Caption This #018: Dear Ma


The Caption This game is played every Wednesday at 12PM Eastern. Every week, I’ll post an image from an episode of M*A*S*H and ask readers to provide a caption. This is not a competition, there is no winner, and you can share as many captions as you want.

This week’s image is from the Season 4 episode “Dear Ma.” Take a look and hit the comments with your best idea for a caption.

Still from the MASH episode Dear Ma

Check back next Wednesday for another installment of Caption This.

4 Replies to “Caption This #018: Dear Ma”

  1. Hawkeye & BJ walk by…
    H: “I don’t blame the dog. I wouldn’t want that tripe from the mess tent if I were him either.”
    B: “Powered tripe, no doubt.”
    H: “Dog gaining weight?”
    B: “Nah! If the dog were too big to be fed, he wouldn’t fit in there.”
    H: “Radar might, could be his new quarters.”

  2. (Actual line from a much later episode, delivered by B.J.):
    “We gave it to a dog. Now it’s a pup tent.”

  3. Hawkeye and Radar walk by…

    R: “Ooh, look! Do… do you suppose the guard dog can speak in Human?!”
    H: “He’d be the only dog in Korea that communicates in sign language.”

  4. Trapper: See that kennel out there, Frank!! You keep mouthing off to me, and that’s where you will be bunking.

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