Discussing May’s Poll

I was a week late posting about April’s poll and now I’m a week late posting about May’s poll. Everything evens out in the end, I guess. Except for this month’s poll, which unless I forgot will only run for three weeks. Anyway, last month’s poll asked “Have you seen “W*A*L*T*E*R,” the unsold pilot starring … Continue Reading →

Discussing April’s Poll

I am a week late posting this, so this month’s poll will have to run a bit shorter than usual. Last month, I asked visitors to answer the following question: “Have you seen any episodes of Trapper John, M.D.?” Out of the 178 responses, 63% said Yes and 37% said No. That’s very close to … Continue Reading →

Discussing March’s Poll

Last month’s poll asked “Have you seen any episodes of AfterMASH?” and of the 175+ responses, 60% said yes and 40% said no. I suppose I should not be surprised that so many people visiting a website dedicated to M*A*S*H have seen at least one episode of the spin-off. But I really did not expect … Continue Reading →

Discussing February’s Poll

Exactly 108 people voted in February’s poll, which asked “Have you seen the movie MASH?” This time, the results were incredibly lopsided. The vast majority of poll takers, 89% of them, said yes while only 11% said no. Written by Ring Lardner, Jr. and directed by Robert Altman, MASH (released in January of 1970) was … Continue Reading →

Discussing January’s Poll

More than one hundred people voted in last month’s poll, which asked “Have you read the novel MASH?” The majority of poll takers (67% to be exact) said no. MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors, written by Richard Hooker (the pen name of real life surgeon and Korean War veteran H. Richard Hornberger) with … Continue Reading →

How often do you watch M*A*S*H?

Just out of curiosity, I’ve added a poll to the left sidebar asking how often people watch M*A*S*H. Personally, I very rarely watch M*A*S*H these days. I own the complete series on DVD so I can pop in a disc whenever I want but I just do not have the time. At one point I … Continue Reading →