Read TV Guide Episode Summaries from Season 4

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I’ve added summaries for most Season 4 episodes to my M*A*S*H TV Guide Episode Summaries page.

Here are a few of the episode summaries:

“Change of Command”
Friday, September 19th, 1975
Command of the 4077th is assumed by Col. Sherman Potter, a regular Army man who is about to learn that life at the 4077th is anything but regular.
[Summary for the March 9th, 1976 repeat.]

“Dear Peggy”
Tuesday, November 11th, 1975
In a letter to his wife, B.J. details a wide variety of newsy and nutty happenings at MASH. Included is an inspection by a taskmaster chaplain (played by Ned Beatty). [Pre-empts “Joe and Sons.”]

“Some 38th Parallels”
Tuesday, January 20th, 1976
Four separate stories are united by the common element of anxiety, ranging from Frank’s fear that the Koreans are stealing the 4077th’s garbage to a wounded colonel’s worry about retrieving the killed-in-action, no matter what the cost in lives.

Who remembers reading M*A*S*H episode summaries in TV Guide?

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