Fans Like Hawkeye’s Dream from “Dreams” the Best


The results were incredibly close. Hawkeye’s dream just barely edged out B.J.’s dream. B.J’s dream only received only two more votes than Colonel Potter’s dream. And Colonel Potter’s dream squeaked by Charles’s dream by a single vote.

Here are the full results:

Hawkeye’s Dream (21%, 20 Votes)
B.J.’s Dream (20%, 19 Votes)
Colonel Potter’s Dream (18%, 17 Votes)
Charles’s Dream (17%, 16 Votes)
Klinger’s Dream (10%, 10 Votes)
Margaret’s Dream (8%, 8 Votes)
Father Mulcahy’s Dream (6%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 96

I actually didn’t vote in this poll because I haven’t seen “Dreams” in so long that I don’t really remember any of the dreams. The last time I watched it was February 2013. You can find my review of here. Some people love the episode, others hate it. Perhaps that explains why so few votes were cast.

Hit the comments and explain which dream is your favorite.

6 Replies to “Fans Like Hawkeye’s Dream from “Dreams” the Best”

  1. I didn’t vote either because I haven’t even seen this episode, as I try to avoid Seasons 8-11 like the plague. Not to mention, this episode seems to get quite a number of negative reviews from fans who don’t like it, so I don’t think I would do myself any favors by taking a look at it.

    I heartell that Alan Alda pitched the idea for this episode years prior to it actually being written and filmed, so it may have worked as an “experimental” episode in an earlier season, but it otherwise sounds like just another example of how dark and depressing Seasons 8-11 were.

    I do think it’s an interesting premise though, and dreams have always fascinated me, even though I personally rarely ever have pleasant or “normal” dreams – but, I’m told that creative and artistic people like myself naturally have vivid, lucid, trippy, and borderline nightmarish dreams. I did an experimental film about it myself last year; currently working on a new cut, because people have been complaining the final film was too long and boring.

  2. I voted for Col. Potter’s dream because I thought it was the saddest of all the dreams. A longing for the simpler time in his life, the voice of his mother, him riding his horse……all point to the weariness he felt at that point in his life. Fighting in 3 wars, standing in blood every day, making life or death decisions in a fingersnap…..all in a pressure cooker environment, his dream felt the most real about his feelings about the situation he was in.

  3. When I saw the poll, I went and watched the episode again because I haven’t seen it in a while. My favorite dream has always been B.J.’s dream, mainly because it is the first time we get to see Peg (the other time being in ‘Oh How We Danced’). Since Peg is so important to B.J., it is nice that we finally get to see her in an episode. After all, we hear about her and Erin all of the time, so it makes sense that we eventually get to see her. I think all of the dreams were well done and very appropriate for the characters. For those of you who haven’t seen the episode, it is a good episode even though it is very dramatic. I think of it as one of those experimental episodes where M*A*S*H was doing what other tv shows had not done before.

  4. I voted for Charles’ dream because it is so different from the others, and, in fact, different from every other episode. Correct me if I’m wrong, but do we ever see ‘magic’ in any M*A*S*H episode other than this one? And also, I think DOS is the only actor that would be able to do that scene. I’m not saying he is the best actor in M*A*S*H, though he is very good. I’m saying he pulled off a very hard scene, and because of that, I appreciate his hard work, thus my vote.

  5. Echoing — and expanding — on a comment earlier, I liked the fact that they managed to get the same actress to play Peg Hunnicutt here that they had in “Oh How We Danced.”

    The other thing that sticks out to me about this episode: The Suzy Kalter “Complete Book of M*A*S*H” book includes a photo of Hawkeye in scrubs appearing in Margaret’s dream, during the scene where she’s standing outside in her wedding gown at the bed.

  6. My two favourite dreams came last! I always think Mulcahy was an underrated character and I thought his dream was very well done. There was always the struggle for his character on how he could help when he wasn’t a doctor. And I found it admirable how he saw so much and yet always retained his faith and strength, always putting others before himself.

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