M*A*S*H Marathon on SundanceTV


It’s Memorial Day weekend in the United States and that means marathons on television. Among the dozens of marathons scheduled this weekend is a M*A*S*H marathon on cable channel SundanceTV. It starts at 6AM ET on Sunday, May 28th and ends at 6AM ET on Tuesday, May 30th. The marathon includes the first 96 episodes of the series.

However, because “Welcome to Korea” will be shown as two half-hour episodes–the way it always airs in syndication–the marathon will end with the penultimate episode from Season 4 (“Deluge”) rather than the season finale (“The Interview”). See the full schedule at the SundanceTV website.

SundanceTV began airing the series in November 2016. It’s one of three cable channels currently showing M*A*S*H; the others are AMC and TV Land. M*A*S*H also airs on digital specialty network MeTV.

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    1. We can NEVER get enough of MASH. One of the true classics still on TV. Thank you, Sundance, for giving us and our children this masterpiece. Keep em coming. We watch and laugh and cry and appreciate all the brilliant acting and writing. So happy our kids get to enjoy it as much as we did and do. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

  1. Love MASH. The relationships, laughs and pains…can’t say enough
    But since they started airing on the Sundance, they have been airing a commercial.
    I tag line, is driving me nuts because I can’t quite make out what they are saying.

    It sounds something like “…they invented squat goals.”
    Is this the actual line?

    1. It’s actually squad goals. Honestly, I have no idea what squad goals are or when they became part of the lexicon.

  2. I am a true fan of Mash, I watch it all the time. Mash is not only one of the best tv shows on today but among the best of all time. From beginning to end this is a show that will make you laugh & sometimes make you cry. I enjoy watching Mash when ever it’s on , starting with Monday morning at six o’clock right through till one or two in the afternoon. When I’m not feeling good because my back is in pain nothing is better than watching a Mash marathon. I can only hope that Mash will continue to be a part of the daily programming for the near future & beyond.

      1. Try WGN America, that’s 68 on Verizon in my area. I really only started watching MASH weekly about 2 years ago. Growing up Hogan’s Heroes seemed like a better show for a younger person.

  3. Please put Mash back on. Who in the heck wants to watch the rifleman not me. That’s about the only time I turn on Sundance. That was a bad choice someone in your company made.

  4. Please put MASH ack on. I’m not adjusting
    Well without my dose of mash. I know I’m not alone with issuing

    It . Pleeeeeeeessssseeeee put it back on.

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