Music of M*A*S*H – “Abyssinia, Henry”


I’ve posted a third episode to my Music of M*A*S*H feature, breaking down the eleven songs — plus the opening and closing credits — from the Season Three episode “Abyssinia, Henry.” Several of the songs were hummed by cast members while two others were played by Radar on his bugle. One of my favorite pieces of music from the series is the version of “Suicide of Painless” played over the tribute to Henry Blake at the end of the episode. It’s official title is “Memories of Henry” and it was composed by Benny Golson.

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  1. Wonderful breakdown RJ! I too love the version of the theme that plays during the tribute to Henry…I have it saved on my computer somewhere.

    By the way, you might want to take notice to a slight error in your post:

    “”…down the music included in the Season Eight episode “Abyssinia, Henry.” Several of the songs…”

    I think you meant to say “included in the Season Three episode” instead of season eight.

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