M*A*S*H Reference on 21 Jump Street


Here’s an older reference, sent to me by Emma, from an episode of 21 Jump Street, which was one of the earliest shows broadcast by FOX (it premiered in April of 1987). This particular reference took place during the March 19th, 1989 episode between two characters:

Hanson and Penhall are attempting to apprehend a young soldier hiding out in a high school. As they watch him fool about, Penhall remarks “They would have let him out of the army with a section 8… It’s that thing Klinger was always trying to get.”

I have updated M*A*S*H References on Television with this latest reference.

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  1. RJ, I’ve found a few references, too.

    On ‘Roseanne’, Jackie (I think that’s her name) suddenly stops, thinking she heard something. Roseanne remarks, “Choppers, Radar?”

    In August 2009, one of the panelists on FOX’s ‘Cashin’ In’ says that if his prediction on unemployment is wrong, in honor of Wayne Rogers, he’ll show up dressed like Klinger.

    And finally, here’s a movie reference. The father in ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ (1985) is a war veteran and says, “I wonder what time the M*A*S*H re-runs come on here?”

  2. No worries. I’ll add the two television references tomorrow. I’ve thought about tracking movie references. I think I actually did have a few non-television references included for a while but got rid of them in favor of sticking exclusively with television.

  3. This wasn’t in the actual movie, but I remember from the blooper reel of Kermit’s Swamp Years when a young Kermit the Frog and his pals were walking through the swamp, and a helicopter just happened to fly over head, thus ruining the take… though Kermit’s friend Croaker made up for it by shouting “Incoming wounded!”

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