One Time M*A*S*H Guest Star Patrick Swayze Dies


His breakthrough role came in 1987 when he starred in Dirty Dancing but on April 6th, 1981 Patrick Swayze guest-starred on M*A*S*H (in “Blood Brothers“) as Pvt. Gary Sturgis, a terminally-ill soldier more worried about his wounded buddy than himself. Swayze passed away today at the age of 57 after battling pancreatic cancer. He was diagnosed in March of 2008 but continued working, starring in A&E’s The Beast. The series wrapped its first and only season in April of 2009.

Patrick Swayze in Blood Brothers

Patrick Swayze in “Blood Brothers”

My favorite Swayze performance is the 1985 ABC miniseries “North and South,” based on the John Jakes novel. Swayze reprised his role in “North and South, Book II” but I haven’t had a chance to see that one. He also starred in Ghost in 1990 and appeared in The Outsiders in 1983.

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  1. Another role that Swayze is best remembered for is in the movie “Ghost” alongside Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg; his character Sam Wheat is shot and killed while trying to defend his fiancée Molly Jensen (Moore) from being shot. Through the help of a medium (Goldberg), Wheat continues to protect both Jensen and the medium while trying to sick out the guy responsible for his (Wheat’s) murder. In the end, Sam goes to heaven and leaves Molly behind.

    1. I remember well. I memorized Unchained Melody because I could. He was very well suited the role in Ghost. God rest him.

    2. When he was waiting to film a scene in Chicago he had witnessed a individual giving a woman a bad time. He stepped out of the scene grabbed the guy held him for the movie off duty Police Officers. I understood he never backed away from helping others many times! He was for real and you didn’t mess with anyone when he was around!

  2. I love anything that he was in. Such a great actor and such a great loss. Let’s not forget movies such as Roadhouse and Next of Kin. Gone to soon. So sad…….

    1. Why is it such a great loss he was a chain smoker and an alcoholic go figure ? A great loss is when a child has cancer and dies that is a great loss figure it out as shole

      1. Obviously you won’t be any kind of loss, but probably welcomed speaking of others the way you are.

  3. Im actually watching mash now and patrick swazey is in it and my first movie at the movies was dirty dancing with my first girlfriend in 1987 my god

  4. Lee, just because he drank and smoked you feel that he was not a loss? All those folk who have died from heroin use are not losses…to somebody? Let people have compassion show compassion be compassionate. He didn’t look drunk in his movies to me. He was a professional and good at his job. I liked his movies and to many he is a loss.

  5. We are all gods children the loss of a luved one is unberable. but we all go and we will see them again on the other side don’t be judgemental patrick swayze is a loss like every one young or old sick and needy u think about this lee when god comes for u I live with alot of losses in my family but it is hard to handle at times

  6. It was a loss to lose Patrick Swayze because his acting touched our lives in a positive way. In many of his roles he gave us hope and love. He touched our lives.God Bless him.

  7. Easter 1984 I shared 1/2 cheese burger with Patrick he had just come back from filing they didn’t eat beef. It was so close and real not a fan and a movie star but true real. The man was a real ghost.

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