Caption This #042: The Colonel’s Horse


The Caption This game is played every Wednesday at 12PM Eastern. Every week, I’ll post an image from an episode of M*A*S*H and ask readers to provide a caption. This is not a competition, there is no winner, and you can share as many captions as you want.

This week’s image is from the Season 5 episode “The Colonel’s Horse.” Take a look and hit the comments with your best idea for a caption.

Still from the MASH episode The Colonel's Horse showing Frank and Margaret.

Check back next Wednesday for another installment of Caption This.

5 Replies to “Caption This #042: The Colonel’s Horse”

  1. If I help put this on for you just maybe I’ll get to palate your side. Just don’t tell Donald Penabsnott.

  2. “Margaret, you KNOW your ‘Jesus on the Cross’ bit makes me uncomfortable! What if Father Mulcahy sees you?!”

  3. “Falling asleep even before I finish dressing you?! I’m not THAT boring, am I? (snippy) I don’t care WHAT Peirce says!”

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