. But it’s enjoyable even today. Frank an Kilinger keep me laughing.


    1. Sad to hear, they added the perfect glue during their cameos.

      Edward Winter (Col Flagg) has a doppelgänger working and roaming the wards at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC). Yes I know they changed nane but thats what it is to me!

      The soldier I’m speaking of is truly a “doubletake ” kind of person when he passes you.
      The gruff voice
      The squinty eyes
      Even heard some pretty outlandish “logic” from him once or twice!

      Did he love playing a soldier so much that he begged to come back as a real one?
      They say we all have a twin but this man was spooky close in every way!!

    2. I am heartbroken to hear that another great actor from that just passed and then to read this post and see the two more as well mister Colonel Flagg funny as hell especially the episode where he has a broken arm in a cast and in front of Hawkeye he smashes the X-ray down on it just to make sure he stays around longer it’s just sad to hear these people passing I was maybe 3 when I remember my first episode and I was born in 82 and I still know all of the episodes because of my dad and I show I fell in love with as a kid it’s just sad to hear that all the people I looked up to are passing it’s just heartbreaking and they will all be missed and always remembered never forgotten especially by true fans

  357. Still is and forever will be the Greatest show ever put on television …God bless you all …I was in my 20s and early 30s when the show was on and I can remember most all of the shows … Colonel Blake was one of my favorites he was a nut especially when he would say … Radar and his face would hit the door or Radar would always come in the room before Blake call for him …they do not make shows like that NO MORE …what memories…thank you

    1. Truer words were never written Ken Brumett!
      Thank goodness for Sundance. My Saturday evenings up thru midnight allow me to re-visit the finest ensemble of actors, working with the greatest script writers of clever, insightful and quite hilarious situations, while showing humanity at its best. Even though we’ve lost several of the cast members, it’s wonderful to watch them through the telescope of time when great writing and acting presented exemplary television for ALL.

      1. I have to start checking spelling before hitting send.

        Above said Col Blake’s “YO!!” Answer always acracked ne up.

        He had so many variations in pronouncing it and every one was hysterical

  358. I’ve been watching the reruns of Mash on TVland . Love this show . Funny and sad sometimes . A great reminder that war is not good .

    1. You are not alone Deanna. I have watching episodes every night for over a year on TVland. 6pm to 8pm. And I watched the series when it first began from the pilot episode to Goodbye, Farewell, Amen. I am very saddened that William Christopher, Harry Morgan, McLean Stevenson, Wayne Rogers, David Ogden Stiers , Larry Linville, have all Passed. There will never be a cast as good as they were ever again.

      1. Totally agree.
        Casts working, playing and bantering off/against each other the way this crew did is something that comes along very rarely.
        I was too young to watch the first few seasons until the reruns started but once I did, I was hooked. Trapper John was my first (memorable) crush.
        I can remember daydreaming about his big, tall build. That curly mop of blonde hair and that crooked smile that made me melt (and I wasn’t even 10 years old then!!), I had our wedding all planned!

        David Ogden Steirs was the most recent loss if I’m not mistaken. March 2018 I think.

        It saddens me to think that these actors, who were a part of one of the best shows ever made, are and have been dying off with little to no acknowledgement.

        Younger generations (I’m just beginning my 40s), have NO CLUE who these people are/were much less the ways MASH changed the way sitcoms and series were made following their lead.

        This may sound quite silly but there’s a trivia game I play on the phone.
        Players can submit questions for others.

        I thought I would see just how lacking younger generations are so I entered the question:
        “Which MASH character was the most recent to die in 2018?”

        Not a SINGLE correct answer and the stupid questions are 4 multiple choice!

        What a shame that shows like this have been replaced with the true garbage we have forced upon us today.

      1. We record them all and enjoy them nightly.
        love the show and we have decided to do MASH 4077 for our annual Fun Float theme this year

      2. Diane C…..please tell me how you get your DVR to hold them all!!

        Maybe I have mine set to catch too many episodes on too many channels but I still have almost 90 episodes saved and waiting and I watch 2-4 every night!!
        How do you keep your DVD from filling up??

  359. A wonderful, hilarious show, demonstrating the terrible sides of war with a brilliant script and a handful of wonderful actors. I still watch it endlessly on uk drama and wish the remaining cast the very best that life can bring.
    Few tv series will ever top this one.
    Thank you,
    Wendy (Demir)

  360. My family never missed M*A*S*H! I was a teenager when the program was the number one show on TV. I was thrilled to find the program back on TV as reruns, so I watched every program over again! M*A*S*H will always be my “go to” program. Loved it as a teenager, loved it the second time around, and would be willing to watch it all over again. Needless to say, I will always be able to say that it is one of my all-tune favorite programs and will remain as a favorite program~~

    1. I am watching MASH right now! I find myself watching episodes whenever they are on! It makes me sad, happy, and everything in between!

      1. I’ve been watching tonight and my 15yo old son just chastised me about “living in the past” and I should watch scrubs or code black if I want to watch medical shows.

        Sat his smart butt down and pointed out that there were a great many medical advances made during that time still in use today.
        He also had NO clue that Korea took place when we were known as “The Great 48” (no Alaska or Hawaii yet).
        His brain can only fathom 50 states. He also thought those 50 states all joined sometime before or during the revolutionary or civil war (he couldn’t remember which was which!).

        Omg have public schools FAILED!!!!

        Even if I didn’t love the medical part, MASH would always be one of my favorite shows.
        May be getting a bit over the top when I can recite almost entire episodes from having watched reruns time and again!! 🙂

  361. Without doubt one of the best USA made series ever to be shown on UK TV. Excellent writing, great acting and timeless humour that crossed The Atlantic which often does not work here. Still shown on certain channels here I love it and watch whenever I can — keep playing it

  362. My husband and I watch M.A.S.H. repeatedly – Monday to Friday – on British T.V. and love all the characters be they from the start, right through to when the series ended, and we are sad to learn of the passing of some of such wonderful actors.

    Watching the series day in and day out it is hard to remember that the surviving actors are in their eighties. We had many favourite characters but greatly enjoyed the early series and the rapport between Hawkeye and Trapper, and the humour of Maclean Stevenson. And who can forget Radar who was the absolute backbone of the whole series. Gary was such a great actor to play the part as he did.

    Thank you to all the wonderful actors of M.A.S.H. who gave such great enjoyment.,

  363. I found reuns of MASH, and it is the first time I have laughed in the 3 years since my husband died. We watched every episode together in the 70s and 80s. I can laugh and cry now when before I only knew tears. Thanks MASH.

    1. My husband has since passed away too! We too watched it together. I could watch it every nite, sometimes I do.

  364. MASH is one of those shows that runs with the times. Each time you watch an espisode you find a jewel you missed the last time.

    1. You find jewels previously missed but also catch things that were so far before their time.
      Medical procedures and “tricks” they tried to save soldiers lives when they just didn’t know what to do anymore.

      Some kind of forsight that many of those “tricks” are still in use today as standard practice.

  365. One of the shows we watch continuously through out our years. Still cry and laugh almost every episode. Love M*A*S*H

  366. I couldn’t tell you , how it brings back so many memories. We have 2 sons that were in the miltery one of our sons my husband named radar, it fits our son to a tee, so many faces , I just love to see readers humble and innocents,of a young man today we have young men and women still in our war today, this mash gave us such a since of war real war , thank you every one who was in mash, to the ones that have passed on , may you all rest in peace,

  367. I bought the (what I thought) entire series on DVD after recording it for years on VCR tapes….and I am fairly sure the collection is not total. But I can honestly say that regardless I still to this day enjoy every single episode. I do truly miss these wonderful people. I am actually watching Series 3 episode 19 ” Aid Station ” as I write this comment
    Looking up why McLean Stevenson left actually directed me to this site. I was not aware we had lost “Charles Emerson Winchester the 3rd). That is quite saddening.
    I wish the remaining members a long fruitful life…and to all my fellow MASH lovers out there I wish you many more happy days or nights enjoying this absolutely unforgettable show.
    Cheers from Australia.

  368. Lol….I just saw my comment come up and time stamped as 24 june at 11.27 am.
    It is actually Monday the 25th june at 01.26 hrs…also….it is winter here and it is currently 4 degrees where I am.
    A bit late to be watching MASH you say…..’NEVER’ say I.
    Stay safe and stay alive folks.

    1. I think that Alan Alda at times over-acted. Especially when he laughed. Laughed too hard for things that weren’t so funny.
      It seemed too fake.

      I, also, still watch the show every night.

      I never liked anything else I saw Alda in but loved him in “mash”.

    2. I think Alan Alda was a drama king and overrated also. Seemed to be a stand out over every one else. Otherwise I love Mash and everyone else except Klinger.

  369. The greatest thing about well writtenTV programs like MASH and the unforgettable and talented Actors, and the believable characters they created, who came to visit you in your home each week never disappointing you. Always tickled you funny bone, gave your just enough insight into the struggles and heartaches of war. It makes one wish the show had never ended. Thanks goodness for re-runs! It helps to keep the good memories alive. We all sorely missed those who have passed. And continue to thank the actor’s, writers, ALL involved in making MASH one of the best tv entertainment memories of all times. God Bless.

  370. Mash represents a period in time that we will always look back on fondly.
    It was a part of our lives and now has spanned them as well.

  371. The best program ever televised!! The original cast was perfect, artists that were replaced almost as good. Particularly liked Wayne Rogers. There will never be another program like M*A*S*H. McLean Stevenson, aka Colonel Blake added a new dimension of comedy to the show. Wish he would have stayed on for remaining episodes.

  372. I can remember going over to my neighbors house every afternoon with my buddies and watching this show everyday. I was 10 when this show started and still love watching it everyday now as a adult. It was and still is one the greatest shows on television. I was sad to hear of Winchester’s passing. Like most of you have echoed it’s sad to see another great actor that has passed away. I have always loved the episode of Hawkeye and his Longhorns and the one about Adam’s Ribs. This is the kind of show they need to put back on television.

  373. I’ve watched Mash from the very first episode. I live in Perth W.A. It’s a very cold wet day the time here is 7:31am and I’m still watching Mash. I have every episode and I love it. Sometimes it makes me feel sad just seeing some of the conditions that they worked under most of the time it makes me laugh and feel good watching some of the things they got up to just to keep there sanity. M.A.S.H. I salute you all.

  374. I’ve been watching Mash 4077 now 40+ years and still loving it.. I am almost 49 now. My dream wish is to meet any member of the 4077 in person even for a second. I never come close to meet anyone of the cast.
    If they do come my way it will be heard to even get close to so it gives me no chance to full fill a dream.
    If you guys come anywhere near Melbourne Australia it will be nice to meet anyone of you and i promise it want take much of your time.This will be a one time chance in all the numbers in the world. Life is to short and not much time to do things.
    Love you all

  375. Love MASH, it’s like an old friend, a favorite pair of shoes, a blanket, comfort food.

    My eternal thanks to Larry Linville and Edward Winter for bring my two favorite characters to life, you’ve made me laugh and fill my heart with joy. Rest in peace to all we’ve lost.

    To all who made MASH possible, thank you so much!

  376. Watch it as often as it comes on, TVLand, WGN, SUNDANCE NETWORK, Sometimes on AMC in the early morning! Next to “I LOVE LUCY”, THE VERY BEST!!!

  377. I am watching M*A*S*H right now. I never tire of it.
    It would be great if the actors could return to the site where where it was filmed and dig up the time capsule they buried in one of episodes. It would make another great reuniondhow.

    1. time capsul was destroyed by accident during something fox was doing , i read but cant remember the site , please googl it hope i read about a diff capsul , otherwise how would gary have the teddy , unless it wasnt buried with it …. best i can remember

    2. “Burghoff said Radar’s teddy bear had been lost for 30 years until it suddenly turned up at an auction in 2005. A medical student bought it for $11,500, and promptly sold it back to Burghoff.” from MentalFloss

    3. Awesome idea. The surviving members could do it as a tribute to their passed buddies. And shown that time marches on and waits for no man (or woman).

  378. I am watching M*A*S*H right now. I never tire of it.
    It would be great if the actors could return to the site where where it was filmed and dig up the time capsule they buried in one of episodes. It would make another great reunion show.

  379. Mash is one of my favorite shows of all time, I grew up to them. I just ordered the dvd’s and have been watching them nonstop. it makes me feel like a kid again I was born in 1975 . I loved all the characters I beleave these people were ment for the parts they played and no one will ever take there place in my heart … So to the cast Thank you for all laugh’s M A S H was my touch stone threw out the years thank you ….

  380. Enjoyed the series, both originally and in re-runs. The humor is timeless, and can easily be understood by viewers of each generation.

  381. What a great show, it has everything. I remember watching MASH when I was a kid & now picking it up again at 61, brilliant, I laugh a lot but also shed a tear, the writing & acting from everyone throughout is just fantastic.

    LP from South Wales, UK

  382. Tony Sanchez Floresville, TX
    I love Mash . The show is sad sometimes, it shows the good times and the hard times in the Korean War,and the hard time we had here at home in the U S . Every series has a message. God bless everyone in Mash


  384. I love mash so much I’ve seen all the episodes over and over and I never get bored. I hope it is played for ever so the next generations can enjoy a perfect program.

  385. I love the comedy from MASH there were some serious scenes to the show. It helped not dramatize war. Like most movies and tv shows do when you have war scenes in them.

  386. I have often said that M.A.S.H. is the best show EVER! Great writing, acting and creativity. Col. Blake, Trapper, Hawkeye, Radar, Klinger, Sherman T., BJ, Hot Lips and ole ferret face! Loved every character.

  387. I can’t believe that so many of the young and vibrant cast have passed on. Sad to watch the show now. One of the best in my lifetime. MASH brought humor, pathos and sorrow to the screen, but always with a laugh. Rest In Peace gentlemen. The likes of you will never be seen again.

  388. I worked at a CBS tv station in Erie,Pa. and we ran the first Mash on TV in 1972. Most employees took a break to view the show every week! It had to be the best show ever on TV. Thank”s to all the writer’s and and producers that got it on TV! I spent a couple years in Germany never had that much fun in 1962,1963, and 1964 but made a ton of money as a barber loaning out money that my large roommate collected for me on payday! I’ll never forget it!

  389. I grew up watching mash with my dad and I’m a 80s baby. I’m in my 30s now and understand mash fully and laugh at all the punchlines. Hawkeye is my favorite character.

  390. So burt Metcalf is my wife’s second cousin. Course all my kid life, I grew up not knowing my wife…. staying up till 10:00 watching mash with my father. Great show and have recently been able to find mash on YouTube TV, and began the mash bendge once again. Really interesting background behind mash and I look forward to watching one of the greatest shows from start to end of our time

  391. Time passers on you cannot stop that it comes to us all,but its still nice to watch the ups and downs of the show on TV as if its happening today,I watch the shows most nights here in ENGLAND and still get a lot of laughs remembering the ones that are no longer with us.

      1. Why leave such a negative comment. Just stop watching the show and let the rest of appreciate a great show and good acting.

      2. It is tired, not tried. If you are going to be hateful at least be able to spell your negativity!

      3. Given people are starving and dying by the hundreds and thousands in north korea due to the nature of the totalitarian government, i wonder if mr. alda and the creators of mash have any regrets about the tone of the show?

      4. How can you be tired of a show that has been off the air since 1983 excluding reruns and maybe a few classic television networks? What a strange comment. Are you also tired of Laurel and Hardy? lol

  392. Simply the greatest television show that brings back memories of great actors who made the show what it is today.We will always cherish watching this show or was it not a show but the real thing.I like the latter.

    Wallace Etheridge

  393. I loved MASH very much, then & now in reruns, but it came as a big surprise to learn that several members ( casts ) have past.away. May they rest in peace. They made MASH a series that couldn’t be missed.

    1. I started watching and recording MASH 4077 about a month ago after watching THe Golden Girls to dearh, able to recite every mext line.
      I think every day should end with laughter, it takes away all your cares in the world and had I known MASH was on TV I would have been watching that long ago! The characters on that show were freaking amazing and as a little girl
      i couldn’t wait to warch it! You see my brothers were in Nam at the time and I remember how the show made me feel closer to them! Today ar age 66 when That song comes on at the begonning of the show I wanna cry, hey they both made it home, my brothers that is. I love that show to death and I certainly hope the acrors got and get royalties from the show! They were all fabulois actors! I would have loved to meet the actors in the “Swamp”!!!

      1. Uh, Buffy, you are also guilty as charged. You blurted your atheism as if you have rights that Vera doesn’t. Nice double standard.

  394. growing up watching MASH from the beginning to the end from the different cast to the final cast it was a great show I truly miss the actors that were in the show the ones that we have lost thankfully the show will remain reruns forever God bless all of you and thank you for the Memories

  395. I remember sitting on the floor in the Living room watching MASH as a family every week. My parents were both dying of Cancer in 79. I’d bought them the best TV available with a Remote! They Loved the show. But they wouldn’t use the remote.” It will ruin the TV if we use it!” Haha. MASH helped distract them from their pain and suffering as they died together in May of 79. I shall always be grateful to the actors for bringing them happiness at the end. Now my husband is Addicted to MASH! We are both Disabled Veterans USARMY. I believe the show contributed to my becoming an RN and joking the Army! It’s funny. My UK FB Friend calls me “Hot Lips”!

      1. Loved reading your comments as I watch this great show – yet again!!! Your words were priceless to me as I just lost both my parents only a year ago…hard to find a show today that people can identify with and that can bring them together….
        And LOVE your last name!!
        Take care …

    1. I named my Jeep “Hot Lips”. When I bought it my friend said hey your car reminds me of MASH (because of the headlights) a bulb went on over my head. I shall call her Hot Lips. And that how she got her name.

      Just in case anyone wanted to know? lol.

  396. This show was one of my favorite, it was real with people that care about each other.
    I loves Harry Morgan he gave a real Leader Alan Alda was great Loretta Swit was a doll I loved her role Klinger crazy Radar kept everyone straight and narrow

  397. I would always be late to football training as training started when Mash ended. A legitimate excuse
    As the coach said,
    Only for Mash.

  398. If I could I would watch mash 247 can’t get enough my kids hAve bought me the dvd box sets I wach it when feeling low but I still watch it every night at 7 and when it was on at 2 in the am it’s a fantastic pick me up plz put it on in the daytime to plzzzzzzzz xxx

  399. I absolutely love MASH. I have the complete box series. I remember watching it with my Grandfather as he is a retired US Army Veteran. Anytime I want to go back in time I watch one of these and it’s like in 6 or 7 again and I can hear his laugh.

  400. It’s Valentines Day and my wife and I of 45 years are off on a three day getaway in the N. GA mountains. Just finished watching several runs of M.A.S.H. and as always, enjoyed each show. Was unaware of the case members that had passed. Not that we live in the past, but it was very enjoyable, entertaining as well as interesting to watch TV shows that you feel comfortable watching with family members. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, good or bad, it’s nice to see / read all of the positive comments. Who remembers the song Monster Mash? What about the song / dance Mash Potato. Aren’t good memories wonderful?

  401. I watch Mash every afternoon. All tho I have the whole series,I had rather watch it on tv. My husband was a Korean veteran, and he says so much of it is real.He passed away in 2011. I remember the last episode so very well I was in the hospital so My husband taped it for me.

  402. My husband who is 87 and I (80) watch one or two episodes of M.A.S.H every evening before we go to bed. My husband says “time for the funnies honey”. What a wonderful way to end your day right? May God bless all those wonderful people who worked hard every day to make us laugh.c

  403. I was stationed in korea for two tours in the 80’s. I didn’t see any of these people while I was off duty!!!!

  404. I like the Trapper John Years the best. Not as much politically correct stuff in the begging of this series. Plus they turned Frank into a total buffoon and stereotyped his character to much. I get the sitcom thing but sometimes it’s to much mustard on a hotdog. Also looking back Hot Lips was a great character. I’m watching MASH now and that’s why I found this blog post. thanks for allowing the fans of this great show to opine on this t.v. show.

  405. My father had basic training in Michigan for the Army Air Corp near where medical personnel were training as well. He would roar with laughter at
    M*A*S*H—he said in his experience with the medical people, MASH is quite accurate

  406. When I was younger I thought “how can they joke about while young men are wounded and dying in that place”
    I then learned how could they not! To go through the ‘police action’ seeing young fit men butchered. You get to realise that without humour they would have just been totally broken.
    That respect too that Hawkeye and Hotlips share for one another in their professional fields……and that long lingering kiss. Wonderful.
    I can only thank all the people involved in the show for creating a real treasure in my life ( and many other peoples lives too I’m sure). Bless you all!!!!!

  407. Given people are starving and dying by the hundreds and thousands in north korea due to the nature of the totalitarian government, i wonder if mr. alda and the creators of mash have any regrets about the tone of the show?

  408. Absolutley love the entire series many tears many laughs and a story we wont forget thanks to the cast for giving us 11 seasons of this amazing show

  409. My fav show ever when i lived in the UK, my dad was British Army he loved it too, So many memories when I watch the reruns every day, God bless the actors who have passed they gave us much pleasure back in the 70s. They dont make shows like that and many more these days.

  410. I loved M*A*S*H* and still watch the reruns when I eat supper. I had a terrible crush on Alan Alda. I was sad when I learned he is battling Parkinson’s. He is courageous, facing the disease bravely. My cousin had Parkinson’s for 13 years and passed away at the age of 91. Besides Mr. Alda, I loved every cast member as if they were family. Klinger’s antics, Margaret’s brief marriage, Radar’s innocence, Father Mulcahey’s faith, Winchester’s stuffiness and that wonderful Boston accent, and all the others just make my day. I love the guest appearances of Ron Howard and John Ritter, to name a few actors who played parts on this program. I will never forget this show. As great as it is, the movie is terrible.

  411. The fact that “Mash” is still running on a couple of channels attests to its relevancy even today. I still watch it on occasion and continue to enjoy it. It typifies the word “Iconic”.

    1. I love M.A.S.H Episodes .,
      I Remember when I watched the Episodes When I Was A Child Back In The Day Of The 80’s . I Am Glad That There Still On The The Me T.v Air as of today . I Will For Surly Keep Watching . My preyers Goes Out To The Family And Friend’s Of Mash that Have Passed On ( David Allen Ogden Stiers ) as I was born and raised In Portland Oregon As I Tell Others ” The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side ” My Favorite Actor Was Alan Alda . He had a great Personality And That Would Make You Smile And Laugh as a great Actor And A Comedian . My Best Wish’s Of M.A.S.H …..
      Best Regards Richard Smith

  412. You bet, I don’t watch much TV but I do try to catch the local news and the world news from 5pm to 6 pm. From 6pm to 7 pm their are 2 MASH episodes on MeTV 6 nights a week. I,ve yet to catch the episode where Hawkeye ends up in the insane asylum and the final 2 shows in their entirety. I never did see a doll episode and all of my years of watching MASH they just fit together all of them all of the cast and I still watch it

  413. I grew up in the 80s watching MASH episodes dubbed in Spanish in South America. After moving to New York, I kept watching it and rediscovered its multilayered humor and well-written episodes. Now I watch it on MeTV four or five nights in a row. The social commentaries shine in stark contrast to the polarized views that gain so much publicity these days. A beloved show.

  414. My husband and I watch recorded episodes of “MASH “ almost every night. So little of today’s tv is of interest to us. The humor tempered with real human values and weaknesses make the series relevant today. The series evolved greatly during its run…

  415. I watched M A S H when it first came on TV and just loved it. Now I watch Saturday evening on Cable. It is still as great at is walls 35 years ago. Hawkeye and the gang were funny as hell. To this day, I stlll watch the reruns over and over again and still keep laughing. That is a testament to this show. There will never be another M A SH. Don’t ever let it not go on air. It is too good to not air it. Brilliant work,,,brilliant cast, etc. Keep M A S H going. corinne loewy

  416. I am looking to find out about nurse kellye her name is kellye. Nakahara I have always been fascinated by her like loved her on the show still watch it really like the one where she got to hawk eye and proved she was the nurse he should be chasing

  417. I started watching M*A*S*H after it was over but, just can’t get enough of it! I own the entire series on DVD and watch almost daily. My favorite episodes are with Harry Morgan as Col. Potter. My Favorite was called “The Tooth Shall Set You Free.”

  418. Monday November 11th, 2019

    Just finished watching the final episode of MASH 4077 on MeTV. It is one if not the best ever tv show ever aired. The cast and crew were great. This show has been a part of my life for so many years. The last episode i think was the best, for one thing it was three hours long and another everyone went home except klinger. But the Corporeal did give his dress to his bride and wore a tux to his wedding. Congradualations Klinger.

  419. I moved to the USA in the late 70s – I Have continued watching the show as often as I can.
    I watched when I was alone, or with love one- I Watch the show during the best of times and the worst time of my life. I remover watching it when my son was Being born in a hospital – Setting in the waiting room the nurse came and got me to go to The Delivery room …..

    – Oh my goodness, I’m thinking how much this show with the brilliant story lines and excellent characters and the setting effected me all these years.
    Thanks for the memory to each and every one that made the show possible.

  420. I watch the “M*A*S*H” marathon every Saturday on Sundance. It is one of TV finest productions — memorable, heartwarming, funny , and a ongoing delight.

  421. I still watch mash and over the years I am amazed that some episodes I do not remember and must have missed, even so I can rewatch any episodes and be entertained. I laugh and I cry…..
    never remove the ability to watch MASH

  422. What about Radar’s girlfriend, Lt Linda Nugent, Peggy Lee Brennan, who appeared in season number 7 in “HOT LIPS IS BACK IN TOWN”?
    She’s still singing and dancing in Branson, Mo, on stage at the HOT HITS THEATRE in her own show, “From Broadway to Hollywood”!

  423. My wife and I have watched MASH daily during the original series and of course now as re-runs daily and still very much enjoy the actors / characters they play plus the various comments both serious and funny. The focus on life, duty, responsibilities and just being people are just as spot on today as they were when originally done in each episode. This show was so far ahead of its time and was about people, relationships, how important they are then and now plus people just have to be people too. We appreciate and thank everyone involved; pay respects to those cast members who have passed and those still among us. You said it like it was and still is in this world. May god bless everyone involved.

  424. I watch an episode of MASH every day! Have done for as long as I can remember. It’s my daily therapy, my escape.
    Nothing has ever come close to the brilliance of this show. There is a very special kind of magic in this show which is, and will never be in any other.
    There is always a little sadness in my heart to think that the show is over, and was over decades ago. Sad to think that some of the wonderful actors have now passed away. I can only say thank you from my heart and soul for giving us such a tonic….a tonic I take daily. Its a beautiful, magical , hilarious show. I will continue to watch it daily………Thank you MASH.

  425. MASH never gets old. I watch it as often as I can on Hulu. It brings back fond memories of watching the show every week with my family growing up. The actors are all fantastic and the stories were funny, sad, heartwarming, gut-wrenching and real! One of the best shows ever made.

  426. We also can’t forget Nurse Kellye (Kellye Nakahara), who passed away recently,
    Nurse Ginger Bayless (Odessa Cleveland) who is still with us, as are many of the actors who portrayed background nurses and orderlies.

    Many actors who played patients went on to distinguished careers, like Patrick Swayze, and Ronnie Howard, who went on to direct after having started his career on the Andy Griffith Show.

    Many of the folks involved with MASH were also talented artists, musicians, and activists. Kellye Nakahara’s , Gary Burghoff’s, and Loretta Swit’s artworks are viewable on their websites. Burghoff is a creative genius, not only creating works of art, but he’s musically gifted, and has quite a few patents to his credit. Switt is part of several animal causes.

    There was so much going for this series, even with the personnel changes, that it became a classic early on. Great writing, great acting, good casting, sensitive directing, and just the right amount of comedy to balance the harsher plot lines, and remember, NO laugh track in the O.R.

    I have the entire series on DVD. I watch it without commercials, with the entire episode (not excerpts of your favorite episodes interspersed with commercials in their entirety).

    It’s a keeper, still relevant, and still fresh.

  427. Some may not be still here, but they will never be gone. They all became family. The Monday night 9 o’clock slot was never shared; it belonged only to MASH. For a long time, I felt so “wounded” having seen the guest spot on Dinah’s show interviewing Alan Alda about the MASH finale. He seriously shot himself in the foot. I think he was “sour grapes” honestly…..so much of what he made before MASH was crap. (Forgive me for that last comment, but true.) He must admit this: MASH made him very popular and very rich.
    Because of all the characters who still “love” us, I will chase the series. There’s too much not to love.

  428. I am a 74 yr old fan[9-15-46], no doubt Mash is/was the greatest! The years have caught up and passed those no longer with us. Those great memories left with all of us fans and I give many thanks to all of the many persons that brought Mash to us. For all of us,”to turn back the hands of time.”

  429. YES!!
    MASH was great, and is!
    An icon!
    It’s wonderful to see so many people who recognize and appreciate the amazing and brilliant talents of the MASH writers, actors, and producers (etc) from the very beginning (1972) to the very end (1983)!

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