M*A*S*H Coming to SundanceTV in November


SundanceTV has announced it will begin airing M*A*S*H and several other classic TV shows next month. The cable channel will offer a different sitcom each weekday from 6AM to 1PM ET. M*A*S*H will air on Mondays, All in the Family on Tuesdays, The Bob Newhart Show on Wednesdays, The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Thursdays, and The Andy Griffith Show on Fridays.

A special 48-hour marathon of M*A*S*H will inaugurate the new programming block. The marathon begins with “M*A*S*H — The Pilot” at 6AM on Sunday, November 6th. Every episode from the first four seasons, with the exception of “The Interview,” will air in original broadcast order. “Welcome to Korea” will air as two half-hour episodes. “Deluge” closes out the marathon from 5:30-6AM ET on Tuesday, November 7th.

M*A*S*H will be seen again on Monday, November 14th for seven hours with the first 14 episodes from Season 1.

SundanceTV will be the fourth cable channel to air M*A*S*H. The series was seen on FX from 1998 to 2003, The Hallmark Channel from 2003 to 2010, and TV Land from 2006 to 2013. M*A*S*H currently airs on diginet MeTV.

(via The Programming Insider)

17 Replies to “M*A*S*H Coming to SundanceTV in November”

  1. I’m sorry, but isn’t Sundance supposed to be for indie and avant garge films and series that major studios would pass on?

    1. Agreed. And same thing for A&E and AMC. There are no “arts” on the Arts & Entertainment channel. And AMC used to stand for American Movie Classics…..I don’t think The Walking Dead fits that bill.

  2. Here‘s an article about SundanceTV’s evolution from home of indie films to a general entertainment channel with original programming and, now, classic TV shows.

  3. Thank you so much for bringing MASH to Sundance. Now my kids and all their friends can enjoy this classic, like we did, while we happily watch with them. Best show ever. Never get tired of watching MASH. Best writing, best acting, funniest. Just doesn’t get any better!!!

  4. Booo no have the tv land open tv lans 2 and tv lans classic like hbo. Keep sundace movies not old tv shows 2 thumbs down

  5. I was watching the m a S h marathon today and one of the officer on it commented and said 1984 in it how did that happen wasn’t this taken place in the late 50 ,s oppps


  6. I was watching the MASH marathon and this question kept popping up: “What does Alan Alda have in common with Donald Trump?”. But it never seemed to answer the question or maybe I missed it. So, does anybody know the answer to this trivia question?

  7. Loving MASH! Thank you for bringing it to Sundance. My kids are loving it as well. Reminds me of when I first saw it in the 70’s. Relief to see such brilliance… acting, writing, message….without having to rely on explosions and shock value to be entertaining. Best show ever.

  8. We are HUGE fans of MASH. PLEASE bring it back on Sundance TV. We are in withdrawal since TVLand and Sundance took it off.
    Thank you and stay safe and healthy!

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