MeTV to Air The Best by Farr Marathon [Updated]


November 6th, 2016 Update: MeTV has uploaded Jamie Farr’s host segments to YouTube. Watch them here.

Original Post:

MeTV will air a special “The Best by Farr” marathon next week, hosted by none other than Jamie Farr. The marathon will feature his 10 favorite episodes from M*A*S*H. Two will be shown each weeknight from 7-8PM ET beginning Monday, October 31st and ending Friday, November 4th. It sounds like each episode will feature some interview segments with Farr.

Here’s the schedule:

Monday, October 31st
7:00PM ET – “Chief Surgeon Who?”
7:30PM ET – “The Trial of Henry Blake”

Tuesday, November 1st
7:00PM ET – “Crisis”
7:30PM ET – “Springtime”

Wednesday, November 2nd
7:00PM ET – “Big Mac”
7:30PM ET – “Abyssinia, Henry”

Thursday, November 3rd
7:00PM ET – “The Interview”
7:30PM ET – “Movie Tonight”

Friday, November 4th
7:00PM ET – “What’s Up, Doc?”
7:30PM ET – “Point of View”

And here’s a promo for the marathon:

Curiously, the promo uses the “Memories of Henry” version of the theme song from “Abyssinia, Henry.”

If there are new interview segments with Jamie Farr, hopefully they’ll be uploaded to YouTube later for those of us who don’t get MeTV.

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  1. There was a new ME TV promo this weekend with Jamie Farr (dressed in fatigues) promoting M*A*S*H and Columbo — the bit featured a phone call between Columbo and Farr. I have not been able to find a link to the video as of yet, but it will probably show up on METV’s website eventually.

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