Video Rarities: Jamie Farr Gets Karate Chopped


Why the cast of M*A*S*H loved karate chopping one another is a mystery to be but it is hilarious. Here’s footage of Jamie Farr entering Potter’s office only to find himself on the receiving end of karate chops from Harry Morgan, Alan Alda, and Mike Farrell. This is from a M*A*S*H blooper reel.

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  1. There’s a blooper from the same reel that shows Harry Morgan, Loretta Swit, and Jamie Farr doing the same to Alan Alda in the Swamp from another episode. IIRC, one of them (it may have been Harry) was even wearing a Star Wars Storm Trooper mask.

  2. Thanks, RJ.
    The M*A*S*H bloopers are all great.
    Besides being fun for us, the clips show the fun THEY had, the respect they had for each other, and their amazing friendship bonds (even while big time messing around and messing up!).

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