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Today’s topic is: Locations you wish had been used less.

Too Many Scenes in the Swamp? The O.R.? The Mess Tent?

Last week’s discussion topic asked about locations that weren’t used enough. Today, we’re discussing locations that were used too often. Without sitting down and calculating how many scenes took place in every location, and how long those scenes lasted, there’s no way to know which locations were used the most on M*A*S*H. But I think it’s safe to say the top locations include the Swamp, the O.R., the C.O.’s office, the company clerk’s office, the mess tent, and the Officers’ Club (not necessarily in that order).

There are many scenes in many episodes that didn’t have to take place where they did. In other words, a conversation in the Swamp could’ve happened somewhere else without drastically altering the scene. Likewise, there are scenes in most episodes that had to take place where they did, either in the O.R. or the C.O.’s office or the Swamp.

To be honest, I’m not sure any locations were used too often. At least none immediately come to mind. There were only so many places at the 4077th for people to meet and talk and certain things had to happen in certain places. Surgery in the O.R., important conversations in the C.O.’s office, relaxing and annoying Frank or Charles in the Swamp.

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2 Replies to “Discuss: Locations You Wish Had Been Used Less”

  1. Can the inside of Alan Alda’s head be considered a location? Because as the show went on, the show and Hawkeye got more and more preachy and sanctimonious, a large portion of which was because of Alda’s influence over the show.

    In all seriousness though, nothing really comes to mind as a location that was used too much. Obviously as RJ mentioned certain locations were very heavily used, such as the Swamp, but that is the nature of this type of show. I don’t think there is any point during any of my runs of the show where I was like “ugh man, not this location again”. I think this may be because the show is more about the characters to me. The setting and locations obviously play into it heavily, but really to me what’s most important is the characters and their interactions, so any location is really just a backdrop to allow that interaction to happen.

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