Help: Frank Can’t Throw a Ball?


M*A*S*H fan Brian is trying to identify which episode the following scene is in:

There is a scene outside the mess tent. People are playing catch. The ball rolls to Frank’s feet. He talks for a bit then someone yells “Throw the ball, Frank.” He proceeds to awkwardly throw the ball right into the ground. Hawkeye yells out “Nice toss, Frank.”

The scene as described seems so familiar yet I can’t place it. I’ve searched through my Episode Spotlight reviews, hoping I’d mentioned the scene, but didn’t it.

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  1. “Operation: Noselift”

    This happens during the staged ball game out in the Compound when Radar fakes being hit in the nose to divert suspicion of having Stanley Robbins operating on somebody in O.R.

    1. What about a similar scene from “Dear Ma” where Frank wants to join in on a football game? “Hey guys, toss me one!” (Swats it away like a bug) “Well gimme a little warning, will ya?!”

      1. I suppose it could be that too, but the Operation Noselift scene seems to fit more. Neither is exactly accurate to the way Brian describes it, but memory is funny that way. The ol Mandela Effect.

        First thing that popped in my head was the baseball scene though. It’s just too funny the way he throws the ball. Trapper I believe comments on it afterwards.

  2. IIRC, Frank can’t even reach the gloves of the catcher! The ball goes in first bounce.
    Anyone seen Blackadder II? The episode which guest-stars Tom Baker (post his long stint as Fourth Doctor Who) as a salty sea dog whose catch-phrase is: “You have a woman’s…(feature/anatomy)”
    When I saw this scene with Frank I couldn’t help but think Baker’s character would say: “You have a woman’s throw, Frank!”
    Regarding ID’ing the episode: it’s definitely late Season 2 or 3 as I recently saw it on re-runs.

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