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WGN America, one of five cable channels currently airing M*A*S*H in the United States, wants to know what sort of marathons M*A*S*H fans want to see. WGN America has rights to air every episode except for “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen.”

M*A*S*H began airing on WGN America in March 2017. A 15-hour, 30-episode marathon aired March 4th, 2017 to celebrate M*A*S*H joining the WGN America schedule. Last month, a special “The Best of Major Winchester” marathon ran for 31 episodes over the course of two days last month in honor of the late David Ogden Stiers.

So, what kinds of marathons do you want to see WGN America air in the future? “Best of” marathons featuring episodes highlighting individual characters? Themed marathons, like one collecting every “letter home” episode, for example? A marathon that includes every season premiere and finale (except for GFA, of course).

Hit the comments with your thoughts. I’ll make sure this post, and the comments, ends up with WGN America.

5 Replies to “Marathons You Want to See on WGN America”

  1. I like the letter home idea. Some of the best ones are of this ilk.

    I also would love to see a collection of the Sydney Freedman or Col. Flagg episodes.

    Maybe the episodes of transition (older characters leaving and new ones entering the show)

    1. I was just thinking a Col. Flagg marathon would be interesting!

      Sydney Freedman, too, buy wouldn’t that have to include Goodbye, Farewell and Amen? That one is rarely shown, AFAIK; I haven’t seen it in the marathons on Sundance, WGN, AMC or the weekday block on TV Land. As Time Goes By is always followed immediately by the Pilot episode.

      Since he’s one of my favorite characters (along with Trapper), I’d like to see a marathon of Fr. Mulcahy episodes. I mean the ones he’s really central in, like Dear Sis, Mulcahy’s War, A Holy Mess, etc. They probably did that right after William Christopher’s death; if so, I missed it.

  2. “AfterMASH” marathon. Please. Anywhere. We’ve been waiting more than 30 years for those parts of the M*A*S*H saga to be accessible by fans again.

    Would’ve been appropriate for some TV channel to show those after the death of Harry Morgan or William Christopher. Hope this show pops up someplace while we still have Jamie Farr among us. Or Rosalind Chao, for that matter…..

  3. How about a straight-up MASH “Top 10” as voted on by the fans? I prefer the Potter/BJ/Winchester trio to Henry/Trapper/Frank. However, a Top 10 vote for the entire series run would include Both ensembles.

  4. I know I’m WAY too late for this, but I Wanted to comment anyway in case MeTV (the stations I watch M*A*S*H on is listening, I’d love a Father Mulcahy episode marthon with Nurse Doctor, Dear Sis, A Holy Mess, Mulcahy’s War, and Blood Brothers, as well as a marthathon that highlights the hilarious, paranoid enigma that is Colonel Flagg.

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