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From 2005 to 2007, visitors to this site were asked to submit their most memorable moments from M*A*S*H via e-mail and they were posted here. Although new e-mail submissions are no longer accepted, please feel free to hit the comments with your own memorable moment(s).

At its best, M*A*S*H walked a perfect line between comedy and drama, laughter and tears. Out of 251 episodes and eleven seasons there are hundreds of scenes that strike a chord with viewers. These may not be the the moments from M*A*S*H that everyone remembers but to some they’re cherished memories. They leave us laughing, they leave us crying, but most of all, they leave an impression. The length may vary from seconds to minutes, but they always to stretch on forever.

From “The Army-Navy Game,” when Hawkeye, Trapper and Frank draw straws to see who “gives the bomb a physical”. Frank loses and passes out, collapsing to the floor, leaving Hawkeye and Trapper to diffuse the bomb, which turns out to be a propaganda bomb. Requested by Allison.

From “5 O’Clock Charlie,” when Trapper and Hawkeye are trying to mess up Frank while firing the 40mm gun (or Nug) and they blow up the ammo dump. Requested by DJ Clark.

From “The Novocaine Mutiny,” Frank’s brilliant re-writing of history when he gives his side of what happened in the O.R., making himself a hero and Hawkeye and B.J. whiners. Requested by DJ and Nick.

From “Good-Bye Radar, Part I,” when the doctors return to the Swamp and discover that Radar has left his teddy bear. Requested by James.

From “Say No More,” when Margaret thanks Charles for inviting Dr Chesler to the 4077th by giving him a kiss in the Mess Tent. Requested by Kay.

From “The Life You Save,” when Charles cries over the dying soldier at Battalion Aid. Requested by Sue.

From “To Market, To Market,” when Henry goes into his office to check his liquor cabinet and fails to notice the missing wall. Frank, however, does and stares in wide-eyed amazement. Requested by Amber.

From “Movie Tonight,” when various members of the staff perform their very best Father Mulcahy impressions — and the constant “jocularity.” Requested by Johnny and Han.

From “The Nurses,” when Margaret reveals to her staff how lonely it is being in command. Requested by Ryan B.

From “Alcoholics Unanimous,” when Trapper, Hawkeye and Hot Lips are drinking in the Swamp and Frank walks in.

From “Good-Bye Radar, Part II,” when Hawkeye salutes Radar through the door of the O.R.

From “Dear Mildred,” when Hawkeye and B.J. try to work on the horse Radar saves and it almost attacks them.

From “Abyssinia, Henry,” when Radar walks into the O.R. to inform everyone of Henry’s death.

From “The Gun,” when Radar gets drunk. Requested by Shawn.

From “Bug Out,” when the 4077th has arrived at the new site and Father Mulcahy performs a blessing. Requested by William.

From “Good-Bye Radar, Part I,” when Colonel Potter comes into the Swamp and tells Hawkeye and B.J. that Radar’s Uncle Ed passed away. Requested by Nathan.

From “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen,” the final scene of the series when Hawkeye leaves in the chopper and sees the message B.J. left him, written in stones. Requested by Rhonda.

From “Bombed,” when Father Mulcahy is pulled from the latrine and, in a daze, rambles on. Requested by Me.

From “Dear Mildred,” when Radar presents Colonel Potter with a token of his esteem: a three-year-old horse. Requested by Una.

From “Aid Station,” Hawkeye lies next to Margaret, who is afraid. Requested by Roxanne.

From “5 O’Clock Charlie,” when Hawkeye and Trapper are sitting in their chairs waiting for Charlie to fly by. Requested by Tina.

From “Hawkeye Get Your Gun,” when Hawkeye and Potter are taking a break from operating, Hawkeye tries to be a show off and ends up hypnotizing himself! In my opinion one of the funniest moments of M*A*S*H! Requested by Rachel.

From “Death Takes A Holiday,” when Hawkeye turns the clock to say 11.55 on 25th December. The whole episode sums up the attitude of MASH to death, and all the sadness it brings, and Father Mulcahy’s comment on how Christmas should always be remembered as a time of BIRTH, stuck a chord with me as a Christian. Finding something positive even as a soldier dies, and thumbing its nose at death, it what MASH did best. Requested by Nigel.

From “Bless You, Hawkeye,” this might be a small moment, but I always well up when Hawkeye’s in bed remembering what his cousin did to him when he was a little boy. When he started crying, I just wanted to hug him! Requested by Kristine.

From “Picture This,” The moment Hawkeye hears about Erin’s ‘urinary problems’ he drops everything to be with BJ in his hour of need, sacrificing his pride to be there for his best friend. Requested by Dee.

From “The Joker is Wild,” Hawkeye’s dance on the table in front of everyone and their reactions as he drops his trousers. Requested by Garbage officer.

From “The U.N., the Night, and the Music,” when Hawkeye goes into Colonel Potter’s tent to complain about the insanity of his friends: “In the Swamp, the Uppercrusts are toasting each other, meanwhile the head nurse is busy trying to jump on someone’s chimney and I come in here to find my complaints fall on deaf feet.” Requested by Jerod.

From “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen,” when Father Mulcahy suffers from the explosion and gives B.J. a “good talking to” about why he can’t get sent home because of the orphans. Requested by Liam.

From “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen,” when B.J. gives Margret the hug goodbye and asks her to talk to Hawkeye for him. Requested by Jessica.

From “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen,” Sidney’s slide on the ice comment as he leaves. The first time he says it is great to, but this time is better. Requested by John.

From “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen,” when Colonel Potter, B.J. and Charles stand around not knowing what to do while Hawkeye and Margaret engage in their very long kiss. Requested by Aud.

From “Some 38th Parallels,” when Hawkeye is in the Swamp and admits to B.J. that he is having … troubles … with women. Requested by Johanna.

From “To Market, To Market,” when Henry and Frank are watching Henry’s desk being carried away by the helicopter at the end of the episode. Requested by Jason.

From “Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde,” when Hawkeye, having not slept for days, attempts to cart the camp latrine to North Korea in a crazed attempt to end the war. What he doesn’t realize is that General Clayton is inside. Requested by Alissa

From “There Is Nothing Like A Nurse,” when Trapper and Hawkeye all yell “Three!” after eavesdropping on Frank and Margaret’s phone conversation. Requested by Adam.

From “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen,” Hawkeye and Margaret’s long kiss goodbye. Requested by Chrissy.

From “Where There’s a Will, There’s a War,” Hawkeye writing out his will while being shelled. Requested by Han.

From “A War For All Seasons,” Charles addresses Klinger by his first name after Max discovers the secret about his anonymous gift giving. Requested by Heather.

From “Period of Adjustment,” when B.J. breaks down in front of Hawkeye in Colonel Potter’s office.

From “Fallen Idol,” Hawkeye and Radar argue in Post-Op. Requested by Daniel.

From “Nurse Doctor,” Father Mulcahy’s rather uncomfortable explanation to Hawkeye of what occured in his tent with Nurse Harris – “She hugged the stuffing out of me!” Requested by Jayna and Andrea.

From “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen,” when Hawkeye remembers the night on the bus when he caused a woman to kill her baby. Requested by Ryan.

From “Bug Out,” when B.J., Colonel Potter and Frank are trying to get control of a brothel to use as a hospital. Frank starts shouting orders and blowing his whistle when, suddenly, Col. Potter rips it out of his mouth and screams “Confiscated!” right in Frank’s face. Frank walks away with his head down saying “He took my whistle.”

From “As You Were,” when Margaret convinces Frank to ask Hawkeye and Trapper to operate on his hernia, only to find the pair in gorilla suits. Requested by Margaret and Becky.

From “The Consultant,” when Dr. Berelli tells Hawkeye that he has a great many gifts but needs to work on his compassion. Requested by James.

From “Welcome To Korea,” when B.J. arrives — drunk — and stumbles out of the jeep and first meets Frank, saying “What say you, Ferret Face?” Requested by Alice and Shalla.

From “Movie Tonight,” the camp singing “The Army Song” while waiting for Klinger to repair the projector.

From “Fallen Idol,” when Hawkeye makes his speech about how he doesn’t want to be admired and is just trying to survive. Requested by David.

From “None Like It Hot,” when Hawkeye is preparing the tub for Radar and blindfolds the rubber duck.

From “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen” when Klinger tells everyone he has decided to stay in Korea trying to find Soon-Lee’s parents despite having spent so much time trying to get out. Requested by Racheal.

From “Rainbow Bridge,” when Radar whispers “Goodnight, supermen” to sleeping Hawkeye and Trapper after tucking them in.

From “I Hate A Mystery,” the soot scene. Requested by Mel.

From “Mail Call,” Henry reading off a list of Klinger’s various attempts to get out of the Army on a hardship discharge. Requested by Kitty.

From “Edwina,” when Hawkeye picks the short straw and becomes the man who has to go on a date with Edwina, the clumsiest person in the camp. Requested by Victoria.

From “The Sniper,” Radar and Colonel Blake hugging each other in the shower. Requested by Anonymous.

From “Dear Dad… Three,” when Henry, Hawkeye and Hot LIps remove a grenade from a patient’s backside. Requested by Daniel.

From “The Trial of Henry Blake,” Klinger, in a hang glider, “Looking like a big red bird with fuzzy pink feet.”

From “Sometimes You Hear The Bullet,” Hawkeye reacting to the death of his friend Tommy Gillis.

From “Tuttle,” When Hawkeye tells the eulogy of Captain Jonathon Tuttle. Requested by Cameron.

From “Edwina,” when Edwina knocks over the pipe and and it falls on Hawkeye and they have a good laugh about it. Requested by John.

From “Dear Dad,” the scene where Henry gives one of the monthly lectures on marital sex and the family. Requested by Ezzanor Orbis.

From “The Long-John Flap,” at the end of the episode when Hawkeye gets the longjohns back and Trapper and Radar start coughing and Hawkeye freaks out. Requested by Aubrey.

From “L.I.P (Local Indigenous Personnel),” the speech Father Mulcahy gives at the wedding. Requested by Peter.

From “Hot Lips and Empty Arms,” when Margaret kicks Frank out of her tent and then proceeds to get drunk. Requested by Ryan.

From “Crisis,” when all the M*A*S*H men are in the Swamp and Father Mulcahy says a prayer. Requested by Alma.

From “Check-Up,” at Trapper’s going away party when Margaret tells him she’s always watched him and despairs that she’s being left with “needle-nose.” Requested by Hannah.

From “O.R.,” when Klinger goes off to donate blood and says, in his best Dracula imitation: “Blood! I must give blood or die!” and wraps his cape around him. Trapper, Radar and Frank just stare at him. Requested by Ella.

From “Big Mac,” when Klinger is dressed up as the Statue of Liberty as General MacArthur passes by. Requested by Brad.

From “Abyssinia, Henry,” when the chopper has come to pick up Henry and he runs back to say one last farewell to Radar, stating “be good or I’ll come back and kick your butt.” Requested by Robby and Summer.

From “Change of Command,” when Klinger first meets Colonel Potter and goes through his whole Section 8 routine. Requested by Yoho.

From “As You Were,” when Hawkeye and Trapper put Frank in a crate. Requested by AD Pacheco.

From “Preventive Medicine,” when Hawkeye and B.J. disagree about removing a healthy organ just to get the organ’s reckless owner off the front lines. “You treated a symptom, but the disease goes merrily on.” Requested by Myrabeth.

From “Bug Out,” when Klinger comes out of the latrine with the toilet paper marching along during the prepartion for moving. Requested by Pat.

From “Dreams,” when Charles is dressed up for the opera “performing” in the O.R. Requested by Lisa-Marie.

From “Yankee Doodle Doctor,” the end of the slapstick film when Hawkeye makes his serious speech. Requested by Ella.

From “Blood Brothers,” when Cardinal Reardon shows up and Father Mulcahy gives his speech. Requested by Sue.

From “Hey, Doc,” when Frank drives the tank through the camp. Requested by Daniel.

From “Dear Sis,” when Father Mulcahy punches a wounded soldier in retaliation for being punched himself. Requested by Elad.

From “As Time Goes By” when Hawkeye puts Radar’s bear in the time capsule. Requested by Shawn.

From “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen” when Hawkeye drives the tank into the garbage dump. Requested by Landon.

From “M*A*S*H — The Pilot,” the scene at the beginning when Frank & Hot Lips are sitting in reading the bible, and “playing footsie” under the table. Requested by joe.

From “Sometimes You Hear The Bullet,” when Hawkeye discovers that his best friend, Tommy, is his next patient. There is nothing Hawkeye can do and his friend dies in front of him. Requested by Matt.

From “Deal Me Out,” when Trapper and Pierce operate on the CID man, despite orders to wait for an official, reasoning by saying “we thought we’d save his life for kicks”. Requested by Cassie.

From “Check-Up,” when Henry performs Radar’s check-up, which leads to one cute moment after another, which include Radar giggling when Henry checked his glands, and touching Henry’s nose when he says “touch the ol’ nose.” Requested by SPH.

From “Adam’s Ribs,” Hawkeye’s infamous “Liver and Fish” rant in the mess tent. Requested by Corey.

From “Adam’s Ribs,” in the mess tent, Hawkeye flips out that day after day he’s eaten a rive of liver and an ocean of fish”. He goes insane, starts a riot and everyone is chanting “WE WANT SOMETHING ELSE!!! WE WANT SOMETHING ELSE!!!” Requested by Nelly.

From “Bug Out,” when Hawkeye, Margaret and Radar are the only ones left at camp as the fighting approaches, and Margaret, very seriously and fearfully, asks Hawkeye if “the enemy rapes female prisoners.” Requested by AJ.

From “Dear Sigmund,” when Frank is chewing out Dr. Sydney Freedman and then he put his helmet on and there was eggs in it.”

From “Your Hit Parade,” when Radar becomes the 4077th’s DJ and takes on the role of “Big Daddy O’Reilly.” Requested by Graham.

From “Inga,” where Margaret and Hawkeye walk back into the Mess tent after their little “talk” and everyone cheers. Requested by Anonymous voice from nobody.

From “Yankee Doodle Doctor,” during the film when Hawkeye, Trapper and Radar drop the sign saying M*A*S*H 4077 and start showing off in their underwear. Requested by Lily.

From “C*A*V*E,” when Hawkeye breaks down in the cave from his claustrophobia. Requested by Fatum.

From “Change of Command,” when Colonel Potter arrives to find Radar sunbathing. Radar tells him to “stick that horn in your rear” and then realizes it is Colonel Potter talking to him and jumps to his feet to salute. Requested by Yoho.

From “April Fools,” when Hawkeye drops the bucket of beer Colonel Tucker after he pushes the camp to the limits. Requested by Lily.

From “Fallen Idol,” when Hawkeye salutes Radar after pinning the purple heart on him. Requested by World’s Largest M*A*S*H Fan.

From “Comrades In Arms, Part I,” when Hawkeye and Margaret seek comfort in one another’s arms during the shelling.

From “Bottle Fatigue” when a wounded North Korean soldier sneaks a grenade into the O.R. and pulls the pin. After a brief struggle, Hawkeye has to sing him a lullabye to keep him calm until the pin is found and replaced. Requested by Nick.

From “Dear Sigmund,” when B.J. fills the foxhole near the Swamp with water and Sidney sees him. B.J. asks him to help and Sidney yells “Air Raid!” as loud as he can, causing Frank to run out of the Swamp (also yelling “Air Raid!”) and falls into the water-filled foxhole. Requested by Gordon and Christopher.

From “Hawkeye Get Your Gun” when Colonel Potter and Hawkeye are in the foxhole and are very, very drunk. Requested by Taylor.

From “Abyssinia, Henry,” when Hawkeye suggests that Henry should kiss Margaret goodbye and he does, much to Frank’s dismay. Requested by Simina.

From “Carry On, Hawkeye,” when Hawkeye and Margaret must give one another flu shots; she takes hers in the arm but Hawkeye wants his in “his tushie.” Requested by Jen.

From “Dear Dad, Again,” Margaret wailing out “My Blue Heaven” while being unenthusiastically backed up by Hawkeye, Trapper and Radar with Henry directing during No Talent Night. Requested by Nick.

From “Fade Out, Fade In,” when Colonel Potter, Hawkeye, B.J. and Radar are all in the C.O.’s office. Potter is on the phone and tells the other that Frank is being transferred out. They throw papers in the air to celebrate Frank’s departure. Requested by Randall.

From “Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde,” after bringing Charles back to the Swamp and seeing the condition he is in, Hawkeye exclaims, “I can go home now. I’ve seen everything.” Requested by Kimberly.

From “Margaret’s Engagement,” when Margaret returns from a medical conference in Tokyo and tells Frank she is engaged. Frank then proceeds to tear down the doors to the mess tent and begins to act oddly civil to everyone in the camp — even the enlisted men! Requested by Jake.

From “Dear Sis,” when the whole camp sings “Dona Nobis Pacem” in the mess tent. Requested by Johannes.

From “The General Flipped at Dawn,” when General Steele is inspecting the troops and mistakes Klinger for his wife. Requested by Daniel.

From “Good-Bye Radar, Part II,” when incoming casualties force the camp to miss Radar’s farewell party. Instead, everyone says goodbye as they perform triage. Requested by Nick Beaumont.

From “The Abduction of Margaret Houlihan” when Colonel Flagg interrogates Frank about the disappearance of Margaret. Frank is reading an issue of Reader’s Digest. Requested by Andy.

From “Peace On Us,” when Hawkeye returns from Tokyo to an “orange party” organized by B.J. and others. Requested by Maria.

20 Replies to “Memorable Moments”

  1. From “Alcoholics Unanimous” when Hawkeye and Trapper are arguing after Frank takes away the still. Trapper makes a pithy remark, to which Hawkeye replies, “The instrument has yet to be invented that can measure my indifference to that statement”. Priceless!

    Ben, aka Grandpa756

  2. Morale Victory (1980)

    Among many greats, the best line of the best scene from the best character delivered by the finest actor in one of the best episodes of the entire series. How is this not already listed here?

    Major Charles Winchester: “Don’t you see? Your hand may be stilled, but your gift cannot be silenced if you refuse to let it be. The gift does not lie in your hands. I have hands, David. Hands that can make a scalpel sing. More than anything in my life I wanted to play, but I do not have the gift. I can play the notes, but I cannot make the music. You have performed Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Chopin. Even if you never do so again, you’ve already known a joy that I will never know as long as I live. Because the true gift is in your head and in your heart and in your soul. Now you can shut it off forever, or you can find new ways to share your gift with the world – through the baton, the classroom, or the pen. As to these works, they’re for you, because you and the piano will always be as one.”

  3. In “Mad Dogs and Servicemen” (Season 3, episode 61), Radar has been bitten by a possibly rabid dog. Until the dog can be caught he’s receiving a rabies series of shots as a precaution.

    There’s a remarkable scene when Margaret Houlihan sits alongside Radar’s bed in post-op. Radar’s a little out of it from the shots. He’s gotten a letter from a girl stateside, written (in true young girl style) as a series of multiple choice questions. Swit and Burghoff do a lovely, subtle job with the scene, with lots of back and forth. They respond to each of the questions; Radar’s getting fuzzier. Finally he drifts to sleep as Houlihan reaches the last question, about himself and how much of a catch he is or something like that. Margaret reads the three answers, the last of which (C) makes him out to be “a little slice of heaven” or something like that. He doesn’t answer. She looks up, sees him sleeping, and circles her answer.

    It’s a beautiful piece of acting, and so lovely that a show gave scenes like that time to play out.

    One of the reasons I love that so much is that in syndication, that entire scene is edited out of the episode.

    1. I couldn’t agree more – thanks for the post. I think it’s one of the best-acted scenes in the entire series, and one of a handful that show us that other side of Margaret, and that her exceptional nursing skills aren’t limited to her OR and organizational skills.

  4. Pilot
    When surgery is over and Frank stops Hawkeye and starts griping at him and Hawkeye turns the tables on him. We then learn what Hawkeye,Trapper,Margaret and Franks characters will be like

  5. When Henry was bidding farewell, one by one, to the show’s main characters moment before heading home (prior to that fatal journey home), when the camera panned to Radar, Radar was standing there, quietly saluting his former commander. It was a moment beautifully captured Radar’s respect and admiration to Henry, a man Radar always saw it as the father he never had. That single moment, that single picture, no words required, just said it all. Beautiful. In my opinion, Gary Burghoff was perhaps the best actor in M*A*S*H. Alan Alda won over the audience with his charm, his charisma, but Burghoff’s attention-to-details acting skills was second to none in the show.

  6. Which episode is it that Hawkeye and Margaret do inventory in the middle of the night and start cracking up until Kelly comes in.

      1. Hawkeye: “Sulfa … sulfa … Where’s the stupid sulfa?”

        Margaret: “It’s in the living room.”

        Hawkeye: “What?”

        Margaret: “It’s in the living room between the end tables.”

  7. The best and most heart warming is when Radar gave the horse to Col. Potter very emotional. and then Major Winchester slipped on the do do so funny. A wonderful piece of nostalgia… Thanks. The saddest when Col. Blake died in the helicopter deep sympathy with staff came through loud and clear.

  8. I don’t know the episode, but there is one where Father Mulcahy and Sidney are talking about a person committing suicide. Sidney says – “When I lose a patient, I lose a mind.” Mulcahy says – “Well, when I lose a (whatever term he used), I lose a soul. I guess it’s all in how you look at it.” Always remembered that.

    1. The episode was “War of Nerves”. I thought Margaret’s riff about money being second or third on her list of whatever attracts her to a man makes her sound self-absorbed and callous.

  9. I love the scene where BJ is playing pinball for change because Peg had to take a job in a coffee shop back home for extra money. When Hawkeye and Margaret come in, and Margaret tells him off. Not an exact quote, but”That’s what this is about, because your pretty little wife had to get a job?! How dare you imply that your brand of suffering is worse than anyone elses! Let me tell you something sad sack, you may have the most to lose, but it’s only because you’ve got the most!”. Then BJ tells Hawkeye it’s his turn , and Hawk replies “I don’t think I can improve on that.” and walks out.
    Was on of the last times Loretta Swit did a good job…See overacted often later in the series.

  10. A few of my favorite moments, as I’m going through the entire series in all over the last few months.

    -“Mail Call Again” — Hawkeye, BJ & Radar are watching Radar’s home movies and at the end Radar’s mother mouths something that only her son knows what she said. It’s incredibly moving.

    -“The Interview” — Jocular, Man-of-God Father Mulcahy recounts how sometimes the surgeons will linger over the warm cavity of a living body in the operating room in the Operating Room in order to stay warm.

    Potter responds “Not a damn thing” in response to Clete Roberts question about advantages of innovation of surgery on the frontline.

    -“Dear Sigmund” — Potter mournfully reads an obituary letter, as written by Radar, to the family of a ambulance driver who died in an accident. In a previous scene, Potter was dismissive of the enlisted man’s competence.

    -“The Smell of Music” – Margaret rallies that camp together to literally hose the odorous Hawkeye and BJ, as well as run over Charles horns with a Jeep. All the while, Potter tries to reassert a suicidal soldier’s will to live during a suicide attempt.

    -“C*A*V*E*” — Hawkeye tries to soothe a scared Margaret in a deserted OR during shelling by asking to play a game his father use to play during long road trips.

  11. I didn’t see the episode mentioned where Henry leaves and is killed? Did I miss that one? That, to me, was the most heartbreaking episode of all.

  12. Thank you for posting a photo in tribute to the passing of David Ogden Stiers, it is from one of my favorite episodes.

  13. I’ve got 3:

    The ‘river of liver’ tirade in Adam’s Ribs

    Hawkeye and Trapper in gorilla suits (“Me and the missus”)

    And my personal favorite: “Come on in, take off your skin, and rattle around in your bones!!”

  14. I have too many favorites, but I did like when Henry had to give a lecture on sex education and Trapper comes up with, “Uh, sir. What happens in the event that figure A is attracted to figure B and wants to get married, but figure A is already married to figure C, and figure B is engaged to figure D, but figure A can’t keep his hands off of figure B because she’s got such a great figure?”
    Everyone was staring at Trapper and then looks at henry. Dead silence. Henry was already nervous and now he’s sweating. I don’t remember his answer, but it was probably something like, “oh quit fooling around, this is hard enough as is”
    I think this was “Dear Dad” could be wrong.

    In “Period of Adjustment” I enjoyed just seeing how close everyone was. And was shocked when B.J knocked one to Hawk.

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