Bruce Kirby (1925-2021)


Actor Bruce Kirby, who played Sergeant Kimble in “Hey, Doc” during Season 4 of M*A*S*H, died January 24 at the age of 95. His career began in the mid-1950s with guest appearances on television shows like Goodyear Playhouse and The Phil Silvers Show. He had recurring roles on a variety of TV shows, including Car 54, Where Are You?, Columbo, and L.A. Law.

Bruce Kirby as Sergeant Kimble in “Hey, Doc” (Season 4)

Kirby’s also had roles in movies like Stand By Me, Mr. Wonderful, and Crash. Obituaries can be found at Deadline Hollywood, The Hollywood Reporter, and Variety.

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  1. I’d been wondering: How many pairings of fathers and sons had guest roles on “M*A*S*H”? There are the Kirbys. Then Alan and Robert Alda. Then Robert Alda and Antony Alda. Who else?

  2. I can’t think of other fathers and sons, but there were other family relationships that intersected on the show:
    Pat Marshall (Mrs. Larry Gelbart) appeared in an episode, playing poker
    Jan Jorden (Mrs. Burt Metcalfe) appeared as a nurse
    Judy Farrell (Mike Farrell’s first wife) appeared as a nurse
    Bonnie Jones (Gene Reynolds’ first wife) appeared as Lt. Bannerman, a nurse, a few times
    Ann Sweeny (Gene Reynolds’ second wife) appeared as Carrie Donovan in “Hanky Panky”

    And if you want to stretch – and why not because it’s interesting? – the lyrics to the theme song were written by Michael Altman, Robert Altman’s son (and Robert Altman directed the movie). Even though the lyrics are not heard in the TV series, the writer gets paid each time the song airs, with or without lyrics (and so does Johnny Mandel, who wrote the music).

  3. A few more relationships on the show (not father and son).

    –Barbara Christopher (William Christopher’s wife) appeared as Lt. O’Connor who sang a duet with the good father in ‘Dear Mildred.’
    –Dennis Holahan (Loretta Swit’s ex-husband) appeared as Per Johannsen in ‘UN, The Night, and The Music.’ He appeared on the show before they were married.
    –Joshua Bryant (Sgt. Jack Scully – Margaret’s love interest from ‘A Night at Rosie’s’ and ‘Stars and Stripes’) and Melinda Mullins (Martine LeClerc – Charles’ love interest from ‘Foreign Affairs’) are married. They did not meet on the show, however, but later on after the show ended.
    –Charles Frank (guest actor on ‘What’s Up, Doc’ and ‘Dear Sigmund’) is married to Susan Blanchard (Nurse Sandra Cooper from ‘Images).

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