Most Fans Have Not Watched M*A*S*H on Hulu


Based on the results of my latest poll, the majority of M*A*S*H fans have not watched M*A*S*H in HD (and widescreen) on Hulu. The vote was closer than I expected, based on early results, but I accidentally left the poll open for two months which gave more people the opportunity to stream an episode or two. Of the 151 votes cast, 56% were No and 44% were Yes.

Here are the full results:

Have you watched M*A*S*H in HD (and widescreen) on Hulu?

No (56%, 85 Votes)
Yes (44%, 66 Votes)

Total Votes: 151

I’m pretty sure I forgot to vote but like the majority, I haven’t watched M*A*S*H on Hulu. Yet. I don’t subscribe to Hulu but sometime next year I’m going to sign up for a free month, check out M*A*S*H and watch some other shows. Then I’ll decide if I want to stay a subscriber. I’ve made my feelings about M*A*S*H in widescreen very clear (I don’t approve) yet I’m still curious. So, I’ll sample a few episodes but I doubt I’ll start rewatching the entire series from the beginning.

Be sure to vote in this month’s poll, which asks how you like to watch M*A*S*H (DVD, television, or Hulu).

15 Replies to “Most Fans Have Not Watched M*A*S*H on Hulu”

  1. I didn’t watch on Hulu but I did buy some episodes on iTunes (which are the same as Hulu)… I was impressed. I had high hopes for 16:9 HD and how it would look on my TV. I was not disappointed. Yes, it has the laugh track, but these were also the network versions and not the cut up versions.

    They do need to fix “The Interview,” which has the voice over “Filmed in Black & White” (Burt Metcalfe’s voice)… but the episode is in color on iTunes. Should be easy for them to fix.

    1. I think they look great, very impressed. My only complaint is that there are 3 episodes from the first season that have an alternate opening theme. It had a jazzy feel to it. I wished they would have put that back.

  2. No. I’m still irked that Hulu went from being a free alternative to YouTube to being a subscription-based streaming service intended to compete with Netflix and others. Plus, I hate when things are cropped into widescreen: you lose the tom and bottom parts of the picture.

    But anyway, there’s been discussion on a M*A*S*H Facebook group that people are noticing little extra scenes on the Hulu versions of the episodes that haven’t been seen on DVD (which are meant to be uncut). Can anyone confirm or deny this?

      1. I am currently binge watching MASH, due to having had foot surgery and have noticed at least 5, episodes, thus far, that contain possibly deleted scenes. MASH was one of my favorite TV shows as a kid and I have seen these episodes numerous times over the years. I have never seen some of these added scenes before, ever. Example- Radar beats out Klinger and others for “soldier of the month”, the one where Klinger cheats and writes the answers to the questions on his arms and legs. Well…Radar comes back from his RR in Tokyo escorted in by a MP drunk and with a series of charges where he was quite disorderly. Colonel Potter even reads the charges. I have never seen that! It’s pretty cool!

    1. If anything, the Hulu versions are MISSING some bits from the five hour-long episodes (“Welcome to Korea” “Bug Out” “Fade Out, Fade In” “Our Finest Hour” “That’s Show Biz”)…they are using the syndicated edits of those which chop the episodes into two half-hours and excise a few scenes in the process. These eps are in their uncut form on dvd.

      1. The syndicated prints of “Our Finest Hour” are used on DVD, because the original master prints were too damaged to be tampered with.

  3. There are, probably several cut scenes, but I’ve only found one I can recall:
    from Fade Out…Fade In, where Charles goes through his rant ending with:

    “…you cannot break the spirit of a Winchester. My voice shall be heard from this wilderness and I shall be delivered from this fetid and festering sewer.”

    The part that was cut (which is one of my favorite Potterisms) is the line:

    “I think he’s starting to get the hang of this place”

    which was just such a wonderful non-confrontational response to Charles’ frustration.

  4. I normally loathe when shows are reformatted into a different aspect ratio, but MASH weathers it surprisingly well. The HD upgrade benefits the early episodes particularly, which were in desperate need of a good cleaning up. The Pilot absolutely sparkles.

    As noted above, the hour long episodes are broken up and shown in their syndicated versions. A fair amount of scenes are missing from those episodes, unfortunately. And of course, The Interview is shown in color, which is disgraceful.

    Overall, though, the show looks the best it ever has. Well worth a look.

  5. The shows look really good on Hulu. I did notice however in “As You Were” (episode 20 of season 2) when Trapper and Hawkeye have Frank in the crate the screen doesn’t come down far enough to see his finger sticking up through the air hole. So, some parts do get chopped for the widescreen format. Oh well, its still killer,

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