More About Miami Medical and M*A*S*H

The other day I wrote about a M*A*S*H reference in a new CBS drama called Miami Medical, which premiered last Friday (April 2nd). In the episode, the character played by Jeremy Northam called a Miami trauma center “MASH in paradise” and, according to CBS press material, his fictional back story includes a stint at a … Continue Reading →

M*A*S*H References on Grey’s Anatomy, Miami Medical

The March 25th, 2010 episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy was titled “Suicide is Painless,” a clear reference to the memorable theme song from the film MASH and M*A*S*H. The episode featured a flashback to a character’s experience as a medic in Iraq. Also, during the series premiere of Miami Medical (a new drama from Jerry … Continue Reading →

Multiple M*A*S*H References on Last Night’s Community

Last night’s episode of NBC’s Community (“Investigative Journalism”) was filled with references to M*A*S*H. It was hilarious at times. I wasn’t the only one who saw the episode; Mrs. Frank Burns e-mailed me this morning saying “MASH References Galore!” I’ve embedded most of the references through Hulu, although the videos will only work in the … Continue Reading →

M*A*S*H References on Roseanne, Cashin’ In

Mrs. Frank Burns submitted two new references, one from Roseanne, an ABC sitcom that has been off the air for more than a decade, and the other from Cashin’ In, a segment of The Cost of Freedom, a business program that airs on Fox News Channel and regularly features commentary from Wayne Rogers. Apparently, during … Continue Reading →

M*A*S*H Reference on 21 Jump Street

Here’s an older reference, sent to me by Emma, from an episode of 21 Jump Street, which was one of the earliest shows broadcast by FOX (it premiered in April of 1987). This particular reference took place during the March 19th, 1989 episode between two characters: Hanson and Penhall are attempting to apprehend a young … Continue Reading →

M*A*S*H Reference in Original V Miniseries

I watched the original V miniseries this afternoon. It was broadcast by NBC only a few months after M*A*S*H went off the air, on May 1st and May 2nd, 1983. During a scene in Part II, I noticed the following sign:

M*A*S*H Reference on NBC’s Mercy

During last night’s series premiere of NBC’s new drama Mercy there was a reference to M*A*S*H. Nurse Veronica Callahan (played by Taylor Schilling) has returned from Iraq and is working at a hospital. In one scene, she is talking with her brother Mike (played by Diego Klattenhoff) about her love life and the following exchange … Continue Reading →

M*A*S*H Reference on How I Met Your Mother

I only started watching How I Met Your Mother on CBS this past season (its fourth) but thanks to repeats I was able to see an episode from the third season titled “The Bracket” in which there is a hilarious M*A*S*H reference. During a flashback scene Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) is trying to remember the … Continue Reading →