WGN America Airing The Best of Major Winchester

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Cable channel WGN America is celebrating the life of David Ogden Stiers with a special “The Best of Major Winchester” marathon airing today and tomorrow. The two-day marathon will include 31 episodes of M*A*S*H featuring Charles Emerson Winchester, III. The marathon started earlier this evening at 7PM ET and runs until midnight. Tomorrow, it picks up again at 12:30PM ET and continues until 11PM ET.

Here’s the full list of episodes:

Friday, March 9th

 7:00PM – “Nurse Doctor”
 7:30PM – “Private Finance”
 8:00PM – “The Yalu Brick Road”
 8:30PM – “Life Time”
 9:00PM – “Dear Uncle Abdul”
 9:30PM – “Captains Outrageous”
10:00PM – “Yessir, That’s My Baby”
10:30PM – “Bottle Fatigue”
11:00PM – “Old Soldiers”
11:30PM – “Morale Victory”

Saturday, March 10th

12:30PM – “Goodbye, Cruel World”
 1:00PM – “Dreams”
 1:30PM – “Back Pay”
 2:00PM – “Letters”
 2:30PM – “Cementing Relationships”
 3:00PM – “Father’s Day”
 3:30PM – “Death Takes a Holiday”
 4:00PM – “A War for All Seasons”
 4:30PM – “Your Retention, Please”
 5:00PM – “Tell It to the Marines”
 5:30PM – “Taking the Fifth”
 6:00PM – “Operation Friendship”
 6:30PM – “No Sweat”
 7:00PM – “Depressing News”
 7:30PM – “No Laughing Matter”
 8:00PM – “Oh, How We Danced”
 8:30PM – “Bottoms Up”
 9:00PM – “The Red/White Blues”
 9:30PM – “Bless You, Hawkeye”
10:00PM – “Lend a Hand”
10:30PM – “Goodbye, Cruel World”

WGN America follows MeTV in airing special episodes of M*A*S*H in honor of David Ogden Stiers.

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  1. I didn’t see or even know about this until now, but it looks like a list of all MASH episodes from early S8 thru most of S9, w/ a couple late S8 episodes at the end. I don’t like the Winchester subplot of “Nurse Doctor”, but my all-time least favorite Winchester plot is from S10’s “Communications Breakdown”.

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