M*A*S*H Almost Cancelled After 1979-1980 Season?

I wrote yesterday about the possibility that M*A*S*H was considered for cancellation at the end of the 1978-1979 season. In that case, however, it was an investment firm surveying advertising agencies coming to the conclusion that M*A*S*H might end after its seventh season. I’ve now found an interesting article in The Chicago Tribune — by … Continue Reading →

M*A*S*H Slated for Cancellation After 1978-1979 Season?

An annual advertising survey conducted by investment firm Bache Halsey Stuart Shields Inc. suggested that M*A*S*H and three other “long-running series” were “considered candidates for cancellation before the season ends,” according to an August 4th, 1978 article in The New York Times. The other three shows were The Rockford Files on NBC and Barnaby Jones … Continue Reading →

M*A*S*H References on Television

I’ve updated the M*A*S*H References on Television page with a reference from FOX’s medical drama House. In the November 11th, 2008 episode of House (”The Itch”) while discussing doing surgery in a patient’s home as opposed to the hospital, the following exchange takes place: Cameron: “It’s probably ten times more sterile than any mobile hospital … Continue Reading →

M*A*S*H on Jeopardy! Update

I’ve added a M*A*S*H clue from the December 2nd, 2008 edition of Jeopardy! to the M*A*S*H on Jeopardy! page. It was a good but easy clue — and in poem form — and one of the contestants was able to correctly answer.

M*A*S*H References on Television

I’ve updated M*A*S*H References on Television with a reference from Mork & Mindy. Joanne originally submitted the reference, although she was a little vague, but luckily I saw the episode a few weeks ago when SCI FI Channel had a marathon: During the episode “I Heard It Through the Morkvine,” Mork calls up information on … Continue Reading →

Actor Pat Hingle Passes Away

Pat Hingle, an actor who had a memorable role in “April Fools,” the season finale of the eighth season of M*A*S*H has died at 84 according to CNN.com. Hingle played Colonel Daniel Webster Tucker in the episode, originally broadcast March 24th, 1980, that saw Colonel Potter desperately trying to keep Hawkeye, B.J., Charles and Margaret … Continue Reading →

New Frequently Asked Questions List

I’ve put together a new version of my frequently asked questions (FAQ) list that actually reflects questions I’ve been asked at least once. In the past, I answered questions that I simply assumed were widely asked.

Alan Alda Discusses “Lend a Hand”

For the past few months I’ve been slowly going through a large stack of New Yorker magazines from 2004/2005 that have been sitting on my bookshelf since they were first published. In the September 5th, 2005 issue I found a short article about Alan Alda. At the time, he was wrapping up his run in … Continue Reading →