Discuss: How Would Colonel Blake and B.J. Interact?


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Ferret Face suggested today’s topic: How would Colonel Blake and B.J. interact?

Respect? No Respect?

This is the last of our discussions about how two characters who never met on M*A*S*H would interact if they served at the 4077th at the same time. Ferret Face suggested this topic but I decided to split it into multiple topics, each with a different paring. We’ve already discussed Colonel Blake and Charles, Trapper and Charles, Trapper and Colonel Potter, Frank and Charles, Trapper and B.J., and Colonel Blake and Colonel Potter.

Today we’re discussing Colonel Blake and B.J. This is an interesting pairing because the two men are so different. Although Colonel Potter and B.J. were very different in many ways, they were both devoted husbands. While many of the other married men in camp fooled around with nurses, Potter and B.J. were faithful to their wives. I don’t recall off the top of my head whether the two ever discussed their marriages, it offered them something to bond over. Colonel Blake was not like Potter. Blake was unfaithful to his wife during his time in command. Would that have impacted how B.J. responded to Blake as a commanding officer?

Nearly everyone respected Colonel Potter. Many people at the 4077th may have liked Colonel Blake but it’s hard to say they all respected him. True, he had his rare moments when he displayed a commanding presence and offered sage advice or stern orders. He was also easily ignored and easy to manipulate. Hawkeye or Trapper weren’t openly hostile to Blake the way Frank and Margaret were but for the most part they thought of him more as a friend who happened to be in command rather than a superior officer.

There’s no way B.J. would blatantly disrespect Colonel Blake. He’d probably find ways to work around the C.O. to get things done. As for Blake, he would get along fine with B.J. because he got along fine with nearly everyone–except Frank and Margaret.

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  1. This is one of the matchups I’ve always most wondered about, mainly because it’s one of the few pairs of actors that I can find no evidence that they ever met.

    I think BJ would interact with Blake more or less exactly how he interacted with Frank. BJ was always way more hesitant to be mean to Frank, and while he didn’t respect or even like him, he was pretty civil to him. I think it would be just about exactly the same with Henry, but maybe a little tiny bit of respect just because he was the CO.

    Blake would interact with BJ basically exactly how he did with Trapper. I don’t think there’d be much difference there.

    While we’re on the subject-ish, does anyone know if McClean Stevenson ever met Mike Farrell or David Ogden Stiers? Between the three sets of rotating characters (Trapper/BJ, Blake/Potter, Frank/Charles) McClean is the only one that I can’t place as having met some of the others.

    Below is a little cheat sheet I keep on it:

    McClean Stevenson met Harry Morgan during “The General Flipped at Dawn

    Wayne Rogers met Harry Morgan during “The General Flipped at Dawn” and MASH 30th Reunion

    Wayne Rogers met Mike Farrell at 2009 TV Land Awards and MASH 30th Reunion

    Wayne Rogers met David Ogden Stiers during the MASH 30th Reunion

    Larry Linville and David Ogden Stiers met at the disbanding of the final MASH unit in Korea in 1997

    David Ogden Stiers met Harry Morgan at the MASH 30th Reunion

  2. I asked Mike Farrell when I met him about a dozen years ago during a book signing in Seattle if he knew which “M*A*S*H” cast members attended McLean Stevenson’s service. Mike mentioned a few names, and noted that he himself was among those who attended. So from that, it sounds logical that Mike and McLean did meet and knew each other.

  3. Most of the then surviving cast – notable exception was Alan Alda – attended M*A*S*H being inducted into the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Hall of Fame about 10-15 years ago. McLean was at that time the only cast member who passed away… I believe everyone except Alan was there – and Ginny Stevenson was there with her daughter (McLean’s daughter).

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