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AfterMASH got off to a stellar star, topping the Nielsen charts during its first two weeks on the air. And although ratings fell somewhat as the 1983-1984 season progressed, the series continued to pull in solid numbers, and CBS renewed the series for a second season. However, the network moved AfterMASH from its Monday time slot to Tuesdays opposite NBC’s powerhouse The A-Team. Although the Season Two premiere — given a special broadcast on Sunday — ranked in the Top Ten, when AfterMASH moved to its regular Tuesday time slot the ratings sank.

The following Nielsen rankings come from a variety of sources, including The New York Times, The Associated Press and United Press International. Rankings are not available for every episode.

Season One

After two weeks as the number one show in the United States, AfterMASH fell to 4th and then out of the Top Ten completely the following week, ranking 17th. It would stay in the Top Twenty through the beginning of January 1984, edging into the Top Ten twice. For the 1983-1984 season as a whole, AfterMASH ranked 15th with a 20.1 Nielsen rating (12th if shows like Cagney & Lacey and Kate & Allie, which aired less than six episodes during the standard season are excluded). By comparison, M*A*S*H ended its final season with a 22.6 rating, tying for 3rd.

Airdate Episode Title Rank
09/26/1983 September of ’53/Together Again 1st
10/03/1983 Klinger vs. Klinger 1st
10/10/1983 Snap, Crackle, Plop 4th
10/17/1983 Staph Inspection 17th
10/24/1983 Night Shift 8th
10/31/1983 Shall We Dance 15th
11/07/1983 Little Broadcast of ’53 13th
11/14/1983 Sunday, Cruddy Sunday 13th
11/21/1983 Thanksgiving of ’53 13th
12/05/1983 Fallout 19th
12/12/1983 Bladder Day Saints 13th
12/29/1983 All About Christmas Eve 16th
01/02/1984 Chief of Staff t7th
01/09/1984 C.Y.A.
01/16/1984 Yours Truly, Max Klinger
01/23/1984 It Had To Be You t14th
01/30/1984 Odds and Ends t19th
02/06/1984 Another Saturday Night 33rd
02/27/1984 Fever Pitch
03/05/1984 By The Book t16th
03/12/1984 Up and Down Payments

Season Two

CBS shifted AfterMASH to Tuesdays to act as counter-programming to NBC’s popular The A-Team. That move was a mistake. Although the season premiere ranked in the Top Ten, it was a special Sunday broadcast prior to the Emmy Awards. The first episode to air in the new Tuesday slot plummeted to 56th in the Nielsen rankings. For the 1984-1985 season as a whole, AfterMASH either ranked 69th (if shows that aired less than five episodes are excluded) or 90th (if those shows are included). Either way, it had a 10.5 Nielsen rating, losing almost half its first season average.

Airdate Episode Title Rank
09/23/1984 Less Miserable 8th
09/25/1984 Calling Doctor Habibi 56th
10/02/1984 Strangers and Other Lovers
10/09/1984 Trials
10/16/1984 Madness to His Method
10/30/1984 The Recovery Room
12/04/1984 Ward is Hell 72nd
05/31/1985 Saturday’s Heroes t59th

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Published on August 17th, 2008
Last updated August 17th, 2008

2 Replies to “AfterMASH Ratings”

  1. Season 2’s ratings.

    Episode 1: 18.2 rating
    Episode 2: 12.0 rating/20 share
    Episode 3: 12.0 rating
    Episode 4: 12.8 rating
    Episode 5: 9.3 rating
    Episode 6: 9.2 rating
    Episode 7: 7.4 rating
    Episode 8: 7.1 rating

  2. From what I’ve calculated, AfterMASH averaged an 11.0 rating (9,339,000 households) for the eight episodes of the second season that aired, compared to the first season’s 20.1 rating (16,843,800 households), a drop of 45.27% when comparing household rating numbers (a 44.56% drop comparing the actual number of households watching.)

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