Mike Henry (1936-2021)

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Professional football player turned actor Mike Henry, who played Donald Penobscott in the Season 6 episode “The M*A*S*H Olympics,” died last month (January 8) at the age of 84. Henry was the second actor to portray Penobscott. Beeson Carroll originated the role in the Season 5 episode “Margaret’s Marriage.

Mike Henry (center) as Donald Penobscott in “The M*A*S*H Olympics” from Season 6

Before turning to acting, Henry was a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers and later the Los Angeles Rams. His biggest claim to fame as an actor are the Tarzan movies he starred in during the late 1960s. He also had roles in movies like The Green Berets, Soylent Green, and Smokey and the Bandit. On the small screen, Henry made guest appearances on shows like Daniel Boone, The Six Million Dollar Man, and Fantasy Island.

According to his Internet Movie Database page, Henry’s final acting role was a 1987 movie called Outrageous Fortune. An obituary can be found at Variety.

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  1. I though Mike Henry was handsome Clint Walker . Boy those 2 had great looking body’s. Too bad there both are gone. I Rember them wile growing up even my Father Peter watching them wile he was marryed too my mother. My Father was a very sweet wonderful Father now he’s gone. My older Sister took him too indiana too take care of Him until he passed away.at her home from Alzimers. Well I feaver the Italins Family more then my mother s side family.

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