Amazon Selling All 11 Seasons of M*A*S*H for $60


For today only, is offering all 11 seasons of M*A*S*H–plus the 1970 movie MASH–for just $59.99. The special “Deal of the Day” is NOT the Martinis & Medicine Collection from 2006 but rather a bundle of the individual season sets and the movie. Specifically, these are the 2008 repackaged season sets that were slimmer and greener than the original sets released between 2002 and 2006.

The two DVDs of bonus features included in the Martinis & Medicine Collection are not part of this bundle. Those were released separately alongside “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” back in 2007. The Martinis & Medicine Collection has been out of print for years. It is currently only available through a third-party seller at for $160.

It’s likely Amazon has too many copies of the repackaged season sets and is hoping to get rid of some of its inventory with this special deal.

Amazon Deal of the Day
M*A*S*H on DVD is an Amazon Deal of the Day (Courtesy of

According to the listing, anyone buying this bundle will save $118.95 (or 66%) off the regular price of $178.94. However, based on my calculations, the individual season sets are selling for a combined $140.82 at the moment–and the movie can be purchased for just $5–so the savings aren’t quite as impressive.

Still, at just $60 the bundle averages out to $5.45 per season or roughly 24 cents per episode. I’m seriously considering purchasing the bundle as a backup for my Martinis & Medicine Collection. I’ve been considering buying a backup copy for years because I’ve noticed multiple episodes skipping on my DVDs.

The “Deal of the Day” price ends at midnight Pacific Time or 3AM Eastern; it only applies to and not any of its intentional websites.

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4 Replies to “Amazon Selling All 11 Seasons of M*A*S*H for $60”

  1. This is cool! I missed the deal because I was out of town with no internet, but thankfully I own them already. FYI, Amazon is still selling the set at a discounted rate. It’s not $60 anymore, but it’s only $100 (which I think is a good deal for getting them all of the seasons together). Plus, if you have Amazon Prime you get free two-day shipping on the dvds. This is nice for people who were watching M*A*S*H on Netflix but can’t anymore.

  2. I decided to pull the trigger and purchase this bundle. It arrived today. The shipping box is in good shape but five of the DVD cases are beat up. Two have holes in them. Someone must have dropped it. I can’t tell if any of the discs are damaged.

    Rather than open it and inspect everything, I’m going to send it back for an exchange. I hope Amazon honors the $59.99 price.

    1. Amazon is usually really good when it comes to customer service, so hopefully they’ll exchange it for you with no problems. 🙂

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