M*A*S*H References on Grey’s Anatomy, Miami Medical

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M*A*S*H references on TV

The March 25th, 2010 episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy was titled “Suicide is Painless,” a clear reference to the memorable theme song from the film MASH and M*A*S*H. The episode featured a flashback to a character’s experience as a medic in Iraq. Also, during the series premiere of Miami Medical (a new drama from Jerry …

Multiple M*A*S*H References on Last Night’s Community

M*A*S*H references on TV

Last night’s episode of NBC’s Community (“Investigative Journalism”) was filled with references to M*A*S*H. It was hilarious at times. I wasn’t the only one who saw the episode; Mrs. Frank Burns e-mailed me this morning saying “MASH References Galore!” I’ve embedded most of the references through Hulu, although the videos will only work in the …