Multiple M*A*S*H References on Last Night’s Community


Last night’s episode of NBC’s Community (“Investigative Journalism”) was filled with references to M*A*S*H. It was hilarious at times. I wasn’t the only one who saw the episode; Mrs. Frank Burns e-mailed me this morning saying “MASH References Galore!” I’ve embedded most of the references through Hulu, although the videos will only work in the United States and will disappear eventually. You can find a comprehensive analysis of the episode here, along with another reference from an earlier episode of Community (“Home Economics,” originally broadcast November 5th, 2009) that I watched but forgot to mention.

4 Replies to “Multiple M*A*S*H References on Last Night’s Community”

  1. You might have to wait quite a while for the embedded files to load but they are working for me in Firefox 3.5.7. And I just checked in Internet Explorer 8 and they work as well, but take even longer to load than in Firefox.

  2. If you know hulu only works in the US, why don’t you post the videos on youtube or some other video hosting site that’s not exclusive to the US.

  3. Hulu is the only site I know of that allows visitors to embed segments of an episode of their choosing rather than specific clips. With Hulu, I was able to embed each of the references to M*A*S*H quickly and easily.

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