Episode of the Week: Communication Breakdown

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The current Episode of the Week is “Communication Breakdown” from Season 10. It aired Monday, November 30th, 1981. Karen Hall wrote the episode. Alan Alda directed it.

Here’s my capsule summary:

Charles tries to hoard his stash of papers during a newspaper shortage. Meanwhile, Hawkeye helps a South Korean soldier reconnect with his North Korean brother.

Check out my Episode Spotlight review of “Communication Breakdown” and add your thoughts to the discussion.

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  1. Interestingly, this is one of only two episodes where there is language translation. I occurs when nurse Kelly is under-handedly insulting Charles and his kimono. The other episode being “Dear Sigmund” when private Habeeb translates Klingers rant to Colonel Potter after he was “hit in the head with a chopper blade”.

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