Name That Episode V #53


The Name That Episode game is played Tuesdays and Thursdays, with images posted randomly between 12PM and 6PM Eastern. In the past, unlimited guesses have been allowed. To shake things up this round, everyone gets one guess. If I have to provide a clue, everyone gets a second guess.

Today’s image can be found below. Can you name the episode it’s from? Post your guess in the comments section. As always, the winner gets bragging rights.

And the Winner Is: 007, who correctly identified “The Incubator” from Season 2.

Still from an unidentified episode of M*A*S*H

An archive of past rounds can be found here.

6 Replies to “Name That Episode V #53”

  1. I honestly can’t even tell what in the world it is I’m looking it! Is that a copper coil I see from the still? And . . . a slip of toilet paper? And do I see part of a mistletoe in the midst of all that?

    No flippin’ clue!

  2. Does appear to be some shot of the still, with what looks like toilet paper strung around it. Gives me the impression someone had a wild party, which immediately makes me think of “The Incubator”. Not sure why but I feel like this is a very early season shot too, so it fits, and that’s my guess.

  3. “The Incubator” is correct. Congrats to 007.

    Sorry it took so long to confirm the answer and for missing Round #54 last Friday. I’m just getting over a nasty cold that kept me mostly confined to bed or the couch for the past four or five days.

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